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Things here often are made with ideas in mind. Sometimes the ideas write themselves. Often they write themselves while we sleep.


Twilight Sparkle has been known to make up random friendship lessons on the spot for Starlight Glimmer. Unlucky for Starlight, when reports of a new creature was spotted setting up shop in Ponyville, Twilight just couldn't resist and sent Starlight to greet this new creature as impromptu friendship lesson.

Can Starlight handle meeting this newcomer, or will she forever be destined to fail?

On a side note, why can't anypony open the doors of Twilight's castle?

Chapters (3)
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Why isn’t up vote working?

I liked this story. I think the last sentence should be “disliked“ past tense though. ‘She’ and ‘dislike’ just conflict. Orchange it to be active voice: She thought “I really really dislike spiders.”

Again why can’t I up vote this?

Honestly I dont have the foggiest idea why you can't up vote. :twilightsmile: But anyhoo im glad you like it!

i think you need a certain number of 'votes' in general, before the results are visible

Yeah i figured as much. Im actually surprised this story is doing as well as it is.

still pretty new, so i would give it a little more time.

welcome to the site by the way :)

Comment posted by Kali Azizia deleted Jan 7th, 2018

Neat. Coulda been a bit more descriptive of Iris's appearance but overall well done.


Yeah this chapter was a bit rushed as i was traveling at the time. Once im finally back to a stable source of wifi, i will defiantly go back and edit some parts of this chapter.

Comment posted by Kali Azizia deleted Jan 8th, 2018

Saddly but i needed it too. Now i can focus on my big project.

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