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Starry Wisp

Hai everypony! You can mainly find me on Instagram as @StarryWisp, but I do like to write fanfiction from time to time. :3


Stardust Sky is an alicorn filly born from two earth pony parents, who have many earth ponies in their family trees. She's excelling in magic, and acts like a normal filly; except for the fact that something isn't right. Her wings aren't growing properly. Actually, they don't appear to be growing at all.

This is the NaNoWriMo version of Project Stardust, which will be completed in full, at a much higher rate, and at more detail. I am currently doing it for a school project, and the basic goal for the 8th grade Honors curriculum (mine) is 15,000 words. It will most likely end up being more, but not at the typical 50,000 word goal for the normal NaNoWriMo. This story was also written to prove that not all princesses/alicorns have to be perfect! I hope you enjoy! :pinkiehappy:

All themes are mild, and there isn't much of each in there. There is also some sadness is in there, I just couldn't put it because FiMFiction says Comedy and Sad are conflicting topics. (Even though you can have sad comedies.)

Twilight is only mentioned later on, although her involvement is important to the plot. Celestia also comes in later.
Cover image coming soon!

Chapters (14)
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You haven't written the "real" version of Project Stardust yet, right? How soon until that happens?


I have already started it, but I am currently busy with homework and stuff, so I don't know, but I will hopefully be able to get it out to you soon!:twilightsmile:

preparations complete. continue reading? Y/N

I can’t Pinkie Pie!

pinkie pie is now a verb.

Cutie Spread

what is a cutie spread?


I should have been more clear on that. A cutie spread is a cutie mark that starts on a pony's flank, and spreads down their leg and body. The inspiration was Cutie Mark Magic, Rainbow Power, and Pony Mania toys, and I just liked how it looked, and that's the story that I came up with when I got Cutie Mark Magic toys, and why their cutie marks spread down their legs. Hope this explains! Celestia also explained why this phenomenon occurs.:twilightsmile:

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