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"Sometimes I worry. Does it make me a bad pony—to wish I could hate?" — Twilight Sparkle, I Forgot I was There by GaPJaxie


It was sudden. Just a bright light, and then, nothing. Darkness. Cold. Dullness. In a split second, everything was gone.

After some time, John found himself in a new world, a changing world, full of color, and friendly creatures. A world that welcomed him.

A world where everything he once loved is gone.

Marked Teen for some sexual references it may or may not include. Not actual sex will be involved.

Thank so much to Sejox for his help so far.

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"Am I sleep":rainbowlaugh: English is a bitch while you're learning it, huh?

Yes, yes it is :fluttershysad:

But, what is the right way?

Looks interesting, I'll follow

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