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As from Pony, To being a Dragon. Spike's Story - Little_Draco

A reboot of From Pony to Dragon Spike's Life. This is the story in which Spike's story is explored in a way never before.

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II. Nurture's Care

Nurture's Care

A dreadful silence followed both parties but mostly Twilight. When Fluttershy told her what had happened, she couldn’t believe it, almost questioning her vanity but hearing it from her own teacher’s mouth, it was too scary to even comprehend.

“Y-You mean that… the stomach pains… the feral attack…” she tried to say.

Celestia sadly nodded, but she continued to bring her son comfort.

“Spike’s growth was a feat of greatness on its own, but his body needed the proper nutrients and proteins in his body’s digestion. No amount of pony food, or even the gems that he normally eats would help now. Gems were just a small part that helped in his growth from hatchling to pre-teen, to help strengthen his body from damage and magic, but now that he is at this stage, he needs a hardy substance. Meat, whether it be fish, squirrel or… something larger, it needs to be in his dietary intake. In order for him to get better, he must eat a large quantity of meat, in order for his body to properly balance in its natural state.
Spike was staring wide eyed at his mother and Twilight was in between disgust and distraught at the sudden revelation of her brother’s wellbeing. Not only was it something out of a horror book she would have in her library but the fact that it belonged to a group that made it sound like her own brother could be considered a monster for, it made her sick to her stomach but at the same time, so unsure on how to help him.

Celestia spoke once more before the others could voice their concerns.

“I know that this is a lot to take in, but you must understand that if Spike is to properly have a better, less stressful growth spurt and for him to mature into adulthood, he must take in the meat that the body requires. For now, it needs to be a lot in order to replenish what his body missed during his earlier years. Once his body is used to the intake of meat, he may return back to eating normal pony foods, but with a few intakes of protein and irons that lie in meat so to balance out his food.”

Spike understood the reason for everything now and it still didn’t help that he was concerned for his new bound appetite and how it may affect his relationship with his friends. He feared the actual rejection that may stem from it. More so, would be how they would see if when they come across the blood that runs down his maw.

Trying to voice his disconcerts, he ended up lightly gagging on the tubes in his mouth. Celestia quickly settled him with his wing, leaning in and nuzzling him against his head. Tears threaten to come from his eyes, only stopping because his mother was there. She hummed a soft tune to him, trying settle her son as best as possible and worked well enough. However, a primal growl left his stomach and Twilight jolted a bit at the sound.

Celestia felt her son’s body twitch in pain and discomfort. He was seeking his next meal and if it wasn’t properly dealt with, he would surely not make it. Realizing what this situation called for, she turned to Twilight. A look of regret passed Celestia and she motioned for her.

“I need you to leave.” Twilight turned to retaliate. “Now!” she spoke firmly, almost angrily. Her face showed regret and anger but settled on authority. “I need to tend to my son and its only the will of the mother that she could tend to her child’s wellbeing. When you do leave, send in my sister. No one else is to disturb us.” She paused before giving a saddening look towards her prodigy. “Please.”

Twilight has never seen Celestia so angry but she also saw that it was not just anger but sadness and pain that only mothers can experience when their children are injured or ill. In this case, Spike needed his mother more than his sister for she was all knowing and only she could save him. Giving a nod, she turned to leave but quickly gave Spike a reassuring smile. “We’ll be cheering for you.”

He gave a small smile and a shaky claw thumb up. Seeing her brother under the save guise of his mother she left through the door and gently closed it behind her. Celestia had temporality raised the shield to allow Twilight out before closing it and waited for her sister to come in, continuing to gently brush her wings across him, humming a gentle tune to him.

A few seconds later, the door opened, and the Princess of the Night came in. Raising the shield, Luna tucked her head a bit through, allowing some entrance before the shield fell again. Luna cast her gaze towards her scaly nephew and walked towards the left side to brush her own head against his, increasing his comfort level.

His eyes then turned to her; again, begging the question why she was here and not Twilight and why both seemed a bit pensive. A soft glow came from Luna and a metallic blue crate manifested from her mane and pulled out in front of them.

“Did anyone notice or pay any mind?” Celestia asked her sister.

“Neigh,” she responded. “The chefs were kept quiet about this and were paid just like the others to stay silent until we settle his dilemma.”

Celestia nodded and turned to Spike.

“Now my son, the reason I allowed Twilight to leave because I did not want her to witness what will happen here.” She paused, seeing worry etch in his face. “Don’t worry about us, we have experienced it many times before and are immune to it, but I also ask that you try to settle yourself and try not to let your instincts kick in too quickly.”

He wanted to question but his mother and aunt where already in motion. Celestia raised a hoof over his mouth, earning a questioning look from him. Magic enveloped the tubes, gently and slowly being pulled from his mouth, as to not chock nor hurt him. Saliva lingered from the tubes and his mouth onto him, they were eventually all the way out and he began smacking his mouth at the disgusting taste of plastic and the dryness from his mouth.

His mouth was very dry and he felt himself dying of hunger and thirst, though one of them seemed to be not to far of the margin. He tried to speak but his mother shushes him.

“Relax my son. I know you have many question but I ask that you save that until after you are better, okay?” He nodded weakly still confused to his mother’s forearm hovering over his maw. It looked like she was trying to offer him something…

Luna’s magic pulled out a pure ‘Silver Moon’ blade from her mane and before he could question or even contemplate the blade, Luna quickly slit Celestia’s forearm leaving a perfect line of almost three inches. Celestia did not even flinch at the slice nor did she stir as blood began to seep from her wound. He quickly tried to voice his concern but she just as quickly pushed her bleeding forearm into his mouth to allow the blood to fall in.

Spike turned his head to and fro in disgust at his mother’s blood, causing him to try and get away from him.

“Son, please!” She begged. “I know that you may not want this, but this is for your own good. Your body needs blood in order for you to be well again.” He continued to move his mouth away, slowly smearing his mother’s red life across his face, making him look like a savage dragon. He moaned his disgust and began throwing his head away but Luna used her magic to hold his head, causing him to cry out at the force being applied to hold him. She then bound the rest of his body to ensure no more struggles but his dry, raspy voice moaned loudly, only heard within the shield. “Spike, we don’t want you to get hurt but please, take in a bit of my blood to help. Just a little bit so we can properly feed you!”

Spike tried to keep his mouth closed but the blood began to seep in between his teeth and land unto his tongue, slowly hitting all of his taste buds but triggering the one that needed to be touched. The instance it did, his eyes went wide and his body went still. Both alicorns cast each other a gaze before turning back to the dragon and watched as his mind explore this odd flavor that entered his taste buds. It was so odd, feeling the gentle trickle of blood onto his tongue, each and every drop sending waves of flavor and hot warmth to his body and mind. Almost without knowing it, he began to flicker his tongue against the dripping blood and smacking it on the roof of his mouth. Light flickers of his tongue would brush against his teeth and his mouth parted to gain a taste of the source.

A small hiss left her, his tongue almost stinging the wound. He quickly retreated his tongue and his eyes turned to his mother.

“It’s alright son, you wont hurt me much.” She assured him. “For now, your body must adjust to the intake of blood which your body required. After you feel comfortable with it, we will feed you properly.” His eyes then turned to Luna whom still held the container.

“This, my dear nephew, is the meal that you need. Worry not what’s inside, but for now, allow your body the nutrients it needs form her.” She then motioned for her sister. “It is better that she gave you her blood rather than normal pony blood. Alicorn blood carries magical effects to heal a body, more so, each alicorn can heal a variety of bodies in different ways; some good, some not so good.”

“Mine is a great example,” Celestia said to him. “Because my body orients with the sun, it burns others whom try to taste or touch it but not you.” That explained the warmth that was running through Spike’s body. Hot showers are his thing where the water that is near boiling point barely affects his body, normally would badly harm a pony, but was just a nice treat for him. When he got near lava pits and entered, he felt like he was a wonderful sauna and it made him feel so relaxed. Acid, one of Twilight’s odd ingredients that she carries in the castle for experiments, tend to leave him with an odd affect on his body, nothing harmful but it did daze him a bit.

Yet, his mother’s blood was something to behold. He began to lick once more, trying to enjoy the wonderful sensation that ran through his body. The taste was so unique, like a juicy ruby but without the effort of chewing. It was tangy and sweet, the fact that it was hot blood coming from his mother’s embodiment of the sun, made it all the merrier. It had gotten to the point however that his teeth began gently scrape across his mother’s arm; she immediately withdrew it, causing him to go blank in his mind at the missing arm and then something else entering his mouth.

Feeling the odd, textured and the tangy taste renter his mouth, minus the hot blood, he felt that he could sink his teeth in without the fear of hurting someone. His eyes caught a glimpse that Luna had pulled a mysterious object out of her container and quickly shoved it into his mouth. Not her arm, not his mother’s but it did have the texture of flesh and suddenly, he realized what he had in his mouth.



He refused to bite but with his sudden small feeding from his mother’s blood, it didn’t help that it was just a sample compared to the real thing. Yet, both his mother and aunt were giving him the permission, no… the absolute right to let instincts kick in and eat the meat before him. What kind of meat was it? What poor soul was forced into becoming his meal? Would he enjoy knowing that this was life from now on?

“Eat.” Came the simple response. It came from his mother, whom was begging for him to consume the flesh before him. He didn’t want to become the savage or feral dragon that many feared of him to someday be, and yet his mother was making sure that he be fed healthy food, something that would help live and grow. But he also realized that if he didn’t eat, there was a chance that he would die or… he might attack his friends and family and that is guilt he could never live with.

He brought his teeth down upon the flesh, tearing into it deeply, his mouth exploding with flavor and feeling, causing his mind to let go and before he knew it, he swallowed. His life had changed.

45 minutes pass by with both Princesses exiting out. All the ponies turned to them, wondering what they were doing. However, relief flood the room as both Princesses gave wonderful smiles.

“Good news everypony,” Happily exclaimed Luna. “we have managed to help Spike and he is now fully aware. He is still a bit weak but he is recovering for the better.”

Sighes and cheers of relieve swept through the room with everypony glad to hear their friend was alright.

“Now, I know that you all want to visit him but I ask only two at a time to not overwhelm him, so please be patient and give him his breathing room. My sister and I will head back to the castle to prepare a temporary room to recover in.”

Everypony nodded and slowly began to work their routine. As that happened, the princesses made their way out of the room, quickly followed by Twilight. Everyone was celebrating but it was Twilight’s watchful eyes that she saw the limp in Celestia’s stepping along with the occasional support of weight from Luna.

Walking towards the main hallway, Celestia stopped and turned to her student. Trying to muster a warm smile, she spoke to her.

“I know you wish to ask what happened in there, Twilight but for now, just go and enjoy Spike’s recovery.”

She would have nodded but her eyes followed to her limp leg which also carried a bit of red tint and matted fur. Celestia inwardly cursed at her former student’s keen eye when it comes to details.

“What happened that made you get like that?” she asked, pointing at her leg.

“I scrapped myself on accident on the bed, making my way out.” Came the fast, simple reply.

Twilight would have called her out on it but she felt that, maybe right now was not the best time to ask. However, there was that lingering thought.

“What did you give him to make him better?” she tried acquiring from them.

Luna spoke before her sister did.

“We gave him what he needed to survive, dear Twilight. I ask that what we told you remain between the lot of us until we give a proper introduction to Spike’s case to your friends. For now, go celebrate your brother’s return to health and we promise to tell you everything when we bring it to everypony.”

Twilight hated questions left unanswered but she knew that whatever it was, it taxed or was a somewhat costly affect on the Princesses, seeing their hidden emotions. Still, knowing her brother was going to get better put a warm smile on her face.

“Thank you,” she bowed to them. “I know you will answer but for now, thank you for saving my brother.”

Both princesses respected her bow with their own.

“We care for him to, Twilight.” Celestia said softly. “He is my son, first and foremost. You care for him as that of sibling, I care for him if he were my own flesh and blood. I would do anything for him, same for you and your friends. With all your deeds and ascensions across difficult matters, you are without a doubt the most important ponies alive.”

Twilight felt the warmth and praise from them, easing her earlier transgressions towards them. Bowing once more, she headed back inside where the others waited. A flash of blue and gold, both Princesses disappeared.

When both arrived at Celestia’s room, she half collapsed barely caught by Luna, using her body to keep her from falling.

“I’m fine Luna, I just… ‘phew’, didn’t realize he drained much out of me.”

After he finished his meal, Celestia allowed more blood to be drained from her body into his mouth. Like a vampire, he began sucking the blood from her arm, almost slurping it. Alicorn blood had a unique chemistry with ‘Dragon taste’ but because this was his first time, she allowed him to ‘drink’ from her blood. They didn’t take into account that his bloodlust overpowered his senses and began to gently nibble on his mother’s arm. Trying to desperately puller her arm, he held onto his mother’s arm, pulling and sucking her blood directly.

“He was almost vampiric, was he not?” somewhat mused Luna, helping her sister onto her bed.

“I didn’t… take into account that he actually would begin to bite me.” A soft glow came from her horn and the arm she used to feed Spike, began to turn red. A simple illusion spell had been placed on it and from it, revealed an almost completely red soaked leg with matted fur of her blood and his saliva. More so, there were few pieces of fur missing as the places he had begun to tear off.

She shuttered a bit before realizing she had been holding back a moan. It was an odd moan, both of pain… and pleasure. Her arousal had spiked(no pun intended) with her son’s mouth chewing and sucking. Not only that, but it did ease the fact that she wanted her son to chew on her, make her groan with pain, and then if he were to recover soon, would hopefully allow her to somewhat settle her arousal.

“Wow,” Luna managed to say, sniffing the air and realizing that her sister was also masking the scent of her sexual… need from her son’s biting.

“Your telling me,” she half moan, squirming as she began to heal her arm with her magic. Luna added hers, though her focus was somewhat hazy from her sister’s arousal filling the air.

“And we thought the ‘wet dreams’ of ponies make us moist but thou has managed to nearly soil thou self sister.” Luna accidently slipped back into old tongue with her mind a bit overflooded with her sister’s pheromones clogging her brain.

The were lost in a somewhat hazy lust filled mind, that Luna increased the magic of healing her sister’s arm but putting some pressure onto it, causing her sister to moan outload. “L-Luna, what are you d-oohhh!” Luna jumped onto her sister’s bed and began to nibble on her sister’s neck, making her squirm.

“Lu-Lu… please we must stop!” she gasped, her lust rising.

“Why?” half moaned Luna, trying to get a rise out of her sister.

A horrible thing to bring up but in order to deter her thoughts away from it, she used a great excuse to stop their lusty haze.

“First, I have no energy to spare tonight and I will pass out…”

“That hasn’t stopped me before,” Luna commented, continuing to bite her sister’s neck. “But I have to wright a letter to the dragon lands…” she paused just as Luna stopped and cast her eyes towards her sister. With a nod, she made it clear that she needed to do this. “I have to inform them that Spike has been been injured do to my negligence. I don’t want this to reach across Equestria and then the Dragon Lands before I have time to explain.”

Luna heard the seriousness in her sister’s voice and got off. Both were disappointed at the lost fun but Luna knew that in order for the peace that came between dragons and ponies, they must always be aware of any injury, sickness or death, to be notified right away. That went for both parties and yet, she has only received one letter from that end and that was a long time ago. She hoped that this one won’t cause trouble.

She pulled out a parchment from her draw and a quill from her desk, using her magic to begin her letter. She felt ashamed knowing that this one is going to be heartfilled but, she also knew it was necessary to take precautions. Oh she prayed to her mother that this wouldn’t end well.

Bringing the pen to the parchment, she filled the feathered pin with ink before starting her letter.

‘To Dragon Lord Talonus EmeraldFlame

I, Princess Celestia, have had a recent incident. In my countless eons of ruling over my lands, I have tried to be prepared for everything, tried to provide for everypony in my lands. Sorry, I tried to support Anyone… in my lands to suite their needs and live in peace and harmony.

It is… to my great shame however, that when I was to take in one of your own, that you had asked he be taken care of with the highest regard and treat him as if my own. I have done that, successfully throughout the years, him being almost two decades old and it being one of the most beloved dragon to ever graze these lands. He has friends, he has family and he has a mother. I nurtured him, I basked him with love and it… was not enough.

My biggest regret was not sending a letter to you about his first growth spurt that hit him awhile back nor the amount of surprise that not just I but his friends and family endured at his growth. It was this growth spurt that caused him to go down in… pain.”

Tears stained the parchment but she wrote around it.

“I… forgot to inform him and the others of the proper necessities for a dragon to grow. In my haste to make sure that he grew up to love and embrace the loved ones he has, my negligence has left me to cause my son… great and horrible pain.

Meat was the main source of his pain and he has neither touched nor tasted the blood of another animal. The annoyance of this was I had not told him earlier about his need for it to grow later on in life, nor the fact that every time I had a gryphon ambassador or an Elder from your lands here, I had always prepared meals with meat involved. I guess that… after so many years of him living with me, I treated him more pony than dragon, more son than anything else and that has left me in a regretful situation.

Worry not of your son’s condition now, for I had quickly dealt with it by feeding him a large piece of meat and… my own blood to help ease his pain and start the process of his body to begin the adaptation of being fed meat. As of this letter, he will begin to consume his nutrients of meat tomorrow and be focused on it solely on it for a week. In which case, I hope that he will be well enough to move on and understand his new need for the substances. He will also live here in the castle for awhile and fully understand the nature of what it means to be a dragon.

I hope that you do not place your anger on pony kind for this incident but place that on my shoulders. If you wish to voice your concerns, I would accept any and all punishments you place on me and deal with any other issues regarding Spike.

Sincerely, Princess Celestia Solaris of the Equestrian Monarchy.

A shaky sigh left her as she pointed the last dot before sealing the paper in her royal crest and a magic burn stamp to the side before using her magic to send it off. Unlike Spike’s fire, this one was almost dark green with traces of purple in it.

When it left she turned to Luna whom had been staring her, more worried about her then before. Luna looked at her sister, whom held more grace than any pony can ever accomplish, whom never carried a more saddening look of being heavily exhausted and beaten. Physically, her blood had replenished, and her wound already healed, but mentally, she was fatigue and emotions were screwed all over. She looked like a foal at this point and Luna knew there was not much as that could be done.

Spike would be resting up before staying at the castle until he fully recovered. Meanwhile, the sister’s had sent a letter to one of the dragon lords to inform them of the situation of Spike. Hopefully, they do not respond with ill tempers and malice.

She approached the bed and all but collapsed on it. She finally let loose her emotions that she has been hiding since the incident started and began to softly weep for her son. Luna moved closer, pulling her sister close where she lied her head on her neck and spread her wing to cover it. She didn’t need to say anything to her but she wanted her sister to be at ease.

She slowly nuzzled Celestia’s head, slowly giving soft and gentle stroke with her head, easing her sister. “Sleep, dear sister,” she spoke in such soft whispers. “Sleep and rest well. I will guide and care for your dreams. You will not sleep tonight in pain or sadness, I promise. Just rest and tomorrow will bring forth a new day.”

Celestia did her best to say something but her eyes grew heavy with the fatigue finally setting in. She fell into a gentle slumber, the last of her tears staining her cheek and her body settling into a steady rise and fall of her chest. Luna used her magic to finish lowering the sun and raised the moon. She didn’t move from her spot, nor did she want to. The day has taken its toll and her duties for the night have started; her sister being the first to dream walk.

Eons of doing it, Celestia woke up to her internal alarm clock and instinctively, raced her mind to her horn and used her magic to gently raise the sun. It was so odd knowing that the day never started unless you wanted it to, but it became a natural thing for her for more than a thousand years. Her body instantly rejuvenated at the shared bond with her celestial object. The sun rose on her command and it gave her the warmth and magic to start the day. Still early, she allowed its crawling ascend into the sky. The near eternal flame slowly warming up the world around, the feeling of absolute power and radiance, it never got old for her.

With the sun done, she roused from her bed and found weight on her body. Turning her head, she saw that Luna was lying in bed, her eyes beginning to grow heavy.

“Sleep dear sister…” she said softly. “You deserve the rest after you took care of…”

A flash of bright emerald fire erupted from her horn, causing both mares to jump. Caught off by the sudden use of her horn and the power behind the fire, Celestia felt dread run down her spine and Luna too, almost losing any hope of getting sleep.

The scroll was dark red and it carried a draconic eye as a seal. It felt heavy, even in her magic, it was heavier then most paper and Celestia knew that something was going to ruin her morning. Red scroll was meant that it was made by old dragon scales and magicked by flame to arrive safely through harsh flames.

Unrolling, it Celestia gave a silent plea and Luna watched her sister’s that began to fill with worry. Knowing that she was going to find out one way or another, she read it outloud.

‘To the Solar Diarchy and Rulers of Equestria,

I have received your message and I am most displeased… by one of our own being ill. I however, cannot fully fault your negligence in the young one’s upbringing. He has been raised by your kind all of his life and the fact that he has made it this far without staining serious or fatal injuries has kept me from storming your home and bringing him back. The same I can assure, that you would have done the same if the one under my care came to harm.

Nevertheless, I hope that with his recent predicament, that you properly explained to him and his family what he needs to properly eat to grow and prosper into a dragon. I too, take a small blame in not keeping up to date with the progress of Equestria and its happenings. I believe that our last letter involved with one another was years ago when you sent word that your sister, The Princess of the Stars and Moon, had returned and was reformed.

After that, I get snippets here and there of Equestria’s recent attacks, more so, your Guardians of Harmony have been making their names known all to the Dragon Lands, the Isles and even the Gates where I live. But none of that has touched me until I here that a young dragon has been within their ranks.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind if the young Spike has been along the ride of their adventures, but I cannot begin to understand how you have allowed one, as young as him, to travel your lands, knowing that he is facing dangers that would kill one as young as him. A neglect not only on your end but on your students’ as well. How many adversaries have they faced where it nearly cost him his life? I as well as a few Elder’s believe that it time to end this.

In three days from this letter, I am coming to Equestria and will be speaking to my son. Afterwards, I will decide whether he is to return home with me. His mother and sister all but miss him and I strongly believe that he must return home to us, to learn of his heritage and what it means to be more than just a dragon.

I expect my arrival to be met with a ‘pleasant’ welcome.

Lord Talonus EmberWing, Second Dragon Lord of the Draconic Empire.

The day after Spike had regained part of his health back, he was sent to a private room in Canterlot, where he was monitored not just by his friends but by nurses and even one of the Princesses depending on the time of day.

It was also the day after, in which Spike’s diet had changed and that the girls were to notice it. It came out as a surprise when a large salmon was brought into the room that was still steaming by a maid.

Immediately teleporting them out, Celestia had teleported them to her throne room where she was instantly bombarded with questions but quickly silenced them with a hoof.

“Before we start, know that anything and everything we give to Spike is needed in his diet to continue to grow and survive in dragon growth. His recent illness is do to the fact that he has not retained meat in his system since birth. I regret that I have not properly introduced to him earlier on…” She raised her hoof once more as the others began to rise again with questions. “And that I should have warned you about his growing appetite for meat. I know it must disturb you to know that Spike must eat meat to survive.”

Out of everyone whom wanted to speak but couldn’t fully comprehend the situation, it was actually FLuttershy that spoke first.
“Um… it dosen’t disturb me that much since I understood what had happened to him.”
Everypony turned to her with Rainbow Dash giving a giant, ‘Huh?”
She gave a small nod of her head before responding.
“I knew right after when he tried to go after one of my animal friends that I have seen that look before in many animals, especially predators. After hibernation, many of the predators go almost savage trying to find food to gain back the food they may have burned off during winter. If they can’t find food right away they do go a bit… angry.”

“Now… hold an’ apple pickin’ minute’, sugahcube,” spoke Applejack, “ya’ll tellin me that Spike there nearly gone crazy ‘cause he needs meat,” she shuttered at saying it. “And ya’ll knew it?”
Fluttershy gave a meek nod before responding back.
“As I said, after he nearly attacked, I understood. In fact, sometimes I have to feed Harry or the Otters fish where I hunt them myself.”

“Well, then that makes a bit sense but still… meat?” asked Starlight.
“Yes, she needs to do them for her animals but it is necessary for them to grow and live.” Twilight chimed in. “I too, didn’t fully see it until Celestia explained it but I understand. Owliscious is a predatory bird and he hunts and eats mice. Often enough, when a few got into my old library or I let him out to go hunt, I do find his… leavings here and there but I understand his need to feed. I’m just ashamed that I should have seen the same could have happened to Spike.”

“The fault is not yours Twilight.” Spoke Celestia. “It was my negligence in which I forgot that he was still a natural born predator with a needed diet of meat. I should have prepared for this but with all the things that have been going on the last couple of years with the rise and fall of many villains, empires including with how many times Equestria has nearly fallen to outside forces, I have forgotten my own son’s wellbeing.” She lowered her head a bit in shame, closing her eyes in sadness. “I also forgot how much Spike truly matters not just to me, but to you girls as well. He is the hero of The Crystal Empire, and a beloved creature in Ponyville.” She rose her head and gazed back to them. “And it is with a heavy heart that I had to report this back to the Dragon Lands.”

Everyone gave a look.

“Why the dragon lands, princess?” asked Starlight. “Is there someone over there that can help?”

Celestia shook her head.
“No, but they are coming here in three days to see Spike and hopefully, I can settle the situation with how we have been raising Spike for almost two decades now.”

“Settle what?” asked Twilight.
Celestia shook her head.
“For now, its just a small issue but I ask that when the day comes that Spike and our ‘guest’ arrive, that you allow me and them deal with Spike.” The door at the end of the hall opened revealed one of the castle maids coming through.

“Excuse me, Princess Celestia, Master Spike had finished his meal.”
A small nod was given and Celestia turned to the others.
“I also ask that when the day comes, you are more open to what Spike must go through as well as learn that some things… are even outside my control.”

“What do you mean?” asked Twilight, somewhat curious at her mentor’s words.
Giving her a small, almost sad smile, she spoke.
“I am a princess, I am a pony, I am flesh and bone like anypony her and I am prone to mistakes. I ask that when the time comes, don’t look at me as a goddess or a deity, but as another pony whom has done much in her life, but many mistakes that come with it. You all have done so much for me and Equestria, but not everything could be prevented. You are all with out a doubt the best Equestria has to offer, if not the world. I am just the one that guides pony kind, nothing more.” With that she walked towards the kitchen, leaving the other’s behind, confused by her words before following suite.

Spike was found on the table, with nothing to show he had a meal of any kind. It seemed to please him and the others knowing that he had a meal for beneficial health. Still the fact that his meal is… meat, he would have to find a way to get meals outside of his norm.

Approaching, Twilight gave a smile towards him and hugged her ‘little’ but-still-bigger-than-her, brother and that seemed to comfort him. Feeling his chest rumble with approval, she stepped back.
“Celestia has told us what happened and… we know how much your body needs it.” A small bit of fear and shame hit him but before he could voice it out, Twilight quickly brought up a hoof. “We know that this isn’t your fault, rather our neglect for not properly understanding dragon chemistry. And we are going to try and help you in way possible. The six mares behind him nodded with approval.

It was Pinkie that bounced in.
“Hey Spike, maybe we can find you a super-duper-special kind of cake for you to snack on or even make a different food on the menu in case we get more hungry dragons that come in!” She then gasped. “OR maybe we can make a party to invite any and all dragons to come and try out our food and maybe make Ponyville the number one food place for all creatures and more and…!” She was gently pushed away with magic, rambling on without anyone really stopping her. Starlight and Fluttershy came into view.

Spike suddenly felt guilty and looked towards Fluttershy.
“Uh… Fluttershy. I am so sorry for what I did to your animal friend and you. I had no idea that that would happen to me. I would never do anything to harm you.”

Fluttershy gave a gentle smile and nodded before using her wing to gently caress Spike’s head. Instantly, he melted and felt so much warmth radiating from her. “It’s alright Spike. I understand you didn’t mean it. I am afraid to say I was afraid but… after, I understood what was going, I felt scarred for you.” She still felt worry for him… even after he nearly attacked her. She was a great and amazing friend. “Though now that we get more details, maybe I can start offering fish from the ones I catch for Henry or my otters, if that might help.”
Starlight gave her a nod and turned to him.
“Fish has high mercury but not a lot of blood so maybe that might help ease you into this. Maybe we can even store several pounds of it in the freezer. I even thought that maybe we could pay a pony around the rivers and lakes to fish for your foods and bring them in. That way we can have it delivered.” She paused and turned to Twilight. “I’m surprised we haven’t done it with the recent additions to Ponyville and necomers of different species yet.” Twilight shrugged.

Spike felt better at that, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Still, just the fact that he would have to eat meat in front of his friends felt like it could cause a rift between them. “I won’t be able to eat with you guys, you know? Maybe I enjoy taste and smell but you probably won’t.”

Just about everyone shrugged or gave a soft nod.

“Oh darling, what is a bit of discomfort in your food to seeing you such poor health?” Answered Rarity. Her sweet melodic voice was as sweet as ever. Even after their mutual understanding that it may never work, it still warmed his heart that she will always be generous to any friends. “Besides, maybe we could use this opportunity to bring in some new customers like before.”

“Hey! That’s what I was saying!” Pinkie bounced back in. “We already had plenty of griffins, changelings, and a handful of dragons, what’s to say we couldn’t invite more! We could open restaurants with fish, despite me not personally liking it or having a remote taste in it dosent mean that others shouldn’t be allowed to have their fair share of different foods from different sources along withtreatsthaticouldsharewiththemand---” Once more, she trailed off with others smiling awkward for her but nonetheless, it made him happier despite everything that he had endured, he was still loved.

They all still cared for him. The growth within the last five years, height and weight size, the big and even bigger odd appetites, and even with the many adventures, problems and so on they had faced, he was still their loveable dragon. He knew that no matter what, he would always have them.

Author's Note:

Nature vs Nurture. Whom is the deciding factor of what animal or beast becomes in the future? What is it that is brings it back to the forefront and establishes its tie to the world?

Sorry for distant uploading but i have to do my own added upgrades or input into each chapter before publishing.