The Land of Dreams

by Rocky The Unicorn

Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Rainbow Dash and Rarity were just leaving from Sugarcube Corner. They had done some reminiscing with Pinkie Pie and caught up with their friend. It had felt like forever since they last saw her months ago. Pinkie had returned to town after she heard the news about the Storm.
“So Rainbow, darling, how about we take a stroll on the outskirts of the forest. It seems like such a lovely day for a walk! Maybe after we could go to the spa!”
“Sure! That sounds chill to me. I could really use some relaxation. Everything I’ve been doing for the Wonderbolts has gotten me exhausted.”
The two mares began to trot along a path right next to the Everfree forest. It was a nice day. The snow had finally cleared up thanks to the ponies who were on cleanup duty. There was still a cold breeze in the air, and you could see your breath when you talked. Everything seemed so peaceful and quiet. A little too quiet for Rainbow’s liking. She thought it was the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation.
“I hear that yesterday Applejack and Pinkie Pie were handing out muffins to some ponies.”
“Well, that’s very nice of them! Were they the ones we tried at Sugarcube Corner? Those were simply divine!”
“Yeah, they were the same ones, but get this. Pinkie said it took a lot of convincing to get Applejack to even think of delivering one to Discord. When they finally got to where they thought he was at, he was gone. My guess is that he was spreading mischief nonetheless.”
“That’s very odd darling. Does Applejack have something against Discord?”
“Yeah, she does. She thinks he has something to do with Flutter’s disappearance, and I don’t blame her for thinking that. He was the last to see her, wish is pretty suspicious if you ask me.”
“Oh Rainbow Dash, don’t you think you’re getting a little carried away?”
“Are you serious? How could he not be guilty? The act he puts on drives me insane! He thinks if he gets all teary eyed we won’t suspect a thing! The very nerve!”
“Rainbow Dash! How could you say such things? He gets teary eyed because he is worried about Fluttershy. Just like she is our friend, she’s his friend too. You cried over your turtle, Tank. How is that any different?”
“First of all, he’s a tortoise. Second of all, leave Tank out of this! At least I can trust Tank! We can’t trust Discord! He tried to take over Equestria before for crying out loud!”
Because the two argued so long, they didn’t realize how far they’d walked. They had walked all the way to where Fluttershy’s cottage was. The old cottage looked so sad and lonely without her. Something seemed different though.
“Oh Rainbow, I really do miss Fluttershy.”
“We all do Rarity.”
“Wait...darling, do you see that?”
“See what?”
“I think there’s a light on in the cottage!”
“You’re right! Let’s take a closer look.”
The two quietly snuck up to one of the windows in the cottage, which had been left a crack open, probably to let some air in. They heard voices, very oddly familiar voices. The two mares peeked inside, shocked by what they saw.
Discord and Fluttershy teleported into her old cottage.
“Remember this place, Fluttershy, my dear?”
“No, and my name is Flura, not Fluttershy.”
“Well anyway, let’s see what you have here. Maybe something will remind you.”
Discord rummaged through Fluttershy’s cottage. He kept going up and down the stairs, hoping to find something to remind her. He searched through closets, drawers, and rooms. He showed her everything that could possibly be of some importance, but she still remembered nothing.
“ about your animals?”
“My what?”
“You love animals, remember? It’s your special talent!”
Flura turned to look at the three butterflies on her flank.
“I do?”
“Of course you do my dear!”
“I’m not your dear,” Flura mumbled.
Before Discord could hear her, he rushed off into the other room, looking for some animals. He came back with several in his arms. One by one he showed them to her.”
“Do you remember Constance, your bird?”
In Discord’s paw and claw sat a cute little red bird. It looked at the pegasus with a loving look.
“No, I don’t have a bird. That’s not mine.”
“What about this mouse, or this squirrel?”
“Sorry, I’ve never seen them in my life.”
Discord lifted up a white bunny. The little critter squirmed around in his grasp. His expression was very unamused.
“What about Angel Bunny? He’s always with you, and you always talk about him. You’ve always been so determined to please him! He means the world to you! You adore me, I-I mean him.”
Discord’s face grew crimson with embarrassment. How could he have said that to her? He really needed to work on his social skills.
“Do you remember?”
“Um, well…”
Discord was filled with hope. What if she remembered? She hadn’t said no! He stared at her with bright eyes, hoping she would remember.
“Sorry, I don’t remember...that rabbit.”
A scowl came over Angel’s face. He jumped out of Discord’s grasp and thumped away.
Discord was getting very annoyed, yet he was very concerned. He thought she had remembered for a second, but no. For that one moment, he thought that he could possibly have his Fluttershy back. The Fluttershy that understood him, and didn’t give him strange glances that made no sense. If Angel couldn’t remind her, what could? It was hopeless.
“What about Harry the Bear? Does he ring a bell? He’s the one that started this whole mess in the first place.”
A bear crawled out into the living room, yawning to show all of his teeth.
“BEAR!” The yellow pegasus yelped.
Terrified, she leaped into the arms of the draconequus. She held Discord in a tight grasp, as if she would die if she let go. It seemed it would be impossible to pry her off. Her face was buried in his chest. Eventually, she looked up at him. He looked down into her teal eyes in a loving way. They were so beautiful. For the first time that whole day, she looked at him differently. Instead of looking at him annoyed or scared, she looked at him with care and concern with her beautiful eyes. Before Discord knew what he was doing, he leaned in and kissed the mare, and to his surprise, she kissed him back.