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Things here often are made with ideas in mind. Sometimes the ideas write themselves. Often they write themselves while we sleep.


After ripping a large hole in the fabric of reality and wiping out half of the Royal Guard, Starlight Glimmer is sent off alone in the prison ship Equestrian One for 65 months. Alone with nothing but a crew of service/security bots, a Friendship Counseling bot named S.T.R. (who is honestly just a waste of space), and the ships A.I called V.I.C.

During her sentence, she comes across an alien lifeform who seems to be a great face hugger! Wow! But everything soon hits the preverbal fan when a group of bounty hunters working for the (totally evil) Goddess show up demanding she hand over the lifeform!

Will she survive? Who knows, but one thing is for sure.

Things are about to get crazy.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 4 )

Good morning, Starlight. Today marks your 1825 day of your banishment.

Should be, today marks THE 1825th day of your banishment, or something.


Starlight, you are aware that I can here you?

Its "hear" not "here."

I like the premise so far, but try to to include more descriptions. What is the space station like? Is it very large and empty or small and cramped? Glim Glam has been great so far. I like her casual and witty style. To make the isolation more believable, I think there should be at least mentions of the emotional trajectory she's on. Did she rage against her captivity, enter a resigned depression, or even attempt suicide at some point? As a reader, I am hoping that the future chapters will help me understand Starlight better and explain her motivations for thinking and feeling as she does.

Thank you for your feed back! Looking back I see what you mean by wanting to have more detail and I do plan on re writing this chapter once i get settled in to this story:twilightsmile:!

I just watched a movie the other day on Netflix called "Infinity Chamber" and I think it has some nice tropes you could use. In the movie, a guy is locked in a prison cell with only an AI to talk to, and their interactions, as well as the emotions the prisoner guy feels during his entrapment, are useful ideas for the development of this story, in my opinion.
Even if it isn't, I thought it was a good movie and you should check it out.

Sorry it took so long to reply!

So I checked out that movie and I have to say it gave me quite a bit more brain fuel than I could have ever hoped! Thanks for referencing that movie to me!

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