• Published 17th Jul 2017
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The Land of Dreams - Rocky The Unicorn

One day while venturing out in the hills behind the school, a girl finds a portal to another world called Equestria. There, Discord asks her for her help with a crisis. His friend Fluttershy has disappeared.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was a cold and windy afternoon. Ponyville had been warned about a storm coming. It was supposed to be the worst in years, because it was not caused by the pegasi, but from an unknown magic. Because of this storm, Fluttershy would have to round up all of her animals into her cottage, and store enough food in there for her and her animals. Fluttershy had overslept, which meant she had even less time to prepare for the storm. The first chance she got, she trotted outside, with her scarf and hat on, to gather her critters. Even though some would soon enter hibernation, the storm was supposed to be so bad that she couldn’t risk leaving them out there, no matter what.
“Um, so, if you all wouldn’t mind helping me out and coming inside, that would be wonderful.”
All of the animals gave her blank stares.

“I have lots of yummy treats inside, and warm beds for you. It’s just wonderful in here! You can come in, unless, you would rather stay out there in the cold.”

Angel Bunny glared at Fluttershy and stuck his tongue out. All of the animals started running wild around her yard.

“Oh come on now. A storm’s coming, and I can’t just leave you all out here! It would be really nice if you all could help me out!”

“Did somepony say they needed help?” A familiar voice said.

“Discord! Oh yes! My animals are going on a rampage and are refusing to go into my cottage. Do you think you could teleport them all inside?”

“Well, I suppose.”

And with the snap of his claw, Discord teleported all of the animals, along with Fluttershy and himself, into the cottage. Fluttershy quickly scurried over to the door and shut it before any animals could escape. Fluttershy skipped on over to her pantry. Discord decided to take a seat on the couch, waiting for her.

“Oh no! I forgot to buy food for the animals! Well, I guess I could give them some of my food left in the cupboard.”

“Nonsense my dear! I can’t have you starving during a winter storm like this! Allow me!”

Discord snapped his paw, and food appeared in all of the animal’s dishes, along with extra in the kitchen cupboards.

“Oh Discord, you didn’t have to.”

“It’s fine. I’m here to help, remember?”

“Ok, ok,” Fluttershy giggled.

Finally, everything was finished. Discord felt overjoyed because he was going to be able to spend some quality time with his favorite mare in the world!

They were sitting in the living room, having tea as usual. Discord was telling another one of his crazy stories.

“So I turned his head into a watermelon! I mean, he was asking for it after that horrible pun of his! I mean, I could do much better! I am pretty punny.”

“Oh Discord, you’re too much!”

“I know. I’m the highlight of any magazine somepony will read, or the best part of somepony’s favorite show! I’m magnificent!”

“Oh you! Stop it!”

The two burst into laughter and giggles. All of a sudden, their fun came to a halt with an unexpected visitor. Without warning, Harry the bear came charging from upstairs, coming straight at Fluttershy and Discord.

“Now, now Harry! What’s wrong? Please, could you calm down?” Fluttershy asked, but, nothing could stop this startled bear. He knocked both of their chairs over, sending them toppling on top of each other. The two of them eventually came to a stop after rolling on the floor. They found their muzzles practically touching, and staring into each other’s eyes. Fluttershy felt her cheeks begin to feel hot.

Of course, Fluttershy thought. Now of all times I blush, with Discord staring right at me! I’m such a fool! Why can’t I just play it cool.

Discord stood up, looking a little flustered. He held out his paw to Fluttershy. She looked up into his eyes, and took hold of his paw. Discord then pulled her onto her hooves.

“Now that was odd. Why on earth was Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy so upset?” he thought out loud.

Just then, Harry came charging out of the kitchen, chasing some of the hares, including Angel Bunny. Harry charged straight at Fluttershy’s cottage door, knocking it open. Worst of all, the storm was coming closer and closer, and some of her animals were now missing!

“Angel Bunny, no!”

“Fluttershy, my dear, you must not go out. The storm will be starting soon, and you could get hurt.”

“I appreciate your concern Discord, but my animals will be in danger if I don’t go after them.”

“How about both of us go looking for them, and when the storm starts, I’ll teleport us to your cottage. But, I must warn you, after the storm starts, I won’t be able to use my magic to teleport us back. Because the storm is created from an unknown, powerful, magic, I won’t be able to use my powers during it.”

“Ok then, we better get started.”

So they put on their winter clothing, and headed outside to search for the lost animals.

The two of them had been searching for what felt like hours, when the storm finally struck.

“Fluttershy, we really need to get back to your cottage. The storm is starting. We don’t have much time before my magic stops working.”

“But we still haven’t found my animals yet!”

“Maybe they made it back to your cottage. Come on, let’s go check.”

Discord had his claw ready to snap, when suddenly, a white hare scurried in front of them.


Fluttershy ran after him, into the snowy woods. Discord watched as she chased him into the Everfree forest.

“Fluttershy! No!”

Discord zoomed after her, but she was gone. He tried to teleport himself to her, but it was too late. His magic wasn’t working. Discord found Angel Bunny with Fluttershy’s scarf, sitting at the edge of the forest. Discord scooped Angel up into his arms, and placed him under his hat. The only thing on that side of the forest was a small cave, with a few animals in it, but not Fluttershy’s animals, just some wild ones. There was no sign of Fluttershy. Discord felt as if he was going to fall apart.

Flura still could remember all those months ago, the day she arrived at her boarding school. It was a cold and windy winter evening. Flura was aimlessly wandering through a storm in Europe. She was freezing, hungry, and very weak, as she stumbled across the valley. You could tell the valley was oh so beautiful, even covered in the white snow. As she was traveling she saw a figure in the distance. As she continued on, the figure got closer and closer. She saw a women before her, dressed warmly, with a scarf wrapped around her neck, and a hat upon her head. The woman took off her scarf and wrapped it around Flura’s neck. Then, the woman began asking lots of questions.

“What’s your name, Sweetie?”

“Oh, my name is, um, is, Flura I think.”

“Where are your from?”

Flura’s head started hurting. It felt as if she had a migraine. She was trying to think, but all she could think about was how much her head hurt.

“I, I don’t know.”

“Well, what were you doing out here?”

“I don’t know, I can’t remember.”

“Where are your parents? What are their names? I will contact them, so please just tell me who they are.”

“I don’t know. I’m really sorry, but I don’t know who my parents are. I can’t seem to remember.”

The woman looked very puzzled and confused. She took Flura up in her arms, and carried her the rest of the way to the school. There, a nurse took a look at her. The nurse decided that she had developed brain damage from being in the storm for too long. Flura hoped that someday, she would be able to remember everything.

When Flura arrived, she had been wearing worn out clothes, so the people there gave her fresh, clean, new ones.

Now fitting in wasn’t very easy for Flura, especially her first day. The night she arrived, someone had taken her to a dorm where three other girls slept. It was so late, all of them were sound asleep. She would get to meet them all the next morning, and introduce herself. Flura was also required to take classes at the school.

The next morning Flura awoke with three girls looking back at her, all hovering over her bed. Startled, she leapt out of bed. The girls took a few steps back.

“Eww! What are you doing here in my dorm?” The blonde one interrogated.

“Relax Sadie! She’s probably just new. And, since when has this been your dorm?” A curly haired girl declared. Then, she stepped forward and spoke.

“I’m Arietta. The blonde one is Sadie, and the nerdy one is Claude.”

“Arietta, don’t call me Claude! My name is Claudia!”

“Isn’t Claudia hilarious? Anyways, what’s your name?”

“Oh, um, my name is, Flura.”

“Wow! Was that a joke? What a dumb name! My name, Sadie, is much more beautiful. What are you even doing at this camp? Where are you even from? I’ve never seen you here before!”

“I, I don’t know”

“Oh, you don’t know? How dumb are you?”

“The nurse said I probably received brain damage during the storm, that’s why I don’t remember anything.”

“Eww! What a freak!”

Rita came up and shoved Sadie out of the way.

“Classes are starting soon. Get ready, and then I’ll show you around. You’ve got a lot to learn about this here valley.”