• Published 6th Dec 2017
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A New Visitor - Kali Azizia

A new creature moves to Ponyville and Twilight thinks its a good idea to send Starlight to say hello as a friendship lesson. What ensues is all Twilights fault.

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All in a days work

This was going to be harder than she originally thought.

Starlight and Iris had found the Arachne in her room and when Iris attempted to open it, they found it was barricaded with a ridiculous amount of webbing. Iris had tried to talk to her mistress through the door, but the Arachne refused to come out. After a few minutes of coaxing, Iris flung her small hands up in defeat and shot Starlight an exasperated look.

“Well I am out of ideas.” Iris said as she landed on Starlight’s horn. “I have never seen her like this before, usually she’s really collected about this sort of thing.” Starlight just furrowed her brow at the door before her. Suddenly, Starlight’s head jerked up, knocking Iris from her horn. She stared at the door harder, an idea forming in her head as she prepared to cast a spell.

“Tell me, is her room magic proof?” Starlight asked the pixie.

“Um...no?” Iris said, confused by the question. “Why do yo-” She began, but cut herself off as she saw the manic look in Starlights eye. Iris’s eyes widened further when she felt the hallway suddenly fill with intense magic and she stared at Starlight, panic in her eyes.

OOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!” Starlight screamed at the door and cast her spell. A beam of bright red magic struck the door, causing it to rattle and shake violently, the wood beginning to smoke. Soon the whole building was shaking from the force of the spell as windows and doors all around the building open and closed with reckless abandon. The beam from Starlight’s horn soon ended and she fell to the ground, having exhausted most of her magic on the spell. She looked up expectantly at the door in front of her and she groaned in frustration. The door remained closed, though it was slightly smoking.

Iris flew over to the smoking door and gave it a light tap. With a creak, the door fell forward revealing a very shocked Arachne.
“Wha...how?” The Arachne sputtered in shock. Starlight gave her a tried grin.

“Take that door.” Starlight said before she passed out.

A few hours later, Starlight awoke and found herself in the same bed she awoke from earlier. She sat up groggily and saw the Arachne sitting in the corner, reading a book. Noticing that she was awake, the Arachne quickly closed the book and tried to leave, but the door slammed closed and locked. She looked back and saw Starlight smiling sheepishly.

“Look, I’m sorry for my outburst earlier today.” Starlight rubbed a hoof through her mane and sighed. “I’m just not a big fan of spiders and well your appearance took me by surprise and…” She trailed off and buried her face in her hooves. “I screwed this one up didn’t I?” Starlight’s ears twitched as she heard the sound of multiple legs moving towards her and she jumped slightly as she felt a hand rest on her shoulder.

“Kali Azizia.”

Starlight looked up confused and saw the Arachne smiling down at her. “W-What?”

“That’s my name. Kali Aziza.” She said, as she offered out her hand. Starlight stretched out a hoof and shook Kali’s hand.

“Starlight Glimmer.”

They stared at each other awkwardly for a few minutes when Iris’s suddenly appeared in front of them in a flash of confetti and the smell of vanilla.

“Yay! My friends are now besties!” Iris did a twirl in the air and flew around the two. Starlight and Kali both look at each other and laughed.

“I guess we are then” Starlight said, grinning at Kali and the Arachne grinned back.

"That we are!" Said Kali happily. "That we are."

“So it was a pleasure meeting you Kali and thank you again for helping me back to the castle.” Starlight said from Kali’s back as the Arachne had offered to carry Starlight home as she was still to weak to move. It was dark by the time they left Kali’s shop so the streets were clear of ponies, though Starlight could see fearful eyes peer out of shuttered windows.

“It’s no problem Starlight, after all what are friends for?” Kali said smiling. Starlight smiled back at her and looked up at the starry night above. A few minutes later, they found themselves at the entrance of the Crystal Castle and Starlight hopped off Kali’s back.

“Are you fine with walking back by yourself?” Starlight asked her friend. “I’m not sure how a random pony will react when they see you moving around at night.” Kali just shrugged.

“Eh, I’ll be fine. The mayor is supposed to introduce me to the rest of the citizens of Ponyville later tomorrow at the end of the town meeting, so I’m not to worried about being found out.” Starlight nodded in agreement.

“Well you have a safe trip back, see you tomorrow at the town meeting!” Starlight said as she waved. Kali waved back as she walked away. Starlight smiled to herself as she turned and made her way up the steps to the front door. She placed a hoof on it to open it and she paused, feeling that the door was vibrating. Suddenly, realization dawned on her face as she back up quickly. “Oh no..” She began but was cut off as the crystal doors exploded. Starlight couldn’t help but smile as she dogged out of the way of the exploding doors.

It really was just one of those days.

Author's Note:

Finally! After a long time of being stuck and dealing with work, I am done with this story. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Thank you all for reading.

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Well. Its completed.

Saddly but i needed it too. Now i can focus on my big project.

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