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As from Pony, To being a Dragon. Spike's Story - Little_Draco

A reboot of From Pony to Dragon Spike's Life. This is the story in which Spike's story is explored in a way never before.

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III. Premonition


Pain… so much pain. It boiled and turned, consuming the mind, the heart and the soul. So much of it on a single soul, it would be too much. Not only did it cause great stress, but it was enhanced by the anger, the sadness, and the unending agony of loss. These emotions themselves set fire of total torment to the bearer and it was washing over the world.

His eyes, green with rage, burned through the foundations of their homes. Caves, valleys, mountains and more were melted to molten magma by his fire that matched the sun. Untapped but almost limitless power gave him horrifying heat that turned stones to liquid.

Rows of teeth, bathed in the blood of those he has killed. They were of his kind or others, the unending hunger for revenge against those that took away from him. He withstood all pain sent to him but he pushed on like a force of nature, his abilities manifesting so quickly that they granted him high tolerance to injury.

So many have fallen, so many dead, either trying to get away or trying to fight back. Males and females alike sent to end him, neither making it back alive. He grew bigger, larger, becoming near indestructible and his body radiating heat so hot, he was a walking sun on land. The air burned with each breath he took, setting fire to the skies; the lands shook and caused lava plumes to explode from the ground with each large step. He was the end, the end of everything alive.

But, from the core of his heart, deep within his heart of hearts, lied a hatchling, one whom was lost in his pain. He cried for the ones that have died, the ones whom he loved and cared for. Their lives cut short by his own kind and their hatred for them. The unending pain that filled him was to strong for any soul to reach, even of that of his surviving family. The emotions ripped in and out of his heart with grieve, torment, agony, rage and so much more. Why? Why him? Why his little heart? Because his kind took away from him those he held dear to him, because his kind refused to see his life built by them. The friends and family… they were taken away from him forever and with them gone, his true power came. Deep within his own blood, the true power that has been buried had unleashed and it would sweep away the world in fire and pain. He was... Armageddon.

The world would end by his fire and his pain would be the end to everything.

“All Mother?” A voice peeked into the darkness.

Heavy eyelids slowly rose open and silver eyes turned down below to one of her children making their way to her. His small form was nothing to her but just like all dragons, he was her children that she cared for.

“Have you had another nightmare vision?” He asked, though it was a stupid question, seeing the ‘All Mother’ breathing heavily and with large tears down her eyes. Whatever it was, it was more than just a normal dream vision.

She tried to speak but gasps of sadness and pain didn’t give her the proper vocals to respond. It was just a vision to her but she could still vividly recall all the images, physical pain and how they responded to her. What would be the end of her kind and all others, is what she had seen.

“I-I-I saw… pain.” She responded with shaky breaths. More tears streamed down her large head. “So much… pain… an endless wave of agony. Terror and fear, guilt and rage all w-wrapped up in a single soul. So much of it on one soul… it should not be possible!” She gasped out, making her whole body shake, the echoes of those whom scream in fear or death all around. “But it consumes them… it consumes them to the point where he kills his own kind.” She turned to her child. “US! He kills us… he kills us because we… I believed we betrayed him, going after his family or loved ones… He kills us all then… he destroys all of life... the world itself ends.”

A chill of dread and fear ran down the spine of her child and she could see the horror in his face.

“B-But to have that much power?” he whispered out loud. “It-It’s not possible unless…”

“Unless he is a direct descendent of my blood and he is.” She finished. Her breathing had slowed down a bit but the sadness lingered. “He has Draco’s Blood in him and he does not know of it or, has yet to reach the point of using it.”

“… do you know who it is?” he asked, hoping to get some clear answers.

The ‘All Mother’ searched her visions for any clue to whom it belonged too but the haziness of fire and the uneasiness of pain didn’t help filter out the details of the dragon in question. Flashes of green, of purple and… was young. At least, young to the point where if he allowed that… level of power in… a normal young teen would die before he could use the full potential of ‘Draco’s Blood’ but this young drake… carried magic with him. Not just normal dragon magic but it was merged with other magic that allowed him to not only withstand the full power swing of ‘Draco’s Blood’ but he could increase its power on his own. It was nearly limitless. Purple… and green scales. Young… very young but he already has great power in him already. He will soon know that ‘Draco’s Blood’ runs in his veins but how he harnesses it, I-I don’t know if he looses control first or it manifests on its own. Either way, his downfall will be ours.”

“Should I rally the Advisors and Lords? I-If we can alert them…”

She shook her giant head, the visions and the worry already exhausting her beyond normal capacity.

“It won’t do any good. He is young… they would see him as a hatchling, nothing more. It would be to late to find him and… my visions… give us less than a year before the cataclysm unfolds.”

All Mother, how do we stop him? We do not know the full extent of any of these visions other than it ends with him going to wipe us out.”

She closed her eyes, tears having stopped flowing but still retained their watery haze.

“I see that he comes to me before the event. He makes himself known, seeking answers and questions just like other hatchlings but his will be of intelligence to match the Lords and Elders. Perhaps prior to the event, we can speak to him and see what may hurt him in the future, even find a way to ease him if he experiences the lost before claw. If we can prevent the event by finding out whom his loved ones are, saving them or securing their fate, it may prevent the Armageddon that I foresee.”

“Should I sent out searches for him?”

She shook her head and turned to her drake.

“I don’t want anything to stir the visions, before claw. I need to know for sure that we have the right drake. My children are far and many but to find the exact one, we have to watch for the ones that come to me. I… I have to see them for myself and determine that he will be the one.”

There was a pause before the smaller drake looked towards the ‘All Mother’.
“What happens if we do save him?”

She closed her eyes once more and held them shut for a couple of seconds before slowing revealing her silver eyes back to him.
“His… destiny is uncertain but… with the power he holds, he could potentially create a global peace that expands just beyond dragons. Ponies, gryphons, and many others; he could bring dragons to a modern take and perhaps achieve world peace that has never been held before. Harmony beyond any historian’s reasoning or comprehension.” A smile grew on her. “If we can secure his future, then we can ensure an era of Enlightenment for eons to come. His heart, his heart of hearts could be the potential beginning of a world that has peace eternal.” The small tear fell down her cheek. “If he does, I could actually achieve ascension.”

The younger dragon gaped at her saying she would finally ‘ascend’ and considered that, despite his disinterest or even full dislike in other creatures or species, peace meant peace and if it pleased the ‘All Mother’, then he would make sure he would make peace with others. Regardless of his emotions for them.

“What is your will then?” he asked.

She turned to him.
“Be my look out for the young green and purple drake. Any that are younger than you, I believe, bring them here so I may look for ‘Draco’s Blood’ in his soul. I pray that we can have him evaluated soon.”

The younger drake bowed.
“It will be done, ‘All Mother’.”
She bowed her head to his, rubbing her giant head against his smaller form.
“Go, my child and bring me the peace the world desperately needs. Bring me the star to brighten our future.”

With a nod, he flew out of her large cave and headed out to seek the this mysterious green and purple drake.
The sun hit his eyes and he cast his gaze to the giant valley where hundreds of dragons flew and walked around in their daily life. It would be a difficult task but in order to ensure their future he would search for the young drake.
The red scales glistened in the sun and without another wasted minute, Garble the dragon flew off in search for this purple drake. He just hoped it didn’t belong to a certain purple and green dragon he knew of once along ago.

Author's Note:

Sometimes nature sends us signs what is to come. Whether you chose to listen or not is up to us for to find out. Sometimes, it comes from the disasters that we encounter, or the dreaded silences that nature once grazed us with. Listen to your nature.

Now, i hope it is established that Dragon Lord's Consort and this one are two way different stories. That i will be using same verbs like 'Elder' Advisor' and so on but their definitions will change between the two. There are reasons for that and they will be explained in the later chapters.
This particular chapter was always meant to be featured when SPike went to the dragon lands but it fell too short so i had to expand a bit. It also featured extensions 'of Draco's eyes' for those whom remembered the previous stories.
Lastly, there will be a lot of names in here that are made up but those that are, will be my own names that i have entitled to and may only be used by my permission.
Explnation short: I plan to use these name in upcoming novels, so i don't need to see copies in other forms unless asked.

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This is interesting to say the least. I think this gives some foreshadowing of what will come. Now if that was needed idk to be honest. I think having this all be hidden and not giving this to always been looking out for would have made the events leading up to this all the more impact but I think it could give us some insight on what this group will be doing and why they will be in fact doing it. I think we need to see at least when it comes to this group how they work so hard to keep what was seen from happening. We can't see them half ass it or it wont make sense since to them this is a life ending event.

When is the next chapter i am hooked!

I have read these three chapters so far and I cannot deny that this story feels like something written before season 6 even though this story was written in 2018

Yeah in having debates on where or how to fix this, if at all.

I have a doubt. If this story continues, will you present characters from the last seasons or will they be completely original?

Please continue this story. I really like this one, and I miss the original. I hope it does not become lost

This or the original lost? The original was a bit of a fluke, but this one was the betterment. I will start this once my final pony based stories end this year. I haven't had time to really look over the last chapter I wrote but expect something soon!

I like them both, even if the original was a fluke (which I don't believe it was). I am happy it gets to continue. There are too many stories that are great and never finish, I don't want this one to end up the same way.

Like I said it may be awhile but this will continue for a long while. I have this set up for at least a few years to come if I can nail it down.

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