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OctaScratch Drabbles - ShadowblazeCR

A random collection of OctaScratch one-shots.

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A Hairy Situation


Vinyl walked into the bathroom Octavia occupied and casually leant next to the doorframe. “What’s up?”

Octavia gestured wildly to her hair, “This! This is up, Scratch!”

Vinyl assessed the situation, figuring out the best plan of attack for the next few moments. “So...do you like it?”

Octavia’s face reddened. A few long exhales and inhales later, she was back to normal. “That is not the problem, Vinyl. It doesn’t matter if I like it or not. What if I had a performance or even practice? I couldn’t go looking like this. The Canterlot Elites expect me to be prim and proper.”

“Alright, I can see how this looks like a bad idea. But, since you’ve got the week off, I figured we could do something fun.” She rushed back to her bathroom in the apartment, grabbing the necessary supplies for the next phase of her plan. “What if I let you mess around with my hair. Plus, it’s not like we were going to be doing anything today anyways. We could just mess around with each other’s hair for today, alright?”

“I don’t know Vinyl…”

Vinyl edged closer, “Come on Octy. This’ll be fun, trust me. You’ve known me for, like, a really long time. What could go wrong?”

Octavia sighed, “Twenty years, Vinyl. We’ve known each other for twenty years. Since middle school. And many things, especially with you.”

“Cooome ooon, Tavi! It’ll be fun!”

“I suppose I could do with something to pass the time.”

Vinyl gave an excited fist pump and rushed over to let Octavia mess with her hair.


Vinyl and Octavia’s apartment in the city of Canterlot was not usually occupied. Atleast, not occupied by the two friends frequently. Octavia was mostly gone during the day, busy with practicing for competitions or with the Royal Canterlot Orchestra, or doing shows with said Orchestra. Vinyl had mostly nightly gigs that required her DJ skills, but occasionally there would be times that the gig would happen with the sun out.

Octavia would sleep on a mostly regular schedule of practicing in the afternoons, plus an occasional show at night, and sleeping away some of the night and all of the morning. While Vinyl slept throughout most of the day and went to her gigs through most of the night and morning, only coming back to sleep or prepare new music.

This led to the two almost never seeing each other fully alert and awake. When both had days off , much like the one they had currently. Vinyl would usually find something for the both of them to do. Or just rope Octavia into doing something, even if she just wanted to rest. Sometimes Vinyl would present a simple activity to waste the day away like binge watching shows or movies, she would occasionally find something that would be completely random, yet fun and enjoyable for Octavia. Though she refused to admit it.

Pfft." Vinyl tried to contain her laughter as she saw what they had done to their hair.

Octavia joined in with a chuckle, “Alright, this may have been one of the better ideas you’ve had.”

“What about that time I built that rad cardboard box fort?”

Octavia raised an eyebrow, “Your ‘box fort’ was a single box from your incessant bass cannon you bought off the internet.”

Vinyl huffed, “Well I had a blast with both the box fort and the bass cannon.”

“All you did was sit in the box and play with small pony toys for hours.”

“...They're not toys! Anyway, I think we’re getting off track here.” Vinyl looked at their styles once again. Both had switched their hairstyle. While Octavia’s had already been done to resemble Vinyl’s by Vinyl, Octavia had taken Vinyl’s hair and made it into what her usual style was. This had led them to their current situation.

“When was this on track?”

“Well...” Vinyl paused, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I think we need to show Lyra and Bon Bon, though.”

“In public?” Octavia asked meekly.

“‘Course, it’ll be fun to see their reactions. Plus, the shop’s just down the block.”

Octavia sighed, “I suppose I could take a short walk to them. I was planning on talking to Lyra about some musical pieces anyway.”


The two friends made their way to the candy shop. Lyra and Bon Bon were their two best friends, whom they had known since middle school. Both shared an apartment, an idea they had decided after college. Really, the four hadn’t been apart, or at least in walking distance, for more than a week. As they seemed to work together as a group.

Lyra and Bon Bon had kept in touch with Vinyl and Octavia, even after Vinyl and Octavia went to a University to pursue their musical careers. Bon Bon had convinced Lyra to go to a College that allowed for many different paths to be followed. Bon Bon had went for the Culinary Arts, while Lyra went for a musical route with Culinary Arts as a Minor.

Even though the College and University were on other sides of Canterlot, both duos were able to visit each other frequently. Once school ended, the meetings almost stopped. Everyone was too busy with trying (and succeeding) to further their respective career. But once they settled in, both duos found apartments close to each other and began to get back into the groove they had set years prior.

The shop Vinyl and Octavia were going to went by the name Sweets for All. While they did primarily sell different desserts and candy, they also dabbled in other goods like muffins. Lyra insisted muffins should be called sweets because of the chocolate chips that could be added.

As they arrived Vinyl took the lead and scoped out the store, finding that there was only a lone person there. Most likely having a quick lunch before getting back to work. The reaction to their hairstyles was still quality entertainment to Vinyl. Octavia on the other hand looked like she wanted to erase the memories of her from anyone that ever glanced, talked, or even communicated with her.

Lyra stood at the counter behind the sweets in the display case in front, her mouth hanging open from shock. “What’ve you guys done to your hair?!”

Vinyl laughed, “Do ya want the long or short version?”

Lyra sighed, contemplating if she really wanted to hear the fully story. “How about you just give it to me straight, but let's go to the back room and get Bon Bon too.”

“What about any customers that would come in?” Octavia asked.

Lyra waved a dismissive hand, “Don’t worry about it, it’s almost break time anyways. Plus, no one really comes at this time anyway. Except, maybe every once in awhile, when Rarity or Twilight come to visit.”

“I heard they’re both doing pretty well.” Vinyl commented as they made their way to the back.

“Yeah, Twi got into an internship with one of the big-shot education companies. Heard she was trying to get her own lab setup. And Rarity finally set up a boutique, actually not to far from here. I think it’s called Canterlot Carousel.”

Octavia nodded, “I think I’ve heard of the place. Many people in the Royal Orchestra get their suits and dresses prepared there.”

Lyra opened the door to the back, holding it open for Vinyl and Octavia. “Well, Bon Bon should be right ahead in the kitchen.”

Vinyl ran ahead to see Bon Bon, “Yo, Bonny! How’s it going?”

Bon Bon looked up from what she was making, “Vin-Oct-What is happening?!"

Octavia appeared at the doorway to the kitchen, “A simple problem, that was fully taken advantage of.”

“How-This-I,” Bon Bon’s head whipped back and forth between Vinyl and Octavia. “I’m so confuuused!"

Vinyl walked over and patted Bon Bon’s back, “Don’t worry buddy, we’ll get through this together. You’ll probably be able to guess the cause of it anyway.”

“Are you guys having some kind of quarter-life crisis or something?!”

“Okay, wow.” Vinyl looked around at her friends. “That was not even close, but somehow a really good guess. Like, I’m not the only one that never thought that would be a possibility, right.”

Octavia and Lyra shrugged.

Vinyl sighed, “Fine, I guess I really am the only one that wouldn’t think of it.”

Octavia walked over to the nearest clean counter and leant against it, “I’m sure you would’ve thought about it eventually Vinyl.” She turned to Lyra and Bon Bon. “Now, I’m sure you two would like an explanation of this...shenanigan.”

Lyra and Bon Bon nodded a few times.

“To summarize, Vinyl here, “ Vinyl waved. “Thought that it’d be a great idea to mess with my hair at a most inconvenient time in the morning.”

“What time would that be?” Asked Lyra.

“It was sleeping time.” Octavia glared at Vinyl, who smiled meekly. “I went about my morning routine, eventually stopping at the mirror to tidy up my hair as it had felt peculiar for quite awhile. I yelled for Vinyl, who by the way did not rush over, and she was kind enough to ask if I liked it.”

She looked over to the culprit, who looked over to her. This time with a layer of frosting covering her mouth, along with assorted crumbs to complete it. Their cheeks bulged with what was most likely a recently “eaten” cupcake. “Whaght?”

Octavia shook her head in despair, “Anyway, that one,” She pointed to Vinyl, who now had her finger dipped into a bowl of icing. “Somehow convinced me to do the same to her, along with convincing me that you two would want to see this.”

Vinyl pointed excitedly at Octavia, “An’ ih wash worph ih!”

“Yes, well, I do suppose this whole ordeal was worth seeing their faces.”

Vinyl nodded, proud with her work.

Bon Bon spoke up, “So, what’s the plan with the hairstyles now? Are you gonna keep them, or was this it? Becuase I hope it’s the latter. This is kinda freaking me out.”

Lyra hummed in agreement, “As fun as it was to see you two switch your hairstyles, I don’t think I could live with them permanently. It just feels weird.”

“Yeah, I gotcha, this is messing with my mojo anyway.” Vinyl began her journey to the door. “Whelp, I guess we should get going. I wouldn’t want to melt the world with this statement of hairstyles.”

The duo made their way back to their apartment, but not without a good dozen assorted sweets. The two visited often, which led to enough sweets bought that Lyra and Bon Bon would occasionally give some for free. In turn, Vinyl and Octavia would give them free tickets to their concerts and gigs. Both duos couldn't pinpoint the exact moment the deal had happened. But they were all sure it had sprung off from some random conversation about how frequently each pair would visit the other.

The two pairs somehow always kept track of who owed who. Which did cause bumps in the deal, mostly from Vinyl or Bon Bon trying to change the rules. But, overall, it seemed to benefit both parties. Though, it was most likely from Octavia and Lyra being the voices of reason within the deal.


“So, Octy?”

“Yes, Vinyl?”

“I was thinking…”

“Amazing, Scratch. I never thought you would have had it in you.”

“Oh ha, ha.” Vinyl shifted her position on their couch to face Octavia. “I was wondering if we could do something like we did this morning.”

“Do tell.”

“Okay, so we take my rad hairstyle switching idea. But...” Vinyl paused for dramatic affect. Octavia sighed. “We do it with our clothing styles!”

Octavia sighed louder.

Author's Note:

This story will be a collection of random OctaScratch one-shots I write for when I need the practice or just feel like writing some OctaScratch, so don't expect much world building and stuff like that. These one-shots are for fun and I don't plan on having really any of them end like my other ones. They won't be set up to where they can have more content. So, I hope everyone can take the world each one is in and all that with a grain of salt. I'm writing this for fun, not really for the content. They're for everyone to have a nice read of OctaScratch and even give some ideas of what they would want written.

I hope you all will enjoy this little collection!

-Till the next one