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I'm a brony that loves FIM, hoping to publish a few books someday so hope you enjoy my ever improving writting. ^^ If you would like to support me https://www.patreon.com/Codyhiggins?ty=h


Thistle Whistle and Minty were always the best of friends, but when Whistle shows interest for a new pony, who Minty shows great anger towards, their friendship might be in for a bumpy road that might be hard for anypony to survive. Just who is this new mare and what is her relation to Minty?

Thistle Whistle only wanted to prove her new friend, Malty, was just a normal mare and a really great friend. If only she knew the chain of events she had started...if only she knew.


After much thought I decided to just take the gore tag off, the minor blood that appears really isn't "gore" worthy. This is complete but I will be posting 1 chapter a day. If the story isn't tagged as complete then I still have a chapter to post in the next 24 hours, if it is---well this notice is now pointless.

This is by far the most effort I had ever put into a single story. I have spent months writing this, and another few months to go through more than once fixing everything I could. If there are still errors such as typos, well, Tartarus.

Trust me when I say there is just nothing more I could do, you wondered why it took so long to post again? I was improving and now just gotta hope it pays off, Celestia the months... >_> P.S before you complain, yes this story uses the Gen 3 characters but they are brought into the FIM's world.

Proof readers are https://twitter.com/silvergunner and http://saints-fan-12.deviantart.com/ and the title image is by http://prettywitchdoremi.deviantart.com/

Thanks everybody for your help, and enjoy the story! P.S yeah the info above isn't much, but as you read you'll understand why. Somepony better have orange juice on standby. XD

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