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Trixie’s feats are, without a doubt, known all across Equestria (even if not for the reasons she would like). But, her less than stellar reputation aside, she is a bold and daring mare; a few neigh-sayers are not going to hold her back from fulfilling her destiny of being a highest-level unicorn!

When an ursa major begins venturing into Ponyville and causing devastation, Trixie—faced with an all too familiar foe—decides that there is no better time than now to prove her newly learned magical skills. What better way to make it up to Ponyville than by being their saviour? After all, as she so confidently reminds Starlight, she vanquished an ursa once before. Defeating it with her improved abilities should be easy!

Starlight really should have done her homework before agreeing to this plan.

Written for the Cheap Thrills contest prompt. Edited by the amazing Word Worthy.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 18 )

Well, this has "hilarious fiasco" written all over it. :pinkiehappy:

Always enjoy a good 'Trixie vs Ursa' fic, hope to see more soon!

What exactly is arktophobia the fear of?


It's the fear of bears. :twilightsmile:

I thought that was called "Common Sense".


Lmao, its not that simple. Its more a phobia of everything even vaguely resembling a bear, or sounding like one.

Looks good. And if we're talking about a few years later then, I say you hit them spot on.

Let's see where this goes!:moustache:

Spike is on the hunt! Good luck dude!:moustache:

Well, that happen. Good luck, Trixie!:trixieshiftleft:

By Celestia's beard, this is unexpectedly gruesome! I should of paid more attention to the tags. It's still very well written.

Also, why is every chapter exactly 1000 words long? It's a tad unnerving.


Glad it’s good, gruesome aside.

As for the tags...

Honestly? I just felt like it. :rainbowlaugh:

That was fun to read. Good job!:moustache:

In all seriousness, why is the story split into thousand word chunks the entire thing could’ve fit into one chapter. I really don’t see a point to it


I don't use page breaks because, in my mind, they are tacky. As for why each is exactly a thousand words? Honestly, I just wanted the challenge for myself.

Scene transitions are not 'tacky' they are fundimntal story telling


That, however, is why I split them into seperate chapters. Scene transitions are important but I don’t like switching POVs in mid chapter. Just a personal preference.

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