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Avid reader, writer, and a blackjack dealer to boot. I love rocks, and steampunk, and mlp :p


Moon Struck, a pegasus who has moved from town to town across Equestria controlling the weather of the night, has found herself in Ponyville. Having decided to find a permanent residence, she has elected Ponyville for its central location among the whole country. But her love of the night, and her dislike of being awake or around during the day will cause strange misunderstandings among her new found friends. She is unsure of what to say, and how to act, as she has never had other ponies around her so often, nopony has ever wanted to be her friend before. Through twists and turns she has found herself befriending Discord, the master of chaos, and Princess Luna, pillar of the night. How will she handle the chaos, the dreams, and worst of all, the sun?

Side note: was going to add Sad tag for some parts of the story, because I haven't yet gotten to the more comedic fun as much yet, but since I can't have both tags, I added Drama instead.

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Twilight taking over Equestria with an army of breakfast foods as Princess Flapjack is my favorite fanfiction dream of all time. (It's fine if you don't get the reference.)

I really want to know that reference now though, it sounds amazing XD

Barroness Flapjack with her pancake crown can be witnessed conquering Equestria in The Third Roommate by Enigmatic Otaku. :pinkiecrazy:

Interesting, I shall have to give it a gander. Not like my list has quite reached never-ending yet lol

The downside is the story is incomplete and hasn't been updated in a very long time. Luna liked exploring the human's dreams, one lasting five seconds of him standing face to face with her and asking why she was dressed as batman. Her response right as he woke up: "I am the night!"

Sadness on lack of updates, but I love the idea of Batman Luna XD

I'm assuming since this is Equestria we are talking about, Batmare would be the proper term.

"No parties!" Cranky shouted. "Now if you'll excuse me, a certain beautiful jenny is waiting for our wonderful night for two." And with that, Cranky strutted off towards home.

I am currently in a grumpy mood, and it cheers me up a little to see someone finally say no to Pinkie Pie wanting excessive parties

I love Discords and moon strucks interactions.

I love writing them. The next chapter will be all the fun to write XD

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