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I really like changelings.


Queen Chrysalis has trusted her son, Prince Pronotum, with a very important mission to Ponyville. He is to infiltrate the town, find a way to remove the Elements of Harmony from the picture, and prepare for a second invasion. He's determined to make her proud. Unfortunately for Chrysalis, her son isn't very bright, and, as a result, he took a few months too long to get to Ponyville.

UPDATE: Glorious cover art by GIULIO.

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Thus the lone changeling at the donkey wedding is explained.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it. Sure this is your first story?

Since you asked for criticism:
The ending is quite... sudden. For me it would look like the first chapter of an bigger story instead of an stand-alone fic.

It's not the first thing I have ever written (Lit classes made sure of that), but it's my first FiM fic, and the first fanfic I have published at all.

And yeah, the ending is a bit abrupt. I may return to this eventually and add a second half at some point. Not really sure.

Cute and nice story i like your style would read more

I like it! I hope it gets expanded on :)

I'm dying at the cover art.

I'll admit, the ending was very abrupt, almost like it was meant to be continued.

Aside from that, I love how pretty much no one reacts to him walking through the town. A fun sequel(?) might be the townsfolk reactions (or lack thereof) to increasingly weird things in town.

Why are Tuesdays always the boring days? Why not Wednesday? Or Thursday?

Tuesday is simply the most mentioned day of the week in FiM, so I went with that.

Heh, that was fun. Poor clueless lings, you wonder if Chrysalis sent him purposefully or on a whim?
Keep going! ;)

Poor guy. At least he got himself invited to a wedding.

Three ponies, in particular, became very overdramatic about the whole thing and fell to the ground despairing the non-existent horror of the situation.

Funny how fans will immediately know the exact scene you're describing, based off the show. :rainbowlaugh:

A cute little story! You're fairly adept at writing, I hope you continue to! Maybe a fic about changelings and waffles is vastly overdue. :trixieshiftright:

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