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SunLight Sliders has officially wrapped!

After Sunset brings Sci-Twi’s strange magic-absorbing amulet back to Equestria, Princess Twilight has a brilliant idea that will revolutionize teleportation, dimensional travel and so much more: a device to create portals in space-time at the push of a button!
Who better to test out this fantastic new technology than two of the greatest minds Equestria has to offer?
They probably should have calibrated it better.

To read SunLight Sliders, all you need to do is click the link beside each chapter and it'll automagically bring up the chapter right here in this post!

Don't forget, if you happen to like an author's addition to this epic romp through time and space, go check out their other stories!

1. Novel Idea - Chapter 1 - 5717363
2. NotSoWickedWitch - Chapter 2 - 5723903
3. Tumbleweed - Chapter 3 - 5725083
4. DrakeyC - Chapter 4 - 5727077
5. Fuzzyfurvert - Chapter 5 - 5734098
6. RQK - Chapter 6 - 5736000
7. Marwile - Chapter 7 - 5741583
8. TheNewYorkBrony - Chapter 8 - 5751966
9. Yennefer - Chapter 9 - 5758331
10. Oroboro - Chapter 10 - 5763545
11. OddOneOut - Chapter 11 - 5766384
12. Tchernobog - Chapter 12 - 5769832
13. KalenNighteyes - Chapter 13 - 5773047
14. Idsertian - Chapter 14 - 5786553
15. Ratedoni - Chapter 15 - 5793593
16. Space Jazz - Chapter 16 - 5800224
17. The Albinocorn - Chapter 17 - 5801678
18. CoverArt - Chapter 18 - 5803494
19. SciSetDaily (Comic Chapter) - Chapter 19 - 5819618
20. Dubs Rewatcher - Chapter 20 - 5824876
21. Deathscar - Chapter 21 - 5834835
22. EbonQuill - Chapter 22 - 5841237
23. journcy- Chapter 23 - 5844265
24. X3n0heart - Chapter 24 - 5845057
25. Oroboro Encore - Chapter 25 - 5848965
26. The Albinocorn Encore - Chapter 26 - 5853982
27. Novel Idea Encore - Chapter 27 - 5859375
28. RadiantBeam - Chapter 28: Epilogue - 5864564

RadiantBeam will provide the final denouement!

Your section of the story should be posted in this thread. It will then be linked on this front post for everyone to see and enjoy! After everyone's done, the story will be compiled, edited and tweaked and we'll release it as a full story for the world to enjoy.

The concept is "SunLight Sliders," a shipping story of Sunset and Twilight (of course), with the stipulation of no crossovers with other shows/animes/books/etc except for the MLP comics (of course). In addition, no "normal humans." Equestria Girls world is fine.

Here's the rules:

Each story section must be 500-1500 words. 1500 is the absolute maximum. (not even me... dangit)
Editor's Note: We've decided to change the first and last chapter's maximum word count to 3,000.

Please do not try to influence the current writer with ideas either through forum posts or PMs. Chatting about stuff is fine. Telling authors to do specific things isn't. :twilightsheepish:

It is up to each writer how they want to present their part of the story, although it should make an attempt to flow smoothly. Please do your best to pick up right where the other author left off instead of just jumping ahead to a different scene, be it in the same world or another world. In addition, keep the basic mechanics the same, such as it being Third-Person Limited (not Omniscient).

You will have three full days (72 hours) to write your section of the story before it's passed off to the next author. This is to make sure others aren't waiting around. You will receive daily notifications from me until the prompt is complete as a reminder. You'll have until 11:59 PM Pacific (why Pacific? Because it's easy for me. :moustache:)

There is no outline! Part of the fun is making things up as you go (just remember to keep it within the theme).

Please keep it rated Teen or lower.

Added note in regards to the time limit given per writer:
Say it's your turn, and you have 3 days to submit your prompt. You can, if you want, submit it on day 1. That means that the next person gets the two days you didn't spend to work on their prompt. If you however also take just a day, then two more days added to the next, etc. Basically, even if people before you are faster, your due date won't change. If your chapter needs to be submitted by, say, the 21st of January, you'll stay on that day.

Did I steal a lot of this from the AppleDash Collab? You bet your boots I did. (Sush Coco, we know you don’t wear boots)

Lastly, before the story goes up, we’ll do a quick grammar and spelling edit polish. We won’t do anything to remove author’s own specific narratives. It’s mostly mechanics (though we may add or tweak a bit to make it flow better as a full story). [Meme: This isn't even my final form]

In other news, I’ve decided since I’m the crazy one who came up with this, it’s only fitting I’m responsible for getting it off the ground.

-Novel Idea


I. This actually sounds pretty interesting. If I can, I'd like to volunteer as well. It may be a fun experience.

II. New Years is actually okay with me, personally. After all, starting off the year with some pony will be an extravagant adventure for just about everybody.

III. I don't know if I'd like to do that, unfortunately. Though if I happen to change my mind, I'll be sure to let you know.

Albinocorn and Oroboro? I'll be writing along side my Sunlight senpais?! This is going to be amazing! :rainbowkiss: also I second the notion that January be the start! Can't wait to work with all of you!


I mean, I'd certainly like to give this a try, but-
Kinda sorta afraid I'd ruin it :twilightsheepish:
I'd consider this better off if I were to just read it upon release.
Good luck to all of those who do though, and have fun! :twilightsmile:

5669600 January works for me.

5669600 I'm fine whenever you want to start it up! Looks like i'm 2nd to last but if you need someone to wrap everything up in a neat little bow then you can count on me. This should be a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what other people write! :twilightsmile:

Bah, Sci-Twi would've been the better choice! :derpytongue2:


Wish me luck, necromancer! :pinkiesmile: Notice me senpai!


The best wishes of luck to you, my psychic friend! :rainbowkiss:
Noticed! :raritywink:

Yay first ever collab!


January sounds like a good start date, so I don't see any problems with beginning on the 1st. I'll also throw my hat in and say I don't mind closing out the story, especially since it looks like I'm last on the list anyway. :derpytongue2:

January is the best month for me.

For some reason it sounds familiar, but hey, I could help.


Good stuff. And January 1st seems perfect to me, which probably means my part will come at the end of January. This gives me plenty of time to finish up my own fic, thankfully~

I may not have much experience, but I'd like to try this anyway.:twilightsmile:

Edit: Probably won't have much time at the beginning or the end so I'd prefer a place somewhere in the middle

is it alright for newbie writers to sign on? all i have to my name are a couple of 500 word things that never went anywhere. but i luuuuurve SunLight!

The Albinocorn
Group Admin

Everyone else has already said it, but yeah, January sounds really good. The next week and a half is gonna suck. Looking forward to a good time though!

December is the month of exams. Which means only one thing for me: I'd be dead by the end of the year. So, I think January is a good date to start.

2. I think it is perfect
3. Only should the end come before that which is not the end, but merely a new beginning (in other words, yes).

I'm up for getting my name on the list, if you're not against more...shall we say, amateurish, writers taking part in the collab.
Either way, I'm looking forward to reading it!

Hey cool. I'm fifth. Sorry for the late reply, work work work. I may have a few questions but I've only skimmed so far.
5669600 looking forward to this. January first.

I have been beaten and hogtied tapped on the shoulder and dragged, kicking and screaming pointed to this thread by a certain AppleDashing fiend. Yeah, I guess I'm putting my name down. I'm a sucker for Sunny and Sunlight. Dagnabbit.

5669778 ...



That's okay. Remember, dear ol' Tchernobog's going to be joining us. :moustache:

5687232 Yeah, sure. Too bad for him, I'mma out-write him. :trollestia:

5687079 You hear that? I'm comin' for you, Mood Wings. :rainbowlaugh:


I'm sorry, you were saying? :trixieshiftright:

5687255 I meant in the competition, ya blowhard. :P

But sure, throw down that gauntlet. Maybe I'll meet it someday, who knows? :rainbowdetermined2:


Side note: Let's dance, kids.


Let's do this.

5669660, 5669674, 5669718, 5669723, 5669769, 5669778, 5670069, 5670292, 5670428, 5670512, 5670516, 5670526, 5670784, 5670939, 5671595, 5672602, 5687246

Just a reminder for everyone else, but we're going to lock the author list on Christmas Day!

On Monday, December 26, I'm going to send the list through one more randomizer to get all the new folks in. So please note that your current order is likely to change. A few days later, I'll have a full schedule with everyone's start and due dates, probably in Google Calendar.

Then, on January 1st, I'll kick us off and send Sunny and Twi through the rabbit hole!*

(Get psyched. And bring popcorn.)

Merry Christmas and a Happy Hearth's Warming to all!

P.S. Hey! Check out that top post! There's a cool cover on it! And if I missed anyone in the tagging, I apologize.

*No rabbits were harmed in writing of this post. Fluttershy made sure of it. :yay:

5703016 whoops almost deleted my comment. :/ Yeah haven't been here in a while. ....That's confidence inspiring isn't it? Lol

Hee. "Full schedule," he says. :derpyderp1:


5703016 Noice. Let's do this shit.

Cool man, can't wait.
Also since I am on Winter Break now (officially)
You know what that means...

The new writing order is now up and the author list has been locked!

Prepare yourself!


PMs have also been sent out to ALL participants with a reminder of all the goodies, your specific start date and all that jazz!


I'm writing the second chapter, huh? Pretty excited, this group project being my first piece of literature on the site. Hope I make you guys proud! :twilightblush:

Just one question: Where are we submitting these chapters? PM?

5708170 Nope! You're posting it directly in the thread SO THE ENTIRE WORLD CAN SEE THE GLORY OF YOUR PROSE!

And yes, you can comment on things people post!

(Which is also why the entire story will be compiled into a single story after it is complete. So people can... you know... READ IT!)

(This is what happens when I reply to posts just after waking up before taking... ahem... required medications:pinkiecrazy:)


Ending the story, eh? This should be fun. :ajsmug:

The Albinocorn
Group Admin

5708354 Perhaps we should make a second thread for all the story posts? So this one doesn't get too cluttered.

5710038 I was taking a page from the AppleDash one, where it appeared they did everything in a single thread, but if you think that would be easier, I'm okay with that.

Other catch is I already sent out PMs to all users telling them to come here.

The Albinocorn
Group Admin

5710039 Good point. Well, if you think everything can stay organized with a single thread, I won't object.







It's easy enough to link specific posts like I'm doing here. Do that in the main post for each "chapter".

5710066 And update as we go. Got it. :eeyup:


It's January 1st. Let the madness begin. :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, any time you're ready, then we're ready, right?

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