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And a Sky Full of Stars - Amber Spark

With her wife stolen away and the world’s magic fading, Sunset must hunt down the monster ripping the power from her beloved to murder the very stars themselves. Because if the stars die… her world will soon follow.

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Epilogue: The Furthest Horizon

As the stars shone in the crisp blue sky, once more flooding the world with renewed magic, the unicorn named Twilight Sparkle stepped off the royal skychariot and onto the springy grass. Sunset and Twilight joined her, breathing the heady scent of a world alive.

Three sunrises had graced the eastern horizon since that dark night. The one thing Sunset was most delighted of—aside from the restoration of her wife—was their kingdom had fared far better than they had feared. While panic had gripped their citizens, the two Princesses had chosen their subordinates well. Raven’s wisdom and the provincial leaders had calmed the populace of their lands. Little lasting harm would come from the night the stars had nearly died, save for nightmares.

And those would fade in time.

It had been Twilight who had decided to grant her unicorn counterpart a single boon. Not for her acts—for they indeed had been terrible—but out of compassion. Yet another reason why Sunset adored the alicorn who had agreed to share her life with her.

The other Twilight hadn’t hesitated. She had asked for a single thing.

There had been no reason to refuse it.

With a nod from Sunset, the Royal Guards departed. Philomena and Faerana both gave little waves with their wings, each of them still recovering after renewing their Cycles. They hadn’t been pleased, being asked to stay behind, but they did as requested. For once.

The unicorn didn’t even notice. She just shuffled her hooves against the dew-sprinkled grass. The Princess of the Dawn and the Princess of the Dusk flanked her on either side. The unicorn wore no chains. None were needed. Only a small ring around her horn prevented her from wielding her magic.

The unicorn Twilight was thin, haggard and worn. Her head was bowed and her shoulders slumped.

Sunset had never seen a more beaten-looking pony in all her long years.

The grassy field was simple and quiet. There were a few scorch marks in the ground. And in the very center of the clearing lay a small withered statue of a pony, lying on her side.

The unicorn didn’t rush up to the statue. She plodded along slowly toward the figure, as if she were walking to her own execution. In a way… it was an apt analogy.

Save for one detail.

This Twilight Sparkle had already died.

She died when she and her marefriend—a unicorn who shared a name with the Princess of the Dawn—had pursued a monster known as Tirek into this world. She died when she was forced to watch Tirek drain Sunset of every bit of magic… consuming even the very magic of life until there was nothing left but a cold stone statue.

Tirek was now beyond their reach. Justice for him would have to come at the hooves of another. The Emergence would be over in hours and once again, their world would be safe from interference for another century.

And this young Twilight would be stuck here for the rest of her days with only memories of pain and horror.

The unicorn fell beside the body of the pony she’d loved. She didn’t cry. She stared at her face and gently stroked a hardened cheek.

Twilight sidled up to Sunset and Sunset wrapped a wing around her.

“It’s not fair,” Twilight murmured to her wife. “It’s not fair for her. To see us together like this… while hers is nothing more than a stone husk.”

Sunset nodded. There wasn’t much to add. It wasn’t fair.

Twilight gently pulled Sunset away from the grieving unicorn until they were out of earshot, but still within sight. Even then, Sunset doubted the other Twilight noticed.

“Can we do nothing for her?” Twilight whispered.

Sunset felt the Sun itself swell in her heart at the earnest words of her beloved.

“You would have her companion restored, despite what that unicorn did to our world… our people... to you?” Wonder tinged every word Sunset uttered. “We have cleansed her of the taint of that wicked beast’s hunger. That is a gift in and of itself, my love.”

Twilight turned to look at the unicorn. She now lay beside the statue, as still as her counterpart, as if simply waiting for the end to come upon her.

“I…” Twilight licked her lips and took a great breath. “Sunset… if something were to happen to you… if I had been forced to watch… I cannot say how I would act.”

“You would not attempt to destroy an entire world for a moment’s vengeance, Twilight.”

“Maybe… maybe not.” Twilight’s shoulders slumped and her silver regalia seemed to dim. Even the stars in her mane faded as she pondered. “But grief can drive a pony to madness, Sunset. We both know this. I know what you unleashed upon her forces three moons ago. Even now, I can still see it in your eyes, seeking escape… eager to burn.”

Sunset was unable to meet her wife’s gaze. “There is truth in what you say. Wisdom in your words. But to simply pardon her… to forgive her… I do not know if I have that capacity. We were lucky, my dear. So many could have died. If we had not insisted all those years ago that measures be taken to counter arcane failures…”

Twilight lifted a silver-shod hoof to Sunset’s muzzle. “But we did. The Sunmother choose you for a reason, my love. Never forget that. She saw wisdom in you.”

“You are far more wise than I shall ever be,” Sunset replied.

“That is a given,” Twilight said with a twinkle in her eye. “So perhaps you will listen when I ask you to trust me in this. I, more than any, have been wronged by her. She took my stars and my moon. She nearly took my life. Is it not my right to determine her fate?

Sunset was no stranger to battle. She knew when to press an attack, and when to yield.

“What would you have us do then?”

“Restore her beloved.”

Sunset nodded. “I suspected as much, my love. It will require much from her though.”

“She will do it,” Twilight said. “For I know I would, without hesitation.”

“We shall see.”

The two alicorns stepped over to the two prone unicorns, one of flesh and one of stone.

“Twilight Sparkle,” Princess Twilight proclaimed. “After deliberation, We have decided what is to be done with you.”

The unicorn didn’t respond. She just nodded. Her hooves never left the side of the statue beside her.

“It is the judgement of the Princess of the Dusk and the Princess of the Dawn that you are to be exiled from these lands. However, as We have seen what you are capable of alone, you require a keeper. One to watch over you, lest you fall to temptation and seek to recover the spellcraft We have removed from you.”

“Why not just kill me?” the unicorn Twilight asked in an empty voice. “This land and all within it would have been consumed by the void had you not stopped me.”

“Yes, it would have,” Sunset intoned. “That is something you shall live with for the rest of your days. But the dead cannot learn. The dead cannot grow. And the dead… the dead cannot love.”

Finally, two violet eyes looked up at the two Princesses.

Sunset took up position near the head of the stone statue, while Twilight took position near the tail. They took flight in unison and called upon their celestial charges. Both were eager and willing, as a puppy might be upon its master’s return. Shafts of sunlight bathed Sunset while even in the light of day, starlight swirled around Twilight.

For nearly five minutes, they gathered the power required. The sky never denied them. Never refused. They trusted their Princesses, as the Princesses trusted their sky.

“May the light from which all Life blooms restore through the power of the Dawn,” Sunset called, bringing forth the ancient spell.

“May the light from which all magic flows restore through the power of the Dusk,” Twilight called, completing the next portion of the spell.

They both closed their eyes and gently pushed themselves toward one another. As always, each knew exactly where the other was.

And so, they gently touched horns.

Through the vision of the Pact, Sunset could see the result, as she knew Twilight could as well. A beam of light, twisting and swirling with both the power of the sun and stars pierced the heavens. It was so pure and holy that it would make the greatest of prophets fall to the ground and weep. It engulfed the stone unicorn at their hooves.

“Twilight Sparkle,” the Princess of the Dusk called. “You took much from others to gain revenge against the one who stole your beloved. Now, We ask of you… are you willing to give of yourself to restore her?”

Sunset’s eyes opened even in the near-blinding stream of holy radiance.

The unicorn’s eyes were wide despite the brilliance about her. She shook with fear or disbelief. Perhaps both.

With a scream of desperation, she cried, “Yes! Anything! Please!”

Sunset smiled and removed the ring blocking the unicorn’s magic.

In an instant, the young Twilight threw her entire self into the great and intricate spell. Her magic was raw and unfocused, but Sunset and Twilight were used to working with such things. It was but a matter of moments to weave it into the holy power of the combined sun and stars. Rainbow light swirled around them all as the two alicorns allowed the ancient power of Harmony to come forth.

It felt so wonderful to have the magic of life at their command once more.

And so it was that Princess Twilight and Princess Sunset unleashed the very essence of creation itself into the stone unicorn once known as Sunset Shimmer.

A blinding flash of light. A joyous cry of song. A tinkle of moon dust. These things and a thousand more. A moment in time, forever remembered by the three who poured their very souls into the spell.

Mere seconds later, a fourth mind ignited in the fires of friendship, compassion and love.

Twilight and Sunset burst with light.

And then… all was still. The sounds and colors and lights and majesty of their act faded away, leaving little more than a few twisted blades of grass… and a single amber unicorn who was now very much alive.

The unicorn known as Twilight Sparkle threw herself into the hooves of the unicorn known as Sunset Shimmer. Both sobbed and kissed, clutching at each other as if they had no intention of ever letting go.

With a flap of her great wings, Sunset moved up beside Twilight and nuzzled her.

“You were always the better of the two of us, my love.”

“We are better together,” Twilight corrected. “We are always better together. No matter the form.”

Sunset nodded slowly as the two unicorns beneath them laughed and cried in equal measure.

Then she felt it. A surge of power. Of pure magic washing through the world from somewhere far away. Something different. Something unique. It felt like the ancient Harmony power, yet with more love, kindness and friendship than Sunset thought possible. Twilight perked up. She had felt it as well. Even the two unicorns beneath them stopped to look around.

With the sound of arcane winds through crystal, something appeared in the field.

A swirling portal of amber and violet magic.

For a moment, Sunset believed she spied a smiling figure in angelic blue, but the vision was gone in an eyeblink. When she looked once more, only a field of green grass spotted with orange poppies lay beyond the gateway.

Sunset wasn’t sure how she knew, but she knew.

“Their home,” Twilight whispered.

“Something great has happened.” Sunset nodded. “I know not what…”

The two unicorns were staring at the portal. They knew the truth as well.

“My dear… you did sentence them to exile. I confess I cannot think of a more appropriate exile than to send them beyond the divide of worlds.”

Twilight hummed beside her. “You may have a point, my love.”

With that, the two alicorns descended so the two unicorns stood between them and the portal.

“Twilight Sparkle,” the Princess of the Dusk intoned once more, though she could not hold the smile from her lips this time. “We have granted you a boon beyond your request and now would hold you to the rest of your sentence. You are hereby exiled from these lands. In our wisdom, We have decreed the land beyond that gateway is where you are to be.”

The lavender unicorn turned away from the portal and gaped at the two of them, unable to form words. The amber one looked as well and jumped back in fright. Sunset chuckled at her antics.

So very young indeed…

“There is one further condition,” Sunset added with a tiny smile. “We charge Sunset Shimmer to act in accordance with the ideals of Harmony and Love and to assist Twilight Sparkle endure the future, knowing her past. To be at her side whenever she has need and for Twilight Sparkle to do the same unto Sunset Shimmer.”

“We can go home?” the other Twilight asked in a voice that would not have startled a mouse.

“If that happens to be where your home is, young one,” Sunset said in her best attempt at a grave voice—though she was no more successful from keeping the smile from her muzzle than Twilight. “Then so be it. That is not Our concern.”

The unicorn Twilight stared at the two of them. Her expression was impossible to read. Too many emotions flowed across her face. Finally, it ended with tears and a smile.

“Thank you…” she whispered.

Sunset and Twilight dropped the pretense, unable to stop a hint of weeping themselves.

Sunset smiled. “Go with our blessing.”

“And may the Sunmother watch over you both,” Twilight whispered. “Always.”

The other Sunset looked at them with bewilderment, but allowed her Twilight to pull her toward the portal. A moment later, they were through. Sunset caught sight of other ponies rushing to meet them, but before she could get a clear look, the portal shimmered out of existence.

Time passed as the two gazed at the spot where the portal had been.

“I have been thinking, my dear,” Sunset said as her Sun continued its journey across the star-speckled heavens. “Do you recall my words about a Princess never being off-duty?”

“I do, indeed.”

“I am reconsidering. I think it would do Raven well to spend further time as Regent.”

“Is that so?” Twilight quipped. “And then what would the Princess of the Dawn and the Princess of the Dusk do in such an eventuality?”

Sunset smirked. “Whatever we wished. Indeed… perhaps now is a good time to discover just what possibilities exist in being ‘off-duty.’ Would you not agree?”

Twilight’s blush turned the sky just the faintest hint of pink. Or maybe it was Sunset’s blush.

Either way… it didn’t matter.

And then it was just them, two eternal alicorns alone in the grassy field below their blue sky full of stars.

Author's Note:

Theme for And a Sky Full of Stars:

Thank you for reading And A Sky Full of Stars! I do hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into a completely new world of magic, technology, legends and myths.

Retrospective now available! Come find out how the heck I went from slice-of-life and some comedic adventures to a high fantasy thriller!

I know I usually have a Retrospective up at the time of launch, but in this case, it was simply a matter of timing. This weekend, I not only had to do the final edits of this story (including scrapping about 90% of the original Epilogue), but also the second-to-last chapter in SunLight Sliders. Don't worry, I'll have a full breakdown of this story out either later today or tomorrow.

Originally, the ending of this story was going to tie directly into the penultimate battle in SunLight Sliders (written by Oroboro, no less), but after my editors pretty much told me wasn't panning out, I went back in and transformed it into something far more personal and intimate. Princess Sunset still sees a flash of the Ascendant Twilight from that final moment, though. In other words, you should totally go read that story! The final chapter should go live by Monday night!

A very special thanks to Ebon Quill (who has a new story you should totally go read!) and Beltorn for dealing with me slowly rapidly losing my mind under the strain of putting up two stories within forty-eight hours of one another. I'll admit, I got snippy there at the end and they still stuck with me. Even my wife read this entire story in one sitting as I asked her to, though she's not the fastest of readers. She caught so many missing words. So many. :rainbowderp: Little Tinker, as usual, gave me such great quotes and quips I got to slide into the Author's Notes. He's freakin' priceless.

Also, another special thanks to Fahrenheit for his invaluable assistance with crafting the epic Synopsis and Elevator Pitch and Tchernobog for a last minute read-through of this tale.

Finally, a thank you goes out to FanofMostEverything for putting on the Imposing Sovereigns contest. All I had to go on was "Princess Sunset Shimmer: Warrior" and the name of a Babylon 5 episode. That, and since the Manechat Discord recently dubbed me the "Tchernobog of SunLight," I realized I needed a full-blown SunLight story to live up to that title. Hopefully, this does the trick!

I also finally got to show off just a little with writing Sunny as a total badass!

While not connected to the Wavelengths Timeline at all (really, I mean it this time), if you enjoyed this, you may want to check out the tales set in that series. You can find the first story, The Alchemy of Chemistry, right here. If you're in the mood for a little more action (and Philomena) you might enjoy The Cycle of Flame too!

Until next time, this has been Novel Idea. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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Absolutely fantastic! I could feel the love Sunset had for Twilight and the pain of separation so tangibly. Your work continues to entrance me! :twilightsmile:

Ya know, this story was a novel idea. I like it.

Epic stuff all around. Thrilling fights, dire stakes, and a heartwarming ending. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the judging. :twilightsmile:

Huh, that was certainly different. Good, but different. I adore Sunlight, but honestly sometimes it was hard to see the show Sunset and Twilight in these characters. I know, AU and apparently a long time past show canon (so lots of changes), and its not really a complaint, just an observation.

I'm a bit curious about the Emergence- that must be scary, having regular interdimensional invasions from who knows where. Good thing Sunset is ready to go to Tartarus and back for Twilight (and Equestria, but Twilight first).

Hello there. Excellent job on this semi-short story throughout. The action and emotional content were both well done in all the right places (especially with, as was mentioned by other reviewers, the heart-warming wrap-up). Admittedly, I'm not much into same gender pairings (unless they're specifically in the characters' character), but I also have enough respect for very good writing to not let that stop me from enjoying the story.

I'll very definitely be looking forward to more of your work, but I also respect the fact that real-life concerns have to come first.

8035155 ...considering that you're one of the judges, I'm going to take that as a point in my favor. :pinkiehappy:

8035244 That was actually one of my greatest challenges of trying to keep Sunny and Twi in these immortal alicorn princesses. It was a struggle to keep that going. So I definitely understand where you're coming from. Hopefully I kept enough in there, even if Sunny constantly had to revert to "ancient Equestrian" to do it... :scootangel:

...I had no idea where the Emergence came from. Seriously. So much of this was done as Discovery Writing. But it's a crazy idea, huh?

And hell yeah. Sunny would storm the gates of Heaven and Hell alone for Twi. :rainbowderp:

8035376 Then I'm quite happy indeed if the romance wasn't your cup of tea yet the story itself was strong enough to keep you going! Thank you! :twilightsmile:

8035661 You're quite welcome.

My oh my, this is certainly a different tone than what I'm used to. But I liked it. Obviously it being a SunLight story was worth a lot of points on its own in that regard, and Sunny and Twily being alicorn wives in the far future is a subset that I'm specifically interested in. And as always, your writing in superb. An excellent display of Sunlight kicking butt.

8034643 damn you. I hate Chu cause I came here and was about to post the exact same thing but my internet shut off 1 hour before you. Monster

8036055 The tone of this was something I really wanted to capture. I wanted this unique fusion of high-fantasy with Clarke's-Third-Law Technology. This is the first time I've ever intentionally gone purple for the entire story. Heck, there were a couple places where my editors tried to push me into the ultraviolet range! It was a challenge, but I think it was worth it.

But the important part is that you liked it! Especially Sunny kicking flank and not even bothering with the names. :twilightsmile:

8036248 Well I think you definitely succeeded in that respect lol.

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Now if you'll pardon my early departure, I've got a whole new set of stories to read. And also Raven.

8036769 My favorite kind. :twilightsmile:

8036770 Yeah, there's a few bits of comedy here and there (like any scene with that darn firebird), but today's tale is about Action! and Adventure! While it would be nice to win, there are some legends taking the field for this competition, so it's going to be a tough sell. But as I've said before, I never dream small. In the end, it was more important to me that I give the readers a good ride than anything else. Though I'm curious what other kinds of Princess Sunset you've come across!

And maybe stretch myself as an author just a little. :raritywink:

As for SunLight Sliders, you'll be able to read it yourself all too soon! The full story will be wrapping up shortly and then we'll go into a light format edit, get an awesome new cover piece and be released for the world to enjoy right here! So stay tuned for that!

(Psst... read Raven first...)

The story that comes to mind is "Sunset Shimmer is MAD about EVERYTHING" , Justice3442's equal parts hilarious and serious story about how the Season 6 opener would have gone better (well, okay, differently) with newly-minted alicorn Princess Sunset as an attendee. It's good, too, but a lot of the action concerning Sunset is predicated on her not acting like the Princess she just recently became. So I guess this story is great because it takes a look at a fully matured conception of immortal Princess Sunset after a few centuries of rule.

Terribly written. Thumb down.

I have not read anything of yours before. So this was rather blind in style and approach. Shimmer isn't a favorite of mine, but this story does very well. You have a quiet fire, stoked into a raging inferno. A bonfire in the dark that seeks to banish all doubt into a singular certainty of light and purpose.

I think you do this. Rather well, the chapter and pacing felt very consistent. The action you could follow clearly, even hectic and chaotic. The characters felt lifelike and believable. There was no real downside to things I can't wave away as more a stylistic choice on things. And the suspension of disbelief never once got pinged.

Very well done.

Very good story, I loved it!
I'll go see what else you have now:

8036226 Muhahahaha! :pinkiecrazy:

Also, congrats on getting featured... now, back to evil laughter.

8037986 :rainbowlaugh: Thank you kindly! And your cackle amuses me greatly. :moustache:

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I take it in this Celestia & Luna like, did the whole Ancients thing and Ascended ages ago?

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8039927 Actually, in my mind, they were never around in this world. Or maybe Terri the World-Builder (in my brain) just hasn't gotten that far back yet. :trixieshiftright:

8044954 Well, if I remember right there were comments about 'Armor worn by the Sunmother herself' aaaand, I mean, given your Princesses are Dusk and Dawn...well!

“It’s not fair,” Twilight murmured to her wife. “It’s not fair for her. To see us together like this… while hers is nothing more than a stone husk.”

"Well, I could fix that."
"What? You can heal her?"
"Not that, the "together" part. I know several petrification spe--OWW"

...Even now, I can still see it in your eyes, seeking escape… eager to burn.”

"But it's so much fun. The feel of your enemies falling before you like wheat to the scythe! The satisfaction that every slain demon brought was a rush of adrenaline. And you gotta admit, that engine trick was bada--er...uuuhhhh...bad. It was very bad. And...uhhh...I hope I never need to pick up these blades again. Yeah."
"Shut up, Philomena. You liked it too."

Twilight’s blush turned the sky just the faintest hint of pink. Or maybe it was Sunset’s blush.

If they got a black eye, would the sun/moon or some portion of the sky itself turn darker? :pinkiecrazy:
Or if they got sick? :pinkiesick:

Awesome story. Much heavier on the action than your others, but that was the point. The dialogue throughout the whole thing felt a little weird, just because of the extremely formal speech. I suppose I just can't imagine Sunset speaking like that, millennia-old or not, but Celestia kinda talks like that...so I guess that's just a personal issue.

The whole story is riddled with references to random things in the past of this world, but really, the part I want to see the most is the story of Sunset's heel-face turn. That sounds like it would be fun to see. :scootangel:

And we need a Sunset emote on here. This is a serious oversight that needs to be rectified...But what would her expression be...?

Found the name of the thing I was thinking of that was like the "Emergence". The Desolations

Ermagherd I love Evening Star's old pieces.

Part 2 of my look at all the "Imposing Sovereigns: Warrior" fics is up have a review.

8072356 Yay! Thank you so much! I was actually going to ask you about a lot of this, but you nailed almost all of it. I'll make sure to hit you up if/when I decide to come back here. See if it's big enough next time. :duck:

8072393 Ohhhhhh.. YAY! And glad you liked it. This really was an awesome story and would be more then willing to talk about it at any length.

Finished in one sitting.
Needs a bit of editing. Not much, just a touch here and there.
So awesome
Need more like this.

Author Interviewer

Well heck.

I'm not sure I have the slightest idea of anything that happened in this story, save that it was all fucking epic. :D

"But it's so much fun. The feel of your enemies falling before you like wheat to the scythe! The satisfaction that every slain demon brought was a rush of adrenaline. And you gotta admit, that engine trick was bada--er...uuuhhhh...bad. It was very bad. And...uhhh...I hope I never need to pick up these blades again. Yeah."
"Shut up, Philomena. You liked it too."

"Yeah? So what? I don't have to pretend not to. You are so whipped, Sunny."
"She has a point."
"Not helping, Twi."
"Not trying to, Sunny."
Philomena cackles.

The whole story is riddled with references to random things in the past of this world, but really, the part I want to see the most is the story of Sunset's heel-face turn. That sounds like it would be fun to see. :scootangel:

"I'll be back."
"We'll be back."
"We'll be back. But that doesn't have the same ring to it."
"It's still more accurate! And that matters!"

8063624 Damn skippy! The guy's amazing!


I'm not sure I have the slightest idea of anything that happened in this story, save that it was all fucking epic. :D

This could be one of the best comments I've ever received on any of my stories. Ever. :pinkiehappy:


Wait, what do you mean it had nothing to do with Mistborn?

I never said that!

Heh, I write most of the long comments as I am reading, so this was before I got to the end. Or even the battleaxe line. :facehoof:

A few more characters that can banter til the end of days.

And these ones probably will. :trollestia:

Ain't hard to imagine some fun scenarios during the emergen...Wait. Does "The Emergence" have anything to do with your next Sunlight Collab idea?

Cuz that would actually be pretty cool.

Oh, so here's the Harmony wave. I had convinced myself it happened during the fight last chapter at a point where something was speaking to Sunset, but apparently not.

Good story.

This was actually kinda cute (or maybe I just like seeing Sunny be badass) but I think I would have gotten more out of this story if it had been fleshed out a little more int terms of lore- don't get me wrong, Sunny was very badass and her little sun chicken friends are lovely too, but everything happened in a way that felt too fast for proper investment, but just fast enough to still keep things fun.

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