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Hi! I'm Carnelian Fox! Thank you so much for looking at my user page. I hope you'll like what you see. I have high hopes for uploading more stories in the future.


Rainbow Dash secretly has romantic feelings for Fluttershy that have been fermenting for years. The yellow Pegasus, with her kind heart and gentle nature, brings out the best in everypony around her. Rainbow Dash feels that Fluttershy makes her a better pony, but she knows that Fluttershy doesn't see herself at the level of greatness on which she sees her.

Fluttershy feels romantically attracted to Rainbow Dash, whom she feels she owes everything. Few ponies know, but Fluttershy has suffered from clinical depression since flight school. Having Rainbow Dash stand by her always made things better, as if the cyan mare unknowingly helped shoulder the burden of the mental illness. Fluttershy is certain that Rainbow Dash doesn't really see just how much she inspires other ponies and keeps them going.

The two mares have to follow their hearts and take a chance on their feelings to overcome their own personal obstacles, along with whatever else life throws their way, including a mafia-run Cloudsdale. Rated T for later chapters

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"the butter yellow Pegasus" "the yellow Pegasus" "The Pegasus with the distinct rainbow mane and tail" "the light cerulean pegasus" "the cyan Pegasus" "the cerulean Pegasus" "the yellow Pegasus" "the green-eyed mare" "the cyan mare" "the rainbow-maned mare" "the blue mare" "The blue Pegasus" "the cyan mare"

Is this story about colourful pegasus ponies? I can't tell.

I've been trying to keep my descriptors varied.

Thank you so much! I will try. This is a story I'm very excited about writing!

I'm so glad! Thank you for your support!

No problem. I can't wait to find out what happens next

You're better off just sticking to one or two, dude, trust me. Did you make the cover art yourself?

Yeah, it was my first time drawing them. I'm hoping to retry that drawing again soon.

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