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Wanted to start writing stuff about ponies and fiction!

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most original clop title ever

very thoughtful

7699082 Ehh, its alright XD To be honest I made it that to play off of the prequal story title. But it's not about the title but the story!!! At least I thought so.

This... is not written very well.

You need to start a new paragraph when someone else speaks, dude.

7699159 I will keep that in mind for future chapters, Thanks :D

26 likes but the only comments are negative. I think you're pulling a fast one on us, (((DashReborn.)))

Also, obligatory raging clue joke.

7703359 haha! Well, to be honest, I see one negative comment and one criticism. Depends on how it's taken! But the like to comment ratio is quite intresting indeed. But the amount if likes motivates me to do more and better!

Well... This is going to be fun...

*Sees Gender swap* ... First two comes to mind is Spike and Shining... I'm going to stick around to see where this goes.

7706036 OH! I didn't even think of Shining. Ideas!!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy future updates!

7707552 oh boy... I'm now scared yet hyped for what's next, though I might know what will happen, lol

I really like this. I hope Rainbow does get knocked up.

The chorus seems to fit so well.

7707552 when ish the next chapter?

8046781 It is on the way! It has been a bit of a rough patch for me the last few months but I have been slowly getting the next chapter perfected!

Great story. I can't wait for more chapters to come out

i hope to see more soon you need all the main six and CMC and maybe all the princesses can be impaled on her dick and become her broodmares i think then she will become the goddess of pleasure oh oh oh she can genderbend shining, blueblood just to mind break him and a few others i can't think of right now

Don't know if you intended this, but it looks like Twi's precum makes the imbiber stretchy enough (if only barely) to take her cock.

Revive this pls
This fic is awesome

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