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I really like changelings.

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Hiya! I'm Screwball. I came into existence a bit ago, and I'm still learning the ropes of reality and stuff. And apparently, I can tug those ropes? But other ponies say I shouldn't be able to. And also that I shouldn't, 'cause it's bad. I dunno about all that, though. Apparently, some guy named Discord was super mean with his reality-bending. Also, he might be my accidental dad? Gosh, everything is really confusing.

I've had the itch to write Screwball for a while now, and it would feel out-of-place to put it in my ongoing fic, so here it is! Writing this whenever I can between coding assignments. Expect copious amounts of Cuteball (is that a thing? it's a thing now). Also, expect tags to slowly be added since I don't wanna give everything away with the tags from day one.

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After a gruesome timberwolf attack, Rarity awakes to find herself cornered by a strange bipedal creature. At least it's a better way to die than timberwolves. That is, assuming the creature is even hostile.

This is a short story snippet I wrote in my free-time to get it out of my system. And yes, the Greek on the cover image is real Greek that actually says something.

Here's a guide to the two constructed languages used in this fic.

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Twilight Sparkle took a nap after Season 9 ended, only to find herself back at the start of Season 1. Stuck going home the long way 'round, will she be able to keep the timeline she remembers intact, or will the butterfly effect bulldoze over everything she held dear before the reset?

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, this is a story concept I originally was going to abandon until I got a mountain of positive feedback. Expect character tag changes as each chapter comes out. (And yes, the cover image is inspired by Groundhog Day.)

Here's an entirely optional guide to the canon of this story, which will be updated periodically to include new details.

Featured April 20th - 22nd, 2018. :pinkiegasp:

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Queen Chrysalis has trusted her son, Prince Pronotum, with a very important mission to Ponyville. He is to infiltrate the town, find a way to remove the Elements of Harmony from the picture, and prepare for a second invasion. He's determined to make her proud. Unfortunately for Chrysalis, her son isn't very bright, and, as a result, he took a few months too long to get to Ponyville.

UPDATE: Glorious cover art by GIULIO.

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