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Sonic X Season 4: The Equestrian Saga - SonicStreak5344

Fan outlook of the 4th Season of Sonic X TV Show.

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Episode 2: Meeting The Locals

Episode 2: Meeting The Locals

Last time on Sonic X! A desperate battle for the 7 Chaos Emeralds was happening as Sonic and his friends tried stop Eggman from using the emeralds for a similar machine that sent them to Earth 9 years ago. But when Sonic got to Eggman's main lab the devious doc put in the last Chaos Emerald into the machine and Sonic was about stop Eggman until one of his robots showed up and tried to blast him. But then without thinking Sonic did the same stunt he did when the machine caused Chaos Control the first time as the robot aimed at both Sonic and Eggman although the 2 got out of the way!

However; the robot damaged the machine and caused Chaos Control again! But this time the Chaos Emeralds mutated Sonic and all of his friends' DNA codes turing them into stallions and ponies sending them to Equestria along with Eggman, his minions, and 7 Chaos Emeralds! When Sonic woke up he met Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle, and Spike at the Ponyville Hospital where Sonic was recovering from Chaos Control. Sonic told them about Chaos Control and Chaos Emeralds and about himself. The 3 became friends with Sonic and he was going to leave the hospital the next day. What's in store for Sonic today and how is he going to adapt to this new world? Find out now on Sonic X!

As Celestia's sun rose into the air starting a new day in Ponyville as everypony started to prepare for the day. At the Ponyville hospital Sonic was in the hospital room he woke up in and snoozing away as morning came. Then he gave a long yawn as he opened his eyes showing him the room lighting up from morning sun rising into the sky. Then Sonic said to himself as he raise his front legs up and stretched. "Man that was a good night sleep. Haven't had any sleep like that since in space."

Then after having breakfast which was very good for Sonic waited for a nurse to come in and take off the hospital gown on him and got checked over to see if he felt okey which he passed with flying colors. Then finally the nurse gave clearance for Sonic to leave because he was at 100% with that Sonic left the hospital as he exited the front door. When Sonic got outside he saw the scenery around him as he exited the building it was beautiful there green pastures with flowers, tree covered forests, a peaceful blue sky, and also friendly natives. For the first time Sonic didn't feel like an alien or outcast, but like a native able to blend in with the civilization.

Sonic chucked to himself. "Heh. Well guess my new look does have some advantages. I can finally blend in with the crowd."

Lucky Sonic knew how to walk on four legs from his Unleashed adventure which wasn't too hard. But somehow Sonic knew how to fly unexpectedly it was like instincts came back. Sonic hoped his speed stayed with him when he changed into a pegasus. He was about to find out as got into running position by bending his forelegs down and keeping his back legs straight.

Sonic looked towards the town which was not far away but was about to blast off like a blue rocket! Then Sonic raced forward and in seconds he blasted off at the speed of sound leaving a bright blue streak behind him! Sonic was pleased with the results and was heading for Ponyville at high speed!

Meanwhile at the Castle of Friendship in the throne room Twilight had gathered her friends together to tell them about Sonic. After telling them about the Chaos Emeralds, Eggman, and Sonic's adventures the girls were surprised especially Rainbow. Dash never heard of some stallion with super speed and from what Twilight was saying Sonic was faster than her and faced many more dangers than they faced.

Then Dash said. "I don't know Twi you think this stallion is a spy?"

The rest of Dash's friends had flat looks and Applejack said. "Dash don't ya say that. You said that the first time when Twi and Spike came to Ponyville when you thought Twilight was working for Nightmare Moon."

Then Dash replied. "Yeah I didn't trust Twilight at that time but I do now. I'm saying is what if he's working for some sort of super villain!"

Then Rarity said to her. "What if he's not working for anyone darling?" Dash was about to say something to her when everyone including Spike and everyone in the town heard loud and sound braking boom!


The sound echoed across Ponyville and even reached as far as Cantalot! Everyone thought it was Rainbow Dash pulling off a another Sonic Rainboom, but it wasn't Dash who broke the sound barrier. As the girls raced outside the castle's front doors they saw something up ahead coming at them at high speeds. It was a bright blue streak and whoever it was they were fast like supersonic fast! Then the streak died down and stopped right in front of Twilight and her friends! But the tailwind blew past them it felt like a hurricane and a tornado combined. After the wind stopped Twilight and her friends found out who made the boom. Standing in front of them and smiling at them was Sonic!

The girls were amazed by Sonic's speed and how he pulled off a Sonic Boom! He wasn't called the Fastest Thing Alive on Möbius for no reason. Sonic looked at Twilight and with a smile he said. "Hay Twilight morning."

Then Twilight responded back to him saying. "Sonic? Did you just do that?!"

Sonic nodded and said. "Yep pulled off a sonic boom Twilight."

The rest of girls came over to Sonic as they asked him questions while Dash who was upset because now there was a new speeder in town wanted to challenge Sonic to a race! Dash hated being slow and now that Sonic was here they just forget about her! Well Sonic does showoff sometimes, but when things get serious Sonic is on the job.

Then Rarity saw Sonic's mane and she was shocked to see a stallion's mane so wild and blue. But Rarity noticed the mane looked natural with spiky curves and it made the mane look like quills on a hedgehog. Then she said to him. "My stars darling you sure have a wild mane that's so blue."

Sonic then said back to her with a confused look. "Uh thanks for the compliment I guess."

Then Shining and Cadence came out of Twilight's home after hearing the sonic boom. Lucky the loud boom it didn't wake up Flurry Heart. Then Shining called out to Sonic. "Hey Sonic great to see your ok!"

Sonic saw the white unicorn stallion he met yesterday with a pinkish mare and was an Alicorn like Twilight but older as walked up to the duo. Then Sonic replied back to Shining. "Yeah I'm back at 100%. Um who's…"

Shining looked at Cadence and realized what was Sonic trying to say. Then he gave Sonic an answer. "Sonic this is Cadence my wife. She's is Princess Celestia's nice and was Twilight's foalsiter."

Sonic had a blank look for a second then shook his head and said. "Wait Shining are your saying your married?!"

Shining nodded and replied back to him. "Yep. We also have a daughter too."

Sonic couldn't believe his eyes Shining was married to a princess and is already a dad! Sonic was really surprised about this new information and figured out that it would make Twilight an aunt. But then Shining looked above Sonic and saw a certain sky blue rainbow maned pegasus looking at Sonic angrily.

Then Shining said to Sonic. "Uh Sonic there is somepony behind you."

Sonic turned around and came face to face with an angry Rainbow Dash. Sonic looked at her facial expression and knew she was steamed up about something. Then Dash said to him. "So you think your fast huh. Sorry to burst your bubble, but around here I'm the fastest thing in Equestria. I'm sure you can't be faster than me! Not even you can't perform a Sonic Rainboom!"

Sonic then replied back to the sky blue coat pony with a smirk knowing where this was going. "Oh and you think your faster than me huh? And I'm guessing you want to prove who's faster then. I'm I right?"

Dash grinned at Sonic and said. "That's right! Tomorrow morning at 7 where the Running of the Leaves is held. The course will go through the Everfree Forest, the halfway point is the castle of the Royal Sisters, from there we back to Ponyville, and finish line is here at the Castle of Friendship. We'll see who's the Fastest Thing Alive on Terra if you got what it takes to beat me."

Twilight and the others were shocked Dash was challenging a stallion they never met before to a race! They wondered if Sonic was going to say something to her. Then finally Sonic said with smile. "Ok I'd accept your challenge."

Dash's eyes grew wide and looked at Sonic like he was crazy! He was actually going to race her in a one on one race to see who's the fastest! Then Rainbow said in shock and surprise. "You will!!! I thought you back out not accept it!"

Then Sonic said to her. "Well here's the thing Speed is my game."

Then Rainbow asked. "What does that suppose to mean?"

Then Sonic replied to her with a smile. "You'll see tomorrow morning."

Dash growled and in a rainbow streak she flew to her cloud house. Sonic watched her leave as he wondered what was she so upset about. Also somehow Dash reminded Sonic of himself. Then Sonic looked at Twilight and said. "Hey Twilight do you know what's up with her? She was acting like she was wanting to be noticed."

Then Twilight figured out why Dash challenged Sonic to the race in the first place. Dash thought everyone just forgot about her when Sonic did his Sonic Boom and it hurt her pride in the process. Then she said to Sonic. "I think I know why she challenged you Sonic."

Sonic looked at Twilight and said. "Really what is it?"

Then Twilight said. "Well since Rainbow is one of the fastest ponies alive here in Equestria I guess she didn't take competition seriously. But when you got here and did your Sonic Boom I think everypony would just forget about her."

Sonic nodded in understanding being the fastest Thing Alive on a another world would be one thing, but losing that title to someone new that was faster and no one ever met before. But Sonic never gone up against someone that was equally as fast like himself in a long time. The only one he knew that could keep up with him was Metal Sonic a robot double of himself that Eggman built a long time ago. Eggman scrapped Metal sometime later after he backstabbed his creator a few times.

Then Sonic said to Twilight. "So Dash thinks that all of you would just abandon her if she loses the race?"

Twilight and her friends nodded in reply and Sonic knew that they still be friends with Rainbow no matter what win or lose. Sonic was about say something when he heard screaming! Sonic whirled around and saw ponies and stallions of the town running from something or someone. Then he asked Twilight. "Uh Twilight what's going on?!"

But before Twilight could say anything they heard a low rumble. Then everyone felt the ground shake as footsteps came from sound of the steps whoever or whatever it was had to be huge! Then from town square they saw a huge robot it had capsules like tanks on its chest. Twilight and her friends were shocked while Shining wasn't in shock he had scowling look on his face as they watch the robot capture stallions and ponies! The robot put the captured ponies and stallions into the capsules as the tops of them opened and the machine dropped them in the capsules it closed trapping them inside. Sonic who was watching had a determined smile look on his face. The robot didn't look like one of Eggman's robots, but this one was built by someone else for capturing purposes. Sonic was use to this kind of thing everyday and somehow Equestria was just like Möbius only with colorful ponies and stallions. Now Sonic knew it was time to get to work and do what he does best of all. Save the day and smash some evil robots!

Then Sonic said to Twilight, Spike, Twilight's friends, and Shining and Cadence. "You guys stay here! I'll handle that robot!"

Twilight was shocked at what Sonic said and knew the robot was huge! But before Twilight could say anything to him Sonic raced off for the robot in a bright blue streak with amazing speed! Then Twilight yelled to him. "Sonic wait!"

But Sonic already there and was still smiling at the robot as it saw him coming as it raised its right fist and sent at Sonic! Then Twilight, Spike, Twilight's friends, and Shining and Cadence yelled at him! "Sonic watch out!"

But then Sonic used his new back legs to break and slowed down and then jumped into the air missing the fist by seconds! Then Sonic opened his new wings and flew into the air heading for the capsules! The robot saw Sonic coming for the capsules and tried to knock him out of the sky!

But Sonic flew around the robot as it tried to keep up with Sonic's speed! Then Sonic flew up to its face with a smirk and said. "Hey tin brain. You can't catch me!"

Then in a bright blue steak Sonic disappeared from sight and that took the robot by surprise and looked left and right trying to find him! But it didn't know Sonic was below it freeing the captured ponies and stallions! Sonic then rolled head over heels and turned into a high speed spinning ball and headed for the capsules! Sonic started smashing the glass capsules with his Spin Dash in bright blue streak freeing the ponies and stallions that were captured by the robot.

Then pegasus stallions and ponies flew up after seeing an opening to rescue the now free captives and they were brought to the ground and were gotten to safety. When the robot looked down to check on it's captives it saw that all of the capsules were broken open by something or someone. Then it heard Sonic's voice behind it. "Yo crone dome. I'm right behind you."

The robot turned around to see Sonic smiling mischievously at the robot. The robot had enough of Sonic and he was make a complete fool of the robot. Then Sonic landed on the robot's left arm still smiling at the robot and he was about to do a little stunt called slap on the wrist.

Sonic then closed his left eye and pulled down on his skin below his right eye and spit his tongue at the robot. That made the robot very mad so mad it didn't know what it was doing as it raised its right arm up to smash Sonic. Then it swung down at Sonic who was taunting it, but he jumped up and out of the way of the arm. Although the robot didn't hit Sonic, but it did hit its own left arm which broke off into pieces.

Then Sonic yelled to robot below as he was still going up into the air from his jump. "Bye!"

The robot had just about enough humiliation from Sonic as missiles came out from its back heading for Sonic. As the missiles got closer to Sonic he flew higher into the sky and the missiles hit each other creating a smokescreen! The robot thought it got Sonic with its missiles, but it was wrong when Sonic came out of the smoke in a Spin Dash heading straight for the robot. In the spinning ball Sonic was chuckling as he got closer to the bot. The robot tried to hit him until Sonic smashed through its head leaving a gaping hole on the top of his head as it sparked from Sonic's Spin Dash and was about to blow sky high!

Then the robot exploded into billions of pieces as a thick cloud of smoke came from the explosion covering the town square as ponies and stallions were shielding their eyes from the blast. As the smoke cleared the citizens of Ponyville saw what remained of the robot it now was a pile of smoldering metal and parts and walking out from the smoke was Sonic. Everyone was in shock including Twilight and her friends they didn't know Sonic was that tough. Now that they saw him in action now they know why he's Möbius' protector. Then Sonic said. "Too easy piece of cake."

All the ponies and stallions were looking at Sonic and they were amazed by Sonic's speed. Then Twilight and her friends came up to him and Twilight said. "Sonic did you just save Ponyville from that metal thing?!"

Sonic nodded and said. "Yep. I did and saving the day is my job after all. Also that metal thing I took down is a robot."

Then Pinkie said. "A robot? Is it like a alien invader?!"

Sonic had a confused look and said. "You can say that in a way Pinkie."

Then out of the crowd of ponies and stallions Ponyville's mayor came to thank Sonic for his brave action. "Thank you for saving Ponyville's citizens."

Sonic blushed sheepishly and said. "Oh it was nothing. Besides I'm always there when trouble starts."

Then Rainbow Dash came to the crowd and landed with her friends and she saw the whole thing and she was impressed big time. Dash wasn't mad at Sonic anymore and from what he showed her was true heroism and helping those that he didn't even know at all. Also she saw Sonic take down the robot. Then she walked up Sonic and said. "Uh Sonic."

Sonic turned around to see her with sorry look on her face. Dash had cooled off after Sonic made that sonic boom earlier and now she was apologizing for her behavior. Then Dash continued. "I'm sorry for being upset with you earlier. I thought you were trying to replace me, but when I saw you save those ponies and stallions. I realized that I'm different from you and I don't have to prove anything to being the fastest."

Sonic then smiled and said to her. "Hey don't be upset about being the fastest. I'm the fastest on my world so that's something to say. But your friends will always be there for you and that will never change. Beside you remind me of myself."

Dash lifted her head up and said. "I remind you of yourself? Are you saying we're the same?!"

Sonic nodded and said. "Yep and tomorrow about the race how about we do it for fun as friends ok."

Dash smiled and nodded back to Sonic and she was about to say something until Pinkie popped out of nowhere and said excitedly. "Ooh! You know what this calls for!"

Sonic then ask her. "Really Pinkie like what?"

Then she pulled out a megaphone from her poofy pink mane and yelled into it. "A WELCOME TO PONYVILLE PARTY!"

Then like magic streamers and balloons along with decorations appeared on the buildings in the square. Sonic was surprised and Dash was right beside him and said. "Heh that's Pinkie Pie for you. She always knows when to throw a party for somepony."

Then they saw a banner that said welcome to Ponyville Sonic. Sonic smiled at this and figured out he was the guest of honor. Then he said to Rainbow. "Well what are we waiting for then lets party!"

Rainbow smiled back and said. "Oh yeah!"

Then the 2 new friends joined the party and Rainbow introduced Sonic to some of their friends who live in town. Sonic was introduced to Applejack's family, Lyra and Bonbon, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and also town's only mailmare Derpy. Sonic asked Rainbow why was Drepy's eyes were messed up and she just said to him. "You don't want to know."

So Sonic left that question for a another day, but then a white flash came and when it went away a familiar reformed god of chaos appeared wearing sunglasses, a hat, and a shirt that had palm trees on it. Yep it was Discord and he just got back to the beach. Then he said. "Hello everypony I'm back from…"

Then Discord took his sunglasses off and saw the party and remains of the robot that Sonic destroyed. Then saw Fluttershy and floated up to her and asked her. "Um Fluttershy what happened here?"

Then Fluttershy said with glee and happy that Discord was back. "Oh well welcoming a new friend to town and he's from another world. He also saved the town from being destroyed by that robot."

Then Discord said. "You mean like a victory party? Okay, but who saved the town then and what is his or her name?"

Then a cup of chocolate milk appeared in his lion paw hand and he started drinking it. Discord was thirsty from his trip from the beach. He was also curious about the whole event that happened in town while he was gone.

Then Fluttershy said to him. "His name is Sonic The Hedgehog. He's a hero from a another planet called Möbius."

Discord's eyes shot open with surprise and unexpectedly spit the chocolate milk he was drinking. The chocolate milk was sprayed all over Trixie who was talking to some of their changeling friends. After all milk was gone Discord said. "Are you telling me that we have extraterrestrial from a another planet here in Ponyville!"

Fluttershy nodded in reply and pointed to Sonic who was with Rainbow having fun. Then Discord floated over to the duo as they danced away. Sonic and Rainbow were walking down to the table where the food was and Sonic said. "Man I never had a party like this before Dash!"

Rainbow smiled and said. "Yeah Pinkie is the pony to find when it come to parties."

Then they heard a male voice behind them. "Well I'll say she's a natural at throwing parties."

Then Discord appeared between Sonic and Rainbow as he wanted to meet Sonic. Then Sonic said to Dash with a confused tone. "Um Dash. Who's the dragon like combination?"

Then Dash sighed and said. "Sonic meet Discord a reformed enemy of ours and he's a good friend."

Sonic held up his right foreleg and said to Discord. "Um nice to meet you Discord."

Discord used his lion paw hand to shake Sonic's right leg then he looked at Sonic with curiosity. Then Discord said to Sonic as he let go of Sonic's right foreleg. "Well I seen different Pegasi with different style manes, but yours my blue friend is one I've never seen before. So your from a another planet?"

Sonic nodded and replied to Discord's question. "Yeah that's right. I'm from Planet Möbius."

Discord put his lion paw hand to his chin and said. "I've never heard of that Planet before. Hm the universe sure has mysteries we never discovered about."

Sonic looked at Dash with a confused look and she just gave Sonic a sheepish shrug. Discord was a mystery that's for sure and Twilight and her friends except for Fluttershy can figure him out. So Sonic decided to leave that question unanswered.

Hours Later

Hours later the party ended and everyone was heading home since it was getting late and night was coming. Sonic asked if he could crash at Twilight's place for a while. Twilight agreed to the idea and Sonic was walking with her along with Spike, Shining, and Cadence heading for her home. Then Sonic said. "I can't wait for the race with Rainbow tomorrow!"

Then Shining looked back at him and said. "From what I heard Rainbow Dash has gained a lot of respect for you Sonic. Now you 2 are friends and you saved the town from that robot. Wow that's one way to start off your first day in Ponyville."

Sonic then replied to the white stallion. "Yeah it's been a busy day today. By the way Shining can you do me a favor?"

Shining nodded in reply and was listening to what Sonic wanted to say. Then Sonic said. "Well think you can help me train tomorrow. I'm going to get some training in before the race so I'll be ready for Dash tomorrow. I'm asking if you can help track my time."

Shining smiled and said. "Sure thing Sonic. What time you want to wake up at?"

Sonic thought for a moment and then he said. "How about 5:30 in the morning? Sounds good?"

Shining nodded in agreement and said. "You got it Sonic 5:30 AM then."

Sonic nodded in agreement and then they saw Twilight's place up ahead and Twilight opened the front doors with her magic. Sonic saw the inside of Twilight's castle for the first time and was impressed by the inside. Then Twilight lead Sonic to his room as they walked upstairs. Spike told Sonic where the bathroom was along with the library, throne room, and the dining room. Then Shining and Cadence went their room where Flurry Heart was sleeping and Spike lead Sonic to his room.

When the trio got to the door of Sonic's new room Spike said. "Well Sonic here's your room."

Spike opened the door and Sonic and Twilight walked inside and looked around. The room had a medium amount of space enough for Sonic to do his stretches. Then Sonic looked at Twilight and said. "Thanks for giving me place to stay for a while Twilight."

Twilight looked at Sonic and smiled and replied. "Your welcome Sonic. Besides you got a big day tomorrow."

Sonic nodded and said. "Well see you 2 in the morning then."

Twilight nodded and walked towards the door and said to Sonic. "Good night Sonic."

Sonic then replied back to Twilight. "Good night Twilight and you too Spike."

Spike smiled at that and as Twilight left the room Spike shut the door and room was dark with only a lamp for light. Sonic yawned and walked towards his new bed and laid down on the bed then pulled the covers up and then turned the light off and went to sleep. But in Sonic's mind he was wondering about where that robot came from and why was it doing on Terra. Sonic thought to himself. 'I wonder why that robot was capturing civilians? Did someone sent it here? But who built it and where did it come from?'

Location: Planet Earth: Area 99

Meanwhile on Earth things had changed much since Sonic and his friends left. Area 99 for instance was updated with advanced technology and became a rocket launch site. Also the government was nearly done completing a new Space Colony Ark which is called Space Colony Ark 2. The new Space Colony Ark 2 was a space station, research lab, and a spaceship for the new crew.

Inside the base in the lab scientists were watching a video feed from a robot prob they sent to a another dimension and it came from the same robot that Sonic destroyed! The video showed what the robot saw as it fought Sonic and made it mess up when it tried to smash him. The piece of footage it got was when it was looking at the sky when the missiles hit each other and then it saw Sonic coming at the robot's head in his Spin Dash he did on it. When Sonic hit the robot the screen went static when Sonic smashed through the robot's head.

Then one of the scientists said. "Wow that native has got some amazing combat skills and its speed it was like nothing we ever seen."

Then a another scientist said. "Yeah so much for the robot. That local trashed it."

Then a man walked into the lab and saw the group of scientists and one of the scientists saw the man and straighten up and said in surprise. "Commander! We weren't expecting you!"

The Commander replied to the scientist and said. "It's okey I know you taken by surprise. I came here to see how the progress of the prob we sent to that other dimension is going."

Then the first scientist said. "Well commander we have footage from the prob, but there is something else."

The commander was confused and said. "What do you mean something else doc?"

Then the scientist said. "The prob found a habitable planet just like Earth. The dominant species on the planet are equines and 2 other members of the race are from myth and legend like pegasus and unicorns both male and female. The prob was collecting living specimens to bring back with it, but it got destroyed by one of the natives."

The commander then asked. "How did a alien equine native destroyed a highly advanced robot?"

Then the scientist said while motioning the commander to come over. "You have to see this footage for yourself."

The commander walked over and stood next to the scientist watching the footage the prob had. The whole fight was caught on camera showing Sonic taking on the prob. The video ended when Sonic did his Spin Dash on the robot as the screen went black. Then scientists rewinded the footage to a shot of Sonic on the robot's arm.

The commander then said. "So that is the equine responsible for destroying the prob?"

The scientist nodded and said. "Yes sir. From the the footage the equine is a pegasus stallion. His coat is a medium tinted bright blue color, but look at his mane and tail color it's blue. That stallion's mane and tail color reminds of Sonic The Hedgehog."

The commander nodded in agreement and said. "Yes he does have a color similar to Sonic's color. Anyway doc anything on the planet's atmosphere?"

The Scientist then replied. "No sir the prob didn't get a air sample of the planet's atmosphere before it was destroyed."

Then a another scientist said. "Well it's a good thing the Space Colony Ark 2 is going to that planet. I'm sure the scientists who are going on the Ark 2 will have a feild day with those things."

Then a female scientist said. "Yeah I wonder if they are like us?"

Then the Commander said. "How's Ark 2 coming along?"

The head scientist said to commander. "The great news is that the Ark 2 is at 99% complete and should be done by tomorrow sir."

The Commander had a pleased smile and said. "Excellent. Be sure to tell me when it's done tomorrow."

The head scientist saluted the commander and said. "Yes sir!"

Then the Commander left room and the scientist left the room as well. The computer screen was stuck on the shot of Sonic and screen was turned off. Planet Terra was about to make contact with the Human Race for the first time really soon!

Author's Note:

Author's note: The human race has made their appearance. In the next chapter the link between Terra and Earth along with Sonic's long lost past is about to show. I toke the old slap on the wrist idea from Sonic X Season 1 Episode 3: Missilewrist Rampage. Hope you guys like the chapter.

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