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Sonic X Season 4: The Equestrian Saga - SonicStreak5344

Fan outlook of the 4th Season of Sonic X TV Show.

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Episode 1: Entering A New World

Episode 1: Entering a New World

Night a time of peace and quiet, but for a certain blue hedgehog hero trying to stop a mad scientist from taking over the world that's something not quiet! This blue hero is Sonic the Hedgehog the Fastest Thing Alive! Tonight things were going crazy Dr.Eggman a mad scientist bent on taking over Möbius had managed to collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds and was planning to use the Emeralds' power for his evil misdeeds! Not if Sonic and his friends can help it!

Sonic jumped high into the air over the main door that lead into the base! As Sonic landed back on ground robots started to fire at him! Sonic dodged the bullet fire as the robots tried desperately to keep him from stopped Dr.Eggman’s newest plan. Sonic then suddenly stopped as multiple Sneezer robots blocked his way as he jumped over them and did a blue tornado on them as they were sent flying around the room! Then Sonic left the robots in a pile of scarp as they exploded and the scene went white as the title started.

(US Sonic X theme Song Gotta Go Fast starts)

(Intro ends)

Then going back to Sonic the blue hero was dodging missiles and bullets from Eggman robots in a hallway! Then a Egg Fighter fired a missile a heat seeking missile at Sonic who made a sharp left turn to a opened door that lead back outside! The missile turned too and was on Sonic's tail and wasn't going to let Sonic get away!

Sonic groaned as he said to himself, "Man Eggman sure upped his game this time! Well time to give these robots a burn!"

Then Sonic turned around and headed into the building again with the missile on his tail still. Then he saw the robots as the bots saw Sonic coming at them with a missile right behind him. Sonic just smiled and yelled out loud at the robots in front of him, "Hey tin cans heads up!"

Sonic then jumped over the robots as they saw the missile coming at them instead of Sonic! The missile smashed into the robots and made a firey explosion! Sonic managed to get away from the blast before the missile hit the robots.

Sonic raced up the hallways to find Eggman and the Chaos Emeralds as he knew the devious doc would be in his lab. If Eggman was there then Sonic knew that meant the Chaos Emeralds were there too. Sonic hoped it won't end up last Eggman did a stunt like this before. A matter in fact, the same thing happened about 9 months ago when Sonic and his friends including Eggman and his minions were sent to Earth by Chaos Control thanks to one of Eggman's robots that mistakenly fired at the machine that had all the Chaos Emeralds inside.

Sonic busted down robots left and right as he raced up the base to find Eggman. But the whole base was going into lockdown! As large doors closed down the hallways trying to prevent Sonic from reaching Eggman!

Sonic wasn't going to let Eggman get away with his evil plans to rule the world! Not in a million years! Then Sonic jumped into the air and spun into a ball and preformed his famous Spin Dash on the door as he cut through the doors like butter.

Meanwhile in the control room Eggman and his robots were monitoring the activity on the outside of the base and the inside. Then Decoe said, "Dr.Eggman the base is now in 100% lockdown."

Then Becoe said, "I hope the lockdown doors hold against Sonic. He's not gonna let us get away with this plan again."

Then Bokkun looked at Eggman and said with confusion, "Hey uh Dr.Eggman? Why are you doing the same plan that sent us to Earth?"

Eggman growled and said, "Well because it's the only plan I didn't succeed thanks to Sonic!"

Then Eggman's frown turned to a grin and said, "But this time Sonic won't be able to stop me this time! I've already collected all the Chaos Emeralds to power my new energy amplifier mrk 2. Not even Silver, Shadow, or Sonic can do a thing about it! Hohohoho!"

But Eggman spoke too soon as a loud boom came from the door behind him as he stopped laughing and knew who was here now. He turned around to see Sonic smiling at him as usual. Then Eggman said, "Well Sonic is here now…"

But then the doc grinned evilly and said, "But still too late to stop me!"

Then Eggman inserted the last Chaos Emerald into the machine and pushed buttons at a fast pace. After he was done Eggman was holding a cylinder like trigger with a red button on the top and smiling evilly and said to Sonic, "Heh heh heh. You'll never stop me this time Sonic. Ohohoho! All I need to do now is press this little red button and after that my robots will be invincible! Gahahahaha!"

But Sonic replied with his usual cocky personality, "Oh yeah like last time you said that. Things didn't go as planed as you thought it would. Also I'm going grab that button before you can fire up your big hunk of junk."

Eggman wasn't smiling anymore and he was sweating like a dog as he knew it was turning out the same way when they were sent to Earth! Eggman gulped and knew Sonic could pound him like a drum let alone demolish him. He was sure in a pickle big time and now he didn't want to be a punching bag.

But then behind Sonic a another robot that heard the boom came behind Sonic and was waiting for orders from Eggman. When Eggman saw the robot he had a relieved look on his face and said, "Hey…" Then Eggman's evil grin came back and said. "Why don't you give it a try Sonic? If you can that is. FIRE ON THE HEDGEHOG!"

Then robot started to fire at Sonic as he sped around the room dodging the machine fire. While the bot was firing at Sonic Eggman yelled ordering, "Don't let Sonic get away from you!!!!"

Then Sonic blast past Decoe and Becoe and stray bullets went past both Decoe and Becoe's heads by inches as they ducked and Decoe said, "Hey watch where you shooting you pile of circuits! Shoot Sonic not us in the process!"

Then Becoe said with a upset look, "Yeah don't shoot us if want to give us a hint!"

Then Eggman yelled to the robot, "Stop that hedgehog no matter what!"

But Eggman hadn't said that as Sonic landed in front of him and Eggman knew this was gonna end up last time! The robot turned and aimed at Sonic, the machine, and Eggman as its targeting systems locked onto Sonic! It was also locking on to Eggman as well!

Then Eggman yelled in fear, "Ahhhh! No! Wait a minute you bucket brain! Don't shoot!"

But it was too late the bot fired and Sonic jumped and Eggman ducked as the bullets hit the machine. Eggman was glad he wasn't done for and saw he had press the red button and said, "Ha ha! Now Möbius will be mine!"

But it wasn't when he heard a electrical sound as the machine was sparking from the robot's bullet fire. Eggman knew what happens next all to well. They were about to go on a trip to a new world! Then he yelled at the robot with fear, "Look at what you done now you lousy scrap brain!!!"

The machine started to glow white as Chaos Control started to begin as the room started to glow white as the occupants including Sonic knew what was about happen. Then the white grew and consumed the room then beams of light leaked out of the base as Sonic's friends saw the light and knew it was Chaos Control! Then a giant white dome started to form as it spread out catching all of Sonic's friends as it grew and grew in miles! Then everything went white from Chaos Control.

Meanwhile in a another dimension on Planet Terra in a country called Equestria and in the town of Ponyville the Main 6 were relaxing at the Ponyville Spa. This group saved their world from dangers that threatened the balance of the world and they having a relaxing day off. The girls were sitting in the hot tub talking about somepony visiting.

Spike who was in there with them was talking to Twilight about Cadence and Shining Armor. Cadence was Twilight's former foalsiter and now is her Sister in law and Shining Armor is Twilight's older brother and they have a Alicorn foal daughter named Flurry Heart and is Twilight's new niece. The reason why Spike was asking about them was because they were coming to visit them.

Then Twilight said to Spike. "I don't know Spike. Shining wrote to me that they're going be here later today. I can't wait to be with my BBBFF again."

Then Spike nodded and said with understanding. "Yeah we all haven't seen your brother in a long time. Besides I'm sure he'll be happy to see you again as well."

Then Rainbow said with a smile. "Yeah come on Twi I'm sure your brother will be happy to see you too."

Then Applejack agreed and said. "Well I think your gonna do fine Twilight. You and your bother are very all close. It's just like Big Macintosh and me. I can understand the felling."

Then Twilight smiled and was happy to know her friends were by her side including Spike. Then she got up from the hot tub and told the rest of her friends she was going to head home and clean up. Spike went with her back to the Castle of Friendship Twilight's home.

About 30 minutes later Twilight and Spike clean the castle as it was cleaned and straightened up so it would look good. Twilight had a checklist of the chores that had to be done before Shining and his family would be here! Spike and Twilight already completed almost all of the chores and the only one chore left was to clean the library. Which Twilight can do easily as she made her way to the royal library and saw that Spike was putting books up into their proper shelves. Twilight's horn then glowed as all the books floated up to their correct shelves.

In no time the books were in their correct places and just in time too. Then the lavender Alicorn and the purple green spiked baby dragon heard knocking on the front door. Then she yelled out loud. "Coming!"

Then she teleported to the door and opened it to see Shining and his family waiting for her to open the door. Flurry was riding on Shining's back and her face lit up as she saw Twilight. The little light pinkish Alicorn flew off Shining's back and hugged Twilight and she can tell Flurry was really happy to see her. Then Shining said. "Hay sis you got done fast."

Twilight smiled and said. "You know me. I'm the organized one in the family."

Then Cadence said with a smile. "Yep you sure got it from your mom."

Twilight blushed and knew Cadence was right. Twilight got her organized way from her Mom who is Twilight Valet. Twilight's mom was always organized. That was so true for Twi and she liked being who she is.

Then the group entered the building Twilight was hoping this vist wouldn't go out of control like the previous ones. But this time this vist was going to get strange! Let's just say worlds collided and Equestria is about to get a new protector too!

Meanwhile up in the higher floors of the castle Spike was walking down to the front door to see Twilight. Spike was about to pass the throne room when he saw a brief white flash coming from behind the throne room's main door! Spike knew something was in the throne room! Spike raced to the door and opened the door as it came open and he looked around to see anything different. The room looked the same nothing out of the ordinary. But then Spike looked down at the floor laying in front of the Crystal Map and unconscious was a pegasus stallion that Spike never saw in his life! The stallion had medium tinted bright blue coat with a dark blue wild spiky tail and mane and his flank had a blue fireball cutie mark. Spike thought to himself with shock as he looked at the mark. 'Whoa! I never seen a cool Cutie Mark like that one before! Who is this Stallion?! I got to get Twilight she'll know what to do! Maybe we might have to get him to the hospital!'

With that Spike raced for downstairs like a rocket to find Twilight! But he didn't notice the stallion was trying to wake up, but it was no good. But the stallion stayed knocked out and sprawled over the floor.

Back downstairs Twilight and Shining were playing with Flurry Heart when they heard Spike running like no tomorrow! Spike ran down the stairs like crazy with a worried look on his face. Then the little dragon came to a complete stop in and was gasping for air after the fast run. Spike never went that fast in a while. Then Shining, Cadence, and Twilight said together. "Spike?"

Then Spike perked up and quickly ran to Twi leaving an puff of smoke where he was and said something too fast for to understand for Twilight! "ThereisaPegasusStallioninthethroneroomandheisunconscious!!!!!"

Then Twilight said to him trying to calm him down. "Spike slow down. What did you say? We didn't understand what you said because you were talking too fast."

Spike realized this and said. "Oh! Heh guess I should tell you slower this time. Ok I was just going by the throne room earlier when I saw a faint white flash coming from behind the door to the throne room. But when I opened the door I saw pegasus stallion I never seen before!"

The group looked at each other and knew something was wrong and with no hesitation Twilight darted for the throne room. Then Spike, Shining, Cadence, and Flurry who was flying went after her. Twilight had a worried look on her face and knew things could be had right about now.

Then after getting to the doors of the throne room Twilight opened them to find the stallion that Spike found. Twilight knew this stallion was knocked out cold from something and if that brief white flash Spike saw was connected to this stallion. Twilight knew he should be taken to the Ponyville Hospital so he can get medical attention.

Shining was surprised he haven't seen a stallion like the one that was in front of them. He had a wild spiky mane and it was blue. But the stallion's cutie mark on the stallion's flank caught Shining's attention. It was a blue fireball and had a feeling of speed!

Then Twilight said to Spike. "I never seen a stallion like him before, but right now let's get him to the hospital! Then ask questions later!"

Spike nodded in reply and Twilight looked at the stallion and her horn started to glow in a magenta aura. Then the stallion started to float into the air in an magenta glow and the group raced out of the room and headed for the hospital. Cadence and Flurry stayed behind in the castle while Shining, Twilight, and Spike took the stallion to the hospital. Shining was right behind the stallion as he floated in the air by Twilight's magic and somehow Shining thought he seen this stallion long ago around when Twilight was a filly.

An hour Later

Darkness. Nothing but complete darkness as Sonic started to wake up from Chaos Control. He felt something soft and something covering his body a blanket maybe and below that was a gown. Also he heard beeping next to him and 3 voices that sounded like 2 males and 1 female, but the voices were muffled and he couldn't hear them right.

Then he started to open his eyes as he saw 3 figures looking at him and were in a room. But his sight was too blurry to see properly Sonic could only make out colors and blurry shapes. Then he heard one of the figures talk. "Hey Twilight he's finally waking up!"

Sonic closed his eyes again then opened them again as they started to regain focus on the beings. Also his hearing was starting to get better and heard a the female voice this time. "I wonder who he is? I never seen a pegasus stallion like him before."

That left Sonic confused as he thought to himself. 'Wait? Did she say pegasus stallion that can't be right? I'm a hedgehog not a mythical winged horse.

Then Sonic close his eyes one more time and opened them again and this time Sonic's sight came back crystal clear. Sonic found out who was in front of him and were Twilight, Shining, and Spike waiting for him to wake up. Also he landed in hospital too! Then Shining said. "Hey he's awake!"

Sonic's new face had a blank look for a second then turned into a surprised look as his eyes shrunk and he whirled his head left and right in confusion and fright. At first Sonic was about to panic until he remembered he had visitors who were a bit confused at Sonic's actions. Sonic regained his cool and calmed down as he looked at the trio in front of him. Sonic did figure out he was in a bed, but it was a hospital bed and looked outside to see the sun was coming down too. Then Twilight spoke to him. "Are you ok sir?"

Sonic's mouth dropped and stayed open and he was shocked to hear a talking female unicorn speak to him! Then he replied back. "Did…you just talk to me?"

Twilight had a confused look on her face and nodded back in reply. Then she said to Sonic. "Yeah I did talk to you. Are you ok?"

Sonic shook his head and realized that this was real! He was talking to a white unicorn stallion, female lavender Pegacorn, and a young purple with green spined dragon! Then he said. "Yeah I'm fine. Were you 3 keeping an eye on me?"

Spike then said with relief. "Yeah we brought to you to the Ponyville hospital after I found you in the throne room."

Sonic then said back to Spike with a confused look. "Ponyville? Hmm…never heard of it."

Then Shining, Twilight, and Spike looked at each other with confused looks and Sonic noticed they were now confused. Then Shining said. "You never heard of Ponyville before?"

Sonic shook his head in reply and Twilight said to him with a smile. "Anyway we're glad to see your ok. I'm Twilight Sparkle. Princess of Friendship. The stallion beside me is Shining Armor my older brother and ruler of the Crystal Empire."

Then they heard a 'ahem' and Twilight looked at Spike who was waiting to introduce to Sonic. Then with a sheepish smile Twilight said to Sonic. "Oh and the baby dragon beside me is my number one assistant and adopted little brother Spike."

Spike held his chest high with pride and was happy to be introduced to Sonic. Although they don't know Sonic's name yet. Sonic smiled at the trio they were all family and they got along well with each other. Then Spike said to the blue hero. "So what's your name?"

Then Sonic smiled and said with a grin. "Heh. I'm Sonic. Sonic The Hedgehog."

That left Twilight, Shining, and Spike with confused looks and were stuck at the word hedgehog. Then Shining said with a concerned look. "Uh Sonic… sorry burst your bubble, but your not a hedgehog your a pegasus stallion."

Now it was Sonic's turn to be confused but he chuckled and thought it was just a joke. "Heh sorry guys did you say stallion? That can't be right. I'm a hedgehog."

The trio looked at each other and Twilight whispered something to Spike and with a nod he ran off and out of the hospital room. Then a minute later Spike came back through the door and was carrying a small mirror and walked to Twilight as her horn lit up in her magic as the mirror lifted off from Spike's hands.

Sonic was surprised he may have seen many crazy things in the past. But a Alicorn pony using magic was new to him and it made him remind him of Silver's abilities. Then the mirror levitated to Sonic's right side and Twilight said to him. "Ok Sonic. Tell me what you see in the mirror."

Sonic sighed knew they won't let it go any reason. Then he decided to prove them wrong. Sonic looked at Twilight and said to her. "Ok I'll do it Twilight."

Sonic turned to his head to the right hopping to see his old cool looking face. But what he saw in the mirror's reflection wasn't his old hedgehog self but a medium tinted bright blue coated and a wild blue colored maned and green eyed stallion staring back at him. Also in his reflection Sonic was wearing sea green hospital gown on his body. Sonic shook his head thinking this was just a prank, but unfortunately it wasn't for him! When Sonic looked at his hands and realized his weren't hands anymore they were medium tinted bright blue coated forelegs and then pushed the covers on the bed down and saw a wild blue tail and 2 backlegs in the same medium tinted bright blue coat color. Then he pulled up his gown and saw one pair of wings one on his right side and left side. Sonic pulled the gown back down so he won't mess it up.

Sonic was in shock his arms, hands, gloves, running shoes, his peach skin, and his hedgehog self was replaced by a blue pegasus stallion! At first Sonic was about to panic but kept his cool. But in his mind Sonic was super confused and shocked on how he became a pegasus. Sonic looked back at Twilight, Shining, and Spike with a 'see what I mean' look on their faces. Then Shining said. "Now you believe us Sonic?"

Sonic nodded in reply but then he said. "I do now but this can't be right! I'm supposed to be a blue hedgehog not a blue pegasus stallion!"

Then Spike said with confused look and wondering what he meant. "Wait what do you mean your supposed to be a blue hedgehog Sonic?"

Sonic then realized something as he thought to himself as he was gathering his thoughts together. 'Wait if I'm in a another world now. Then the only way how I got here is Chaos Control! It must of happened with that robot shot the machine that had all the Chaos Emeralds. Did it also mutate my DNA during Chaos Control too?'

Sonic looked at Shining, Twilight, and Spike who were waiting for an answer. Sonic knew if they can help maybe they can figure why he's a pegasus stallion now. Sonic made a big sigh and thought to himself. 'Well guess I'll have to tell them then. Even if they think I'm nuts.'

Then Sonic said to them with concerned look. "I'm not from around here."

That left Twilight, Shining, and Spike more confused than before. Then Sonic continued saying. "I'm from a another planet called Möbius and I'm its protector. On Möbius I'm a high speed running blue hedgehog who fights a mad scientist who builds robot armies from taking over the world."

That left Shining and Twilight in shock while it left Spike in amazement then he said. "Sonic are saying your a superhero?!"

Sonic nodded with a smile and said. "Yep. You got it right Spike."

Spike jumped in excitement and was about to say something until Twilight cut him off and said. "So your actually from a another world Sonic! That is amazing but how did you get here anyway Sonic?"

Sonic then said to the lavender Alicorn. "Chaos Control. It happens when all 7 Chaos Emeralds come together and can teleport things across a planet or into a another dimension. Also for me this happened before."

Then Shining said with a shocked and confused look. "Wait Sonic your saying this happened before?!"

Sonic nodded in reply and told them what happened the first time Chaos Control happened sending Sonic, his friends, the Chaos Emeralds, and Dr.Eggman and his minions to planet Earth in a another dimension. Spike, Twilight, and Shining were amazed at the long story as he heard about the adventures Sonic had on Earth and the friends he made on the planet. Also he told them the hard goodbye he made to a close friend he made on Earth and when that same friend came to his world to help stop the Meterex from wiping out all organic lifeforms. Sonic even told them the noble sacrifice that Cosmo made to stop the Meterex's master plan. After the final battle in space Sonic's friend from Earth went back to his world with a little technical genius help from Dr.Eggman to get him home.

Then after Sonic finished his story Shining said with amazement. "Whoa! I guess you had a lot adventures and made a lot of friends Sonic. Saving the world from this Dr.Eggman person and his robots that's a tall order. From sound of things your use to it right?"

Sonic smiled and said. "Yeah. You'll won't believe how many schemes Eggman cooked up to take over the universe even the ones when we got back from space."

Then Spike said to Shining and Twilight. "Um its almost time to go Twilight. Visiting Hour is almost over and it's getting late."

Twilight looked out the window in Sonic's room as the sun was almost gone and the moon was staring to rise. It was almost bed time and to go home. Then Twilight looked at Sonic and said. "Well I guess we'll be heading home."

Sonic then replied back to her. "Wait what about me?"

Shining then spoke up to him and said. "Well Sonic I guess your spending the night here in hospital. But Twilight told your be out of here tomorrow morning. Besides when you get out your going to meet my sister's friends."

Sonic smiled and replied back to Shining. "Well good night you 3."

Then Twilight said to him. "Good night Sonic. See you tomorrow."

So with that Twilight, Shining, and Spike walked for the door and Twilight closed the door with her magic as everypony went home. Shining and his family were going to spend the night at Twilight's place. While Sonic on the other hand pulled the hospital bed's covers up and laid his head down on his pillow as he yawned from the day's events. Sonic knew he had a big day tomorrow a new world to get use to and explore, a new town to explore, and makes some new friends. Then Sonic thought to himself with a smile on his new muzzle. 'Something tells me a new adventure is just starting.' And with that Sonic closed his eyes and fell asleep ready for tomorrow.

What will lay in store for Sonic tomorrow? Will Sonic find his friends and the Chaos Emeralds in Equestria? And what new dangers lay in store for our blue hero? Find out next time on Sonic X!

Author's Note:

Author's note: This story is personal for me because I grew up watching Sonic X on Saturday mornings. I'm hoping one day Sonic X will return to tv with a official 4th Season. There wasn't a lot of action in the first chapter but the next one will. Stay tuned and goodnight!

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