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Hi! I'm Carnelian Fox! Thank you so much for looking at my user page. I hope you'll like what you see. I have high hopes for uploading more stories in the future.


Fluttershy's animal friends have gone into hibernation or migrated away for the winter, and her pony friends have been kept busy with their seasonal duties. She is left along with her thoughts, and they mercilessly wear her down, causing her to doubt her life thus far amounted to anything. Some of her closest friends have to show her otherwise, or at least give her a shoulder to cry on. That makes all the difference in the world.

Written for September 10th: World Suicide Prevention Day/Suicide Awareness Day.

Tigger warnings: depression, intrusive thoughts, suicidal ideation and attempted suicide.

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To anyone reading this who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide, please know that you can be helped. Your life matters, and the world will be emptier and darker if you are gone. Even if by some twist of fate no one noticed (and it's almost certain someone would know and care), there would still be a phantom pain - an absence that no one would know the source of, but would be felt all the same. We would be diminished by the loss of you. If that wasn't true, then why is it that people willingly choose to spend their days professionally helping complete strangers to realize their own self worth? You matter. Please talk to someone who can remind you of that.

List of International Suicide Hotlines: Link

Hm. This is refreshing - usually, when folks write stories involving suicide, I end up putting links in the description in case the story triggers anyone. You opened with that. Well done.

Thank you! It's an important issue and I want my readers to have options if they find themselves or a loved one feeling like I did and like Fluttershy did in the story.

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