The Land of Dreams

by Rocky The Unicorn

Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Discord was frozen stiff. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He was so surprised to see her sitting on top of him. Only moments earlier, he had been in a cave with a human girl, and now, he was in Equestria, with Fluttershy. Btu no, she wasn’t really his Fluttershy. She didn’t even remember who she was, let alone who he was. Still, she was so beautiful. Her teal eyes twinkled in the sunlight. He had been so lonely without her and had missed her so much. He wished this moment could last a little while longer, but then, it was abruptly interrupted by the yellow mare.
“Why are you staring at me like that?”
Discord’s cheeks became a bright crimson red.
“Oh, um, sorry! I was, us, lost in thought!”
“Okay, are we going to find your friend or what?”
“I think I already did.”
“What are you talking about? We just got here! What did she look like again?”
“Yellow coat, pink mane, and teal eyes.”
“Seriously! Stop staring! You’re starting to creep me out! What’s wrong?”
“Look at yourself.”
“Well I don’t exactly have a handy mirror with me, now do I?”
Discord snapped his talons, and a mirror appeared.
“Now you do!”
Hesitantly, the mare looked at herself in the mirror. Yellow coat, pink mane, teal eyes...she looked just like her! There on her flank were three pink butterflies, her mane slightly curled at the ends, and she had beautiful long lashes.
“I-I look just like her!”
“That’s because you are her.”
“But, that’s impossible! I just look like her! You probably have me confused with her!”
“I have to be right! Fluttershy was my first ever friend! Of course, I know exactly what she looks like! You’re voice even changed just like her’s! Did you even notice that?”
“Oh, wow, it really did change. Anyways, why do you care about her so much? You’re so determined to save her. Why not just make new friends?”
“MAKE NEW FRIENDS? ARE YOU CRAZY? I could never replace my dearest Fluttershy! She’s one of a kind!”
Your dearest Fluttershy?”
“Let’s just go to Twilight’s castle to get some help with the situation at hand, paw, claw, get the point!”
“Nope! You’re done talking!”
Discord swooped the mare up into his arms. Her face went pale, and a worried look grew over it. Discord didn’t seem to notice. He teleported them to the castle of friendship.
Discord teleported into the castle. Twilight sat in the throne room, reading the newest Daring Do book. The book had come out only yesterday, and knowing Twilight, it was probably the fifth time she had read it. It was interesting, how fascinated she was by books.
“Hello, Twilight!”
“Oh, um, hi Discord. What do you want this time?”
Twilight looked as if she had completely ignored him. Her face was buried in the book.”
“Oh honestly Twilight! Look up from that dusty old book! You’ll see this time, I have news that will absolutely be to your delight!”
Twilight hear Discord. He sounded...different. He sounded...happy.
The book grew wings and flew up. Twilight had a worried and confused expression on her face, as she watched the books every move, almost as if it was her child.
“Just please don’t lose my page!”
“Twilight, never mind that! I’d like you to meet somepony!”
The lavender alicorn saw the mare in Discord’s arms. Her face lit up at the sight of her old friend.
“Fluttershy? Is that you!”
“Who are you? What’s going on? Is this that Twilight you were speaking of?”
Discord was still holding the mare in his arms. Annoyed, the pegasus looked up at him and glared. At first, he was confused. Then, he realized he was still holding her. His face went red with blush and embarrassment. Reluctantly, he placed her down on the ground.
“There’s just one problem Twilight.”
“She doesn’t remember us, does she?”
“Nope. That’s why I came here, for your help. You have an answer, right Twilight? You always do!”
“First, please tell me what happened. You were in the forest longer than usual today! Applejack and Pinkie went by to bring you muffins, but they said you weren’t there.”
“Well, I fell into this portal thingy, and it led to a different human world dimension unlike Sunset Shimmer’s. I met this girl, and she agreed to help me find Fluttershy. Blah blah blah, long story short, when we went back through the portal, she transformed into Fluttershy! Tada!”
“Wow, that’s incredible! Only very powerful magic could do something like that! The only magic that has ever done this is ancient magic, or powerful magic like an alicorn’s, or even a draconequus’s.”
Twilight looked up at Discord.
“You’re not suggesting I had anything to do with this, are you? I haven’t used that kind of power in a while! You know better than to think I would do anything to harm Fluttershy! She’s my best friend!”
It stung to say that word, friend. Of course, Fluttershy was his best friend! It’s just, sometimes he wished they could be more than that. Obviously, that wasn’t happening anytime soon, especially with the state Fluttershy was in now. She didn’t remember anything about her life in Equestria!
“I know, I know!”
“What other kinds of ancient or powerful magic could have done this?”
“Wait, the storm, it was powerful magic! It could have somehow sent Fluttershy to the other world.”
“Yes, and?”
“I think somehow the magic affected her train of thoughts and her memory. Now we need an antidote to get her to remember who she is! A memory, an object, it could be almost anything!”
“Yeah, but my question is, what could be powerful enough to create a storm like that?”
“I’m not quite sure. You try to take find something to jog her memory. I’ll do some research here in the castle, ok?”
“Alright then. Oh, and Twilight?”
“Yes, Discord?”
“What happens if I can’t get her to remember?”
“Well, the longer she goes without her memory, the harder it will get to help her remember. If we wait too long, she might never remember.”
“That’s what I was afraid of.”
Discord sadly looked down at the yellow mare. She was several yards away from them, examining the crystal walls. It was cute, how much they had intrigued her. Almost as if it was something unexplainable. She didn’t even remember how much she’d been in this castle. If a friend like Twilight, or a castle, couldn’t get her to remember, what could? This was going to be hard. Discord knew just where to start.