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Twilight Sparkle learned what Celestia was training her for at a young age and she spent every waking moment preparing for it. She was to be used for the purification of Nightmare Moon in order to return Princess Luna to Celestia's side. However on the day, it was all supposed to take place, Celestia was unable to ask for such a sacrifice from Princess Twilight. This fact only hardened Twilight's resolve to reply Celestia for every kindness she had done for her in her short mortal life.

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So the Elements of Harmony never existed here?

I wouldn't say never existed though you wouldn't be incorrect to look at it either way. From my view its more Twilight didn't see them as being more then myth (if she came across them in research) and as she left the day of the summer sun celebration celestial never told her to go to ponyville and she never made the friends. However just simply saying they didn't exist would work perfectly fine as they play no part in my one shot

if you force my hand

Wait wut.

Her main grew longer


This wasn't bad. A little melodramatic and the changes in Twilight could have been explored a little further, but I liked it.


Thank you for the catch with the hand thing, found a few more, they have all been changed to Hoof and the main issue fixed as well, thank you. Like I said before first mlp fiction and it was intended as a short one-shot. Somethings were not explored as much as they could have (like HOW specificly Twilight's and Shiny's parents died) and were left purposefully empty ended, and as for exploring Twilights different personality more fully, same things kind apply, I was trying to keep it short but descriptive enough to follow. And perhaps I will be tempted to flush this whole thing out into a longer story.

Being Celestia’s student came at a cost two, though not one she would discover until she turned thirteen years old.


Lovely story, made my eyes a bit moist. :fluttershyouch:

Goddamn it made me cry, well done good sir well done

Fixed thank you. And glad it made your eyes mist, it was suppose to lol.

Well it made me cry typing it. So no judgement lol. Glad you enjoyed it.

You bastard you heart stabbing bastard

I hope that is translated as "I hate you so much for making me love this tragedy?"

sequel please... this could of been way longer being eater Twilight goes to a different plane of existence outside of life an d death and gets reborn as an alicorn OR eplains how everyone deals with the aftermath of it all along with the funeral

It is actually in the works tossing ideas around for one of my friends for a over a year now. I write for other fandoms as well. So no really promise on a release date. We have thoughts on Twilight being reborn, or rather her spirit being moved to the Equestria girls universe and meeting Sunset. But as I said. Ideas being tossed around. That's just the most concrete. Regardless if we do make a sequel there will be the funeral and reactions.

this is really good, there is nothing better than a story of Ultimate Sacrifice to protect what you care for most.

though I feel that Twilight asking for being a constellation felt a bit off but that just me, I personally feel luna doing it to repay twilights sacrifice would have fit better.

I would like more stories from you.


Sacrifices must be made indeed.


I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) sadly no promises on more.

Yeah well. I followed the rule of I had to get it to the point where I as the author cried writing it. Before I was happy with it. So sorry if it's mean but I'm glad it made you cry. That was the point :)

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