• Published 14th Feb 2018
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As from Pony, To being a Dragon. Spike's Story - Little_Draco

A reboot of From Pony to Dragon Spike's Life. This is the story in which Spike's story is explored in a way never before.

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I. Nature's Intent

Author's Note:

I would like to thank nekoparalover for the assistance in editing.
Now, to tackle it straight on, this is a reboot. Not many of you knew why i had stopped the original story but i will say it here.

With the intro of Season 6 and the Gauntlet of Fire, it through me off so hard and so fast that i didn't know where to go. After that, i fell off and decided to do Dragon's Consort which was meant to be a one shot but turned into one of my best series.
Here, i wanted to one of the best stories i could ever do with a dragon character, yet make it my own as well. I plan to do that here and regardless of whatever the new season might introduce, i will continue on.
Now, i deleted the other series because i wanted to start anew. A new amount of people to like, a new amount of discussions and make it more... available to everyone, hence the lowered rating.
Lastly, i am hoping to find an artist whom is willing to create a coverart for this story. I have the old one in place for now but i do wish to have one that really shows how much this story will have an impact. Any volunteers or donated ones would be appreciated but after i finish the next couple of chapters, if no one has created one, i will commission someone.
Expect chapters to be released the next coming week or two with 5 to 6 chapters. I hope i gain the fans i have lost and regrow a story meant to be bigger than intended.

As from Pony, To being a Dragon. Spike's Story

1. Nature's Intent

The ones we take away from nature, tend to return to their natural habits. Whether we take them as young as soon as they are born or raise them from the moment they are brought into our homes, they will always revert back to natures intended course. Whether it is the oddity of cubs taken from their mothers, nursed back to health after an injury or even just dealing with them on their turf. Their instincts and natural habits will always kick it, sooner or later.

And that is what they were experiencing right now. Nine ponies sat in a waiting room in the Canterlot Hospital. The silence that would echo in the room would only be broken by the sound of rain pouring onto the windows and the sobs coming from a purple alicorn, a yellow Pegasus, and a white unicorn.

The others were in somber tones, ranging from sadness to heartbreak and the dreaded ‘fear’ of knowing the fate of one of their own might not be so clear. The fear of their health was unknown, the terror of knowing that there was some fault build into their hearts and unexplained agony of knowing that they will all go home with one less just plagued their hearts.

As of seven hours ago, all the ponies were going on about their lives, enjoying the comfort of one another, having fun and enjoy their festivities. It seemed like their time was the most joyful in the world. And yet… fate herself decided against it.

The doors to the other end of the room opened where two larger ponies came in. The Alicorn Princesses of the Day and Night walked in. Neither pony stopped as the smaller, purple alicorn ran to her former mentor, in tears and pain, almost hurting herself as she held onto the larger white pony. Incoherent words rambled from her mouth, but she was silenced as a wing pulled her close to her larger chest, making the alicorn cry tears onto the beautiful white shine of her coat. The alicorn cared not for it, especially knowing that her former student was in pain and sadness. The other alicorn also came to hug and comfort the younger pony. No words were spoken between the three, but none were really needed. The sadness that echoed in the room was enough to deter anyone from speaking.

About 20 minutes have passed and the younger alicorn’s fatigue was starting to kick in but it was immediately jump-started by the sound of the doctors’ doors opening with a brown stallion with a white coat came out.

No one said a word as he came out, his eyes were downcast as he finally looked up and saw the numerous amount of ponies in the room, including the royal sisters. Taking off his mask, he gave a small nod.

“For now, he is stabilized, but for how long, remains to be seen.”

For the time being, the hospital allowed only two ponies into see him. That being the purple alicorn and the white alicorn. When they went into the room to visit their patient, it took all the purple alicorn's willpower not to break down and cry again at seeing ‘him’ like this. Two tubs filled his large maw while other tubs lined his purple and green scaled body. He nearly filled the entire bed, made for an adult pony and yet, he never looked so helpless and fragile.

Fluids from two different I.V. bags dripped into the tubes and entered his body. Do to his anatomy, they had to use stronger metals to penetrate his tough scaled hide. His breathing was labored, making a horrible sound of pained inhalation and scratchy deflation.

Once more, she tried to speak, but words could not properly form from her mouth so she turned to the older alicorn who seemed to see the question burning in her former student’s eyes, “Why?”

In her countless centuries of being alive, from the time Discord and other villains ruled the lands to the fall of her sister, even to the point of seeing her own mentor disappear for a millennium, she has experienced hardships many could never comprehend. Seeing friends and family die in a blink of an eye, to witnessing many die or be killed in battles, wars or unnecessary conflict to finally seeing them fall into darkness.

Yet, she always turned to the silver lining in life. That was the peace she helped create, the rise of pony harmony within the three tribes, the millennium-long wait for the return of the Elements of Harmony, her sister, the Crystal Empire, the reformation of an old and lost friend and many other oddities that come and go.

One thing that was constant was that no matter how much she tried to make the world perfect, she was the most flawed pony out there, and yet many see her as a near-divine goddess with beauty reserved beyond incomprehensible measure. Many mistakes were corrected, many still lingered but all tend to wound or stain her heart.

Yet, the dragon before her was not one of them. He did not belong in the category of ‘regrets’, ‘shame’, ‘fear’, or even ‘annoyance’. He belonged to ‘love’, ‘happiness’, ‘merriment’, and lastly but certainly not least, ‘son.’ She had raised him from a hatched egg that her young prodigy had taken in a test, to a young drake full of selflessness, love, compassion, and key to hearts of so many, including herself. It was within her damn right that she took it upon herself to raise him to be the perfect example of species indifference, to be raised in total and absolute harmony with the intention of making him the shining hope, not just to her ponies in Equestria, but throughout the world and more. He also brought something to her that she had long been without. That was someone whom would call her…

“M-M-Mvvtrrr?” came the raspy voice of her son. His eyes were half open and the tubes prevented him from properly speaking. He tried again to speak but he felt the tubes in his mouth, instantly sending him into panic mode. His chest began to rise and fall quickly, causing the tubes to jump up and down.

Celestia quickly came close to her son’s bed and quickly placed a gentle wing on his muzzle, easing her son’s worries.

“Spike… my son, it’s okay. You’re okay,” she cooed to him. Her gentle wing over his head instantly soothed him to a point and his breathing eased.

Twilight came over, hoping that her worry wouldn’t be seen but, despite Spike’s half-opened eyes, he still saw the sadness that overwhelmed her.

“Tw…rrtt?” his voice barely came through, tugging at her already fracturing heart. With a faux smile and shaky breath, she managed to speak to her brother.

“H-Hey Spike… H-H-How you d-d-doing?”

The sadness was there, and it pained him to see his sister in tears and a wreck. He wished he could help but he knew not of the situation. Celestia continued to gently brush her son's head and spoke softly.

“I know you can’t speak right now but just nod for ‘yes’ or shake for ‘no’. Do you remember what happened to you earlier today?”

Spike blinked and tried to recount his day. He woke up, a strong urge to eat a heavy breakfast made him cooking and creating anything he could on and off the stove in a matter of minutes. He wasn’t sure what the hunger demanded but his body was aching for food.

He finished cooking and began chowing down but… it was like despite feeding, his stomach was aching for something more. What more could there be? He ate fruity sweets, gems from his personal treasure, salty hay fries and even drank an entire pitcher of water. Now, it was normal for him to eat a lot ever since his growth spurt kicked in a while back but this hunger was almost… different.

He had grown taller, to the point where he easily towered over his friends and met his mother eye to eye. Lengthwise, he was almost two ponies across and weight wise was almost close to them. His spines had grown, his claws became sharper, his mouth grew more outward and became broader at the back but the end of his muzzle almost came to a near pointed end. His eyes became slits, his voice turned a bit deeper and yet… he still gained no wings. That was disappointing but he didn’t let it deter him.

With all his growing, he had to compensate the nutrients and energy it took for his body to expand and begin to prepare him for his teenage years. Yet… it was this particular day that it really became apparent. He had a hankering for something… metallic and strong, he couldn’t quite place it and it bothered him most of the morning.

It wasn’t until near the afternoon that it was becoming unbearably powerful and before he knew it, instincts kicked in. He chased after a small squirrel that was passing by. His teeth were bared, his growls sounded feral and the fact that his friends saw it, didn’t deter him.

If it weren’t the fact that the screams of the squirrel alerted Fluttershy, it would have been too late for her to swoop down and save it. However, it was that moment that she saw the absolute horror, that her best friend had gone savage and wanted to eat her little friend.

Spike almost attacked her… almost, but when he saw his best friend crying and whimpering, it snapped him out of his haze. He felt horrible, truly horrible that he couldn’t stop himself. More so, he nearly hurt his best friend, trying to chase a squirrel. Why?

Why did he want to hurt the squirrel? Was it anger? Was it out of fear? Or was it something more? His stomach decided to answer for him and he realized what it was. The hunger that couldn’t be sated with normal pony food, with gems being only a minor meal to his biology and more.

His body sought flesh. Meat.

The revelation alone sent fear all to his core and it made him so nauseated and terrified. His body was eating itself in some way to compensate for the lack of meat and he didn’t realize it.

He wanted to apologize for his behavior to Fluttershy, just as his friends began to arrive at the commotion, his body began to have an attack on itself. Pain racked his stomach and his mind was switching between feral and himself where he would let loose grunts of pains and whimpers. He could hear Fluttershy trying to speak to him, but it was hazy at best. His moans and whimpers grew louder, causing him to fall to the ground and whither in agony.

Soon, all his friends began to cry out for him, their voices of concern and screams of fear echoed in his mind as he felt himself losing a battle between going primal on his friend or trying to keep himself sane and make sure that he didn’t hurt them. It was too much for him, even with his recent growth and strength, his body couldn’t handle it and it shut down on him. The last voice he heard was of Twilight screaming out for him.

Then he woke up here. Turning to his mother, he gave her a nod.

She sighed and brushed her son’s head spikes, sending gentle and warm shivers that made him feel safe and secure. Still, the question somewhat lingered to the back of his head. Knowing he couldn’t speak, he still used his eyes to look towards his mother to hope and pray that she knew the truth behind it all.

The wise and amazing mare she was, saw his questioning eyes and gave a small sigh.

“I will tell you but first, I have to ask Twilight to leave.”

“What?” she asked in disbelief. Why would Celestia make her leave her brother? Couldn’t she see that he needed her?

“I need you to leave because what I need to tell Spike is personal and it may disturb you greatly Twilight. I need you to understand that it is for his benefit and his alone.”

“B-But I need to be here…”

“I know you do, but I need to tell him what has happened to him…”

“If it something that could save him, then I need to know!” she half yelled, tears continuing to stream down her face. “Please.”

“Tw-twrrght… sssttt—ayy” Spike managed to get through. He didn’t want her to leave, despite having his mother here, he felt more at ease knowing his sister was there.

Twilight gave a pleading look to her former mentor. Celestia sighed once more and nodded.

“Okay, you may stay but…” she paused and quickly lit up her horn. A golden bubble formed around them. Large enough to encompass the three but stay in the room. “… what I tell you may disturb you.” She warned of Twilight. “I also don’t want others to hear it.”

Twilight nodded in agreement.

Celestia inhaled, taking in a deep but soundless breath before gently exhaling, letting loose any tension from her body.

“Spike, my son, what has happened to you today is not something most dragons experience in their life unless neglected or lack of proper understanding of their biology. It is the fault within my own that I never brought up an… unflattering part of dragon anatomy and that is…” she paused, trying to bring it back to herself before giving a gentle gaze, which also held heartache. “… in order for you to stop these pains and for you to gain control over your urges, you must eat meat.