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I'm a Canadian girl who's been a fan of MLP since 2012 :)


Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have a dispute after watching the fireflies with their friends, and it causes them to realize some things about themselves and each other.
FlutterDash Oneshot

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It's "gorgeous", not goregeous. ^^; Other than that, this was cute.

It was really sweet. Great job! :twilightsmile:

7636368 Thank you for letting me know! I fixed it.

7636900 Thank you so much : D

Well if you need come constructive critism...

It's a simple one shot. Not grand or anything bit I did like Rainbow's attempt to help the firefly. Sentimental but funny all the same.

But the biggest problem I have is that I never get the vib of romance in this story. Granted there was interactions between Rainbow and Fluttershy but no hint of romance just interaction.

I mean theres a hint of possible romace at the end but thats very slim

7661028 Yeah, I also felt like it was more friendshipping than anything. But there is no friendship genre so I just put Romance :/
Thank you for your comment!

7677516 Perhaps this story was more suited for the slice of life tag only.

You probably didn't intend for this, but throughout this whole story I couldn't help but think about what I had learned about Jainism in religious history class- mainly about how they believe in not harming even insects.

Even if you didnt, I gotta say, this was a nice fic.:twilightsmile:

7884426 I've never heard of Jainism before, seems interesting though. I don't believe in harming insects either!
Thank you!

You’ve done really well I’m very impressed I would give you 10/10 I really love your story.

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