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Destiny 1 and 2 crossover.

Co written with Sanguine Dream.

She was a Hunter. She had fought against Fallen, Hive, Cobal and Vex. She defeated a manifestation of The Darkness, Killed the Kell of Kells and slayed the Taken King. After those countless battles her home was lost, her Light was taken and something within her awoke, memories returned and as she fell to her doom her will remained and metal became scales for the briefest of moments and she survived.

After she took back her city she was sent to another world with nothing but her Ghost, her weapons and her will, she must survive.

This is the story of Dracona-3 and her Ghost. How they make friends and help forge a new era of peace between Equestria and The Last City.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 32 )

Cool idea. 😎
I'll read this when I have time

I hope you enjoy it when you do.

And now I must read what we have created.

I haven’t read it yet. I have it open in a tab. It’s going to be read. I hope tonight.

Hopefully you like it, I tried my best with editing.

I am enjoying it more this way. :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you're liking it, we still gotta finish it though.

I am fully aware of that.

Either way, this is awesome.

This should be fun. I'm guessing Dracona was a Dragon or Vex before becoming a Guardian.

More will be explained soon. Though I thought it was obvious...Then again I did a shit-ton of research on the more obscure Destiny lore so...

Are you enjoying the story?

Wait, I've got it. She was a dragon, then got turned into a Vex, and then a Guardian.

And yes, I'm loving it so far.

...She was a dragon, got turned into an exo and later revived as a Guardian. I think you confused exo for Vex...Though I am glad you're liking the story, chapter 3 is nearly done. I just gotta fix a few typos and a few scenes.

Actually, the way the first chapter was worded, I thought you meant that the Exo were Vex that turned on thier kind to defend the light, which makes a scary amount of sense to me.

Exo were created during the Golden Age by humanity to serve them but gained the same rights as people as time went on.

Fair enough. I should probably do some research on the lore myself.

It can be interesting to look up random lore for Destiny. Just keep in mind that this story will be a mix of canon lore and my own headcanon as we don't really know much about Ahamkara.

I can't say anything considering what I'm planning for mine.:rainbowlaugh:

I'm planning on doing a PWNY style crossover with Luna becoming a Guardian. So I really can't say anything about headcanon.

Ah, ok. Send me a link when it's up, I'd love to read it.

Meanwhile had found a way into the building via an open window.

I'm guessing you meant Asriel?
I'm betting Cayde is not going to care too much

Thanks for pointing out the typo!

I still say Cayde is going to find the fact that his favorite Hunter is a dragon cool.

You'll find out next chapter.

Any updates on the next chapter's progress?

While we have some stuff written up, I'm waiting until we get a bit more done before bringing out a new chapter.

Basically I want to have a backlog so I can edit multiple chapters in one go.

Sorry if I sound repetitive, but has there been any progress with the story? This is an interesting world you two have made, and I'd hate to see it fade into nothingness.

We've hit a bit of writer's block and other things have taken up our time.

It'll be finished eventually.

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