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In Spiketopia, Big Mac is a unicorn. When he created his character, he choose to be a unicorn, rather than an Earth Pony.

In his dreams, he is also a unicorn, or sometimes even an alicorn. When he got the choice to be anything or anyone he wanted, he choose to become an alicorn.

Now alone in the evening, walking home from guy’s night, he has ample of time to reflect on these choices and the secret wish they stem from.

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:applecry: You think Spike will ever get his special somepony?

:eeyup: When I become a Princess maybe...

:applecry: I could say something about that.

:eeyup: Eenope

Equestrias best big brother.


Well, based on my profile picture you can probably guess that I disagree. I don't know who the best big brother is thought, as I have no clue who is older...

But Big Mac is surely a close second.:eeyup:

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