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Rocky The Unicorn

Hi I'm Rocky! I am a huge Fluttercord shipper! It is my OTP! I hope you enjoy some of the fanfics I write on here!


Flura was a girl who went to a boarding school in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. One day, while venturing out in the hills behind the school, she finds a portal to another world called Equestria. There, Discord asks her for her help with a crisis, but could Flura be putting herself in danger by helping him? Who is this Fluttershy that Discord wants to save, and why does he constantly talk about her?

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Ohhh, really good start!! I'm enjoying what you have! If it's alright with you, there is one thing that I'd like to point out: The beginning went too fast. It would have been best to have the first chapter all on Flura, then the second on Discord, but either way I really like it! You did a really good job on your first fan fiction!!

Thank you so much! I will take your comment as advice and make things a little slower. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

You're welcome! Thank you for listening to me as well!

Pretty good
I think that flura is Fluttershy don't you think ?
And that discord will teleport or though a portal to that world were Fluttershy is.

probably and since flura lost her memory it's possible that SHE was fluttershy but ever since she went through that storm she couldn't remember a thing.

I'm dying from the cuteness!

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