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"If you agree with me then why aren't you nodding HARDER!?" Trevor, March 20th, 2010



This story is a sequel to Screwed

Through everything, the only one with a level head has been Shining Armor, and he knows this. He knows that while everyone acts stupid and all "friendshippy" he has to clean up the mess and throw reality at them. He's got a big job, but it's job he's unwillingly taking.

Join the Captain of the Royal Guard again he embarks on another normal day in Equestria

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Just because I can, and to prove you can't dd anything about it, I'm going to ask. What did I just read, and why?

And have an upvote because I like it.

Witness the glory that is the imagination of a brilliant person running wild. I find this story to be funny and relatable to nearly everyone that reads it. Your version of Shining Armor exemplifies the phrase, "Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." he acknowledged his uniqueness and even states it in the opening of the story and at the end, he decided he's done. "No more I'm done figure out the answer on your own bye-bye!" I absolutely loved this story TRIBOT 3000, you have a way with words that is magical. Continuing to hope for your happiness and safety, also wishing that you never lose your love for writing.

Thank you Crescent. I try my best, and I'm happy you enjoy my way of writing so much.
To be completely honest with you, I don't know what you just read either so....we're in the same boat.🤣

"You sent me a letter saying you could banish Celestia to the moon. I thought that..."

She said "sun"

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