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OctaScratch Drabbles - ShadowblazeCR

A random collection of OctaScratch one-shots.

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Shopping for "Fun"

Vinyl wasn’t sure she was going to make it through the day. She was on the brink of going crazy, and it wasn’t even time for lunch. She had a feeling that she wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a cardboard box, and a pony by the end of the day.

Vinyl’s best friend -- Octavia Philharmonica -- had told her that they would go see a certain action movie if she went to the mall with her. Sadly, Vinyl was too occupied in gloating over the chance to try out her new pick up moves on Octavia during the movies to realize what she had agreed. The next day, Octavia was outside her door, ready to spend --somehow -- a whole day at the largest mall in Equestria.

Vinyl was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes by the time they got to the mall, since Octavia had thought it was, and quote, “a brilliant idea” to leave early at nine-thirty. Her goal was to get there around the time the mall opened, specifically to skip past all the troubles of waiting in line. Vinyl had made it a personal rule to not do anything requiring most motor functions by ten ‘o'clock, Which created a problem with leaving so early. The problem was caused from Octavia being at Vinyl’s door, actually her bedroom door since she had given the other keys to the house to Octavia.

Vinyl hadn’t done anything to be remotely presentable, since she had been sleeping until Octavia had woken her. While it was inconveniencing that she had to get ready, Vinyl was more focused on how she wouldn’t be able to sleep more, but nonetheless, they were out the door around the time Octavia had wanted.

Their first stop was a friend's clothing shop. Now that Vinyl thought about it, she was pretty sure that all their stops were stores manned by their friends. The shop itself featured extravagant clothing, all unique in their own way. It was one of the main reasons that their friend Rarity was so popular as a clothing designer, but Octavia was there for something simple and elegant for her first performance in the Canterlot Orchestra.

“Hello, and welcome to the Canterlot Carousel! If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask!”

Octavia made her way to the counter, waving to Rarity as she came into view. Vinyl stayed back, letting the two do their own thing. “Hi Rarity!”

Rarity’s eyes widened as she realized who her customers were, “Oh, Octavia! What’s the occasion? And Vinyl, dear, how did she convince you to come?”

Vinyl scoffed as she and Octavia made it to the counter, “What? I can't come to this amazing mall, full of extremities, and shop for elegant dresses? Oh, and visit a couple of my friends?”

Rarity raised an eyebrow, “I do believe that you said you despise malls, and they were for, and I quote, “squares?” Also, you mentioned that you would never even go to visit your friends here, only when they weren't at the mall. So, Miss Scratch, what did Octavia offer?”

Vinyl sighed in defeat, “A movie…”

“Well, I'm glad you’re here, nonetheless.” Rarity turned to Octavia, “Now, Octavia, what can I do for you?”

“I was hoping you could help us find some new clothes, something say…up to date? Stylish?” Octavia waved a hand mindlessly, “Whatever you think would work.”

Rarity clapped her hands together in joy, “Why, I'd love to!”

Vinyl looked back and forth between the two, “We? No, no, no, there can't be a we in there.”

Octavia glared at Vinyl, “Would you like to go to the movie, or not?”

“I doooo.” Vinyl sighed, “Fine, what do you have in mind Rarity?”

Rarity grinned, “Oh, I already have some marvelous ideas!”

Rarity proceeded to guide Vinyl into her own changing room, grabbing Octavia to discuss what she should try on. Then, a few moments later, a pile of neatly folded clothes were handed to Vinyl. When she glanced at the attire, her long detested trails of trying on new clothes filled her thoughts. Nonetheless, she put on the chosen clothing.

“It's fine, I guess. Definitely a little more airy than usual, but it'll work for dancing. Actually, it'll flow really well for dancing.” Vinyl checked her new style out in the mirror that was situated out by the entrance to the changing rooms.

“It most definitely compliments your natural body type,” Octavia nodded appraisingly.

“I concur darling, it just shows off all the right places. Simple, yet very likable,” Rarity said.

Vinyl continued to look at the new clothing, admiring how it really did hug all her assets. The white simple v-neck shirt, and short shorts that barely covered her buttocks, let alone held it in. She scratched her chin in mild confusion, wondering how Octavia would have even suggested shorts so, well, short.

She raised a questioning eyebrow at Octavia, but it was Rarity who stepped in and answered, “In case you're wondering, I was the one that chose those adorable shorts.”

Vinyl glanced down at the shorts, “Adorable… yeah.”

Next up was Octavia, and Vinyl had a vague idea of what she wanted to have Octavia try out. A few minutes later, Octavia came out with the clothing she had picked out: a grey tank top, with tight fitting jeans. Nothing too showy, but the tank top gave off enough cleavage for the imagination and eyes, while the jeans completed the look, but also complimented Octavia’s figure.

Octavia shifted her hips side to side, looking at the chosen articles of clothing in the mirror, “I expected something I would never consider wearing Vinyl, but I'm surprised how much you held back. I do like the choices of clothing, though.”

Rarity clapped her hands together in excitement, “Wonderful!” She snapped the tags off the clothes, “They're yours, no need to pay. Consider it a payment for how good you two have been to me over the years, plus, they're just too cute on you two.”

And with that, Octavia and Vinyl went on their way to the next stop on their long trip. After a large amount of refusing and huffing, they grabbed some bags, and threw their previous sets of clothes into them. The two quickly stopped by a pretzel stand to grab lunch, and meander their way throughout the mall. Vinyl munched on her own pretzel, while Octavia listed her ideas of places to go with what time they had left.

“How about the bookstore?” Octavia asked.

Vinyl shrugged, “Sure.”

The bookstore wasn't far, but they both finished their pretzels by then, which was a good thing, as there was no food allowed in the store. They casually walked in, and were greeted by Twilight, the manager and owner of the bookstore.

“Hi girls! How's your day been?” Twilight walked up to the duo, and gave each of them a hug.

“Hello Twilight,” Octavia smiled, “We were gonna grab some books. Any suggestions?”

Twilight’s eyes lit up, “Of course! Oh, Vinyl, you're getting some too?”

Vinyl scratched her chin in thought, “I guess, Dash has kept pestering me about this one series. Something about how realistic, and well-written it is.”

Twilight nodded feverishly, “Yup, totally know what you're talking about. Here, “She began to walk towards one of the aisles of bookshelves. “I'll show you the books.”

Vinyl waved her off, “Nah, we can do that later. Go ahead and get Octavia her stuff.”

Vinyl followed behind Octavia, and Twilight as they made their way to wherever Twilight had in mind. Interestingly enough, it was to the fiction section of the store. She flitted over to the romance section, skimming over the books until she let out an, “Ah!”

Twilight handed a book to Octavia, “This should do as an introduction to this genre, I assume you haven't read books in this?” She gestured to the card with ‘Romance’ plastered across it.

Octavia’s cheeks were tinged red as she replied, “Uh n-no, I have not.”

Twilight grinned, “Great! Alright Vinyl, let's grab that series that Dash reccomended you, yeah?”

Vinyl nodded, “Yup, show the way.”

A few moments later, the trio was in the Adventure section of fiction. Vinyl was skimming through the summary of the first book, “Daring Do, huh? Cover art’s pretty good, not to mention, the story sounds pretty cool. I don't see how this would be realistic, though.”

Twilight shrugged, “It seems that Rainbow Dash is adamant about it being so, maybe ask her about it the next time you see her?”

“Guess I will.” Vinyl began to walk towards the check out, Octavia in tow, “Thanks a bunch Twi!”

Twilight waved them goodbye, “No problem!”

Once both of them had paid, Vinyl and Octavia hefted the now doubled amount of bags they held through the exit of the bookstore. Octavia sighed, and turned to Vinyl.

“What?” Vinyl said, slightly confused.

“I suppose you've earned a movie,” Octavia checked the time. “We have enough time to go see one.”

Vinyl pumped her fists in victory, “Sweet!”

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Will this ever be continued?


I dunno, I've still got like ten ideas sitting around. It's not really something I planned to consistently write for, just if I had any ideas that weren't big enough to be one shots I would stash here.

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