• Published 14th Aug 2016
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OctaScratch Drabbles - ShadowblazeCR

A random collection of OctaScratch one-shots.

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Aquiring a Pet

Vinyl Scratch considered herself a dog person. She hadn't actually ever had a dog, or really anything as a pet before. She had heard that rocks were pretty good pets, but based off of the many animals she had met from visiting her friend Fluttershy, she was pretty sure she wanted a dog, or maybe two, possibly all of them. Sadly, there was a slight problem with her hopes and dreams.

Her roommate -- Octavia Philharmonica -- denied any notion or suggestion of having any pet whatsoever in their apartment. Not even goldfish. Though, it seemed fate had smiled upon Vinyl, as she was currently accompanying Octavia to the pet store run by their friend Fluttershy. The occasion was to buy a pet for the music class Octavia had just begun teaching in the premier elementary school of Canterlot.

Vinyl had been skeptical of getting any pet other than a fish, but Octavia was set on making a good first impression with the young musicians. Apparently, bribing them with animals was the best way. Not that she minded that much, it gave her a chance to convince Octavia to get them a pet.

They meandered toward the section of, you guessed it, fish. The walls were covered in fish tanks and filled with dozens of fish of many different types. Fluttershy had tagged along to assist Octavia in her endeavor, but had held back after giving Octavia the needed information to adventure into the sea of fish.

Vinyl shuffled over to Fluttershy, hoping to get her to find Vinyl a dog to show Octavia and convince her to get one. “Psst, Flutters.”


Octavia turned around at the sound; Vinyl awkwardly smiled and waved until she returned to looking at the fish. “I need you to do something for me,” she whispered.

Fluttershy nodded and replied in a practiced whisper, “Why, anything for a friend. What do you need?”

Vinyl grinned at her success so far, “Could you maybe grab a dog or cat to show Octavia and I? Just to see if I could convince her to get something. Whatever you think suits us is fine, I trust your judgement.”

Fluttershy nodded again, giving an ever quiet, “Mhmm.” Leaving to do what she agreed to do.

Vinyl sauntered over to where Octavia was. At the moment she was looking at a tank of Angel Fish. “Found something yet?”

Octavia shook her head. “No. I was hoping to get something eloquent, something that represented what I will teach. Not some goldfish, not some practically cardboard cutout.,or whatever the other boring ones are called.”

Vinyl glanced at the Angel Fish, “Why not those, they look pretty fancy to me.”

Octavia sighed, “I suppose. They help the, what is it called now? Aesthetic?”


“Well, let's get this over with. Fluttershy? I'd like to know about these fish.” She turned around to look for Fluttershy and was greeted with…

A breath full of, well, dog breath.

Octavia coughed, maybe a little more than that. “What is that?”

‘That’ gave a happy bark. Fluttershy petted its head and began to explain, “Well, I figured you two would want a dog the most, because, um, the large dogs, um Huskies to be exact, like Snowball here is super sweet and energetic, but she also likes to be close to you, um, and so,” Fluttershy gestured with her free hand to Octavia. “she’s a great companion for when you two are working on your music.”

Vinyl grinned, “Sweet! Octavia, can we get her?”

Octavia sighed, “Vinyl, you know my rule about pets.”

“At least pet her some. If you don't like that at least, then Fluttershy can take her back and we can leave.” Vinyl gave her the best puppy dog eyes humanly possible.

“Vinyl, it's not like I will immediately like this animal based off-” Octavia paused as she petted Snowball subconsciously, something inside her forcing her hand to feel the fluffiness of the Husky. “Oh my. Wow, you’re so soft.”

Octavia continued petting Snowball, completely ignoring and forgetting about her conversation with Vinyl. Along with any indication that she noticed Fluttershy’s presence. Vinyl was about to say something to get Octavia’s attention, but stopped herself as Snowball snuggled into Octavia’s neck. She watched as Octavia, as close as it could get, melted into Snowball.

“I suppose we could work something out,” Octavia mumbled into Snowball’s fur.

Fluttershy smiled, “Well that's great, I'm sure that Snowball will greatly appreciate having a home.”

Vinyl gave an excited fist pump, “Yes! Alright Flutters, whatta we gotta get for the apartment and Snowball.”

“Well, um, first we should move to the dog aisles of the store.” Fluttershy began moving toward the said aisles once Octavia was done snuggling Snowball.

As Fluttershy led them through the process of gathering the things they needed to give Snowball the best time they could, she found out that it was going to be a lot more work than she originally thought it would be. She had been hoping it would be just buying a pet and bam, that's it. Have a great time with your amazingly awesome new companion.

Apparently, based off what Fluttershy showed the items that Vinyl and Octavia should get, it would require a lot more work on their end then Vinyl would've liked. Not that she wouldn't mind doing all the work required to keep their to-be new pet happy, she wouldn't have minded a self-sufficient pet. But that was just the laziness in Vinyl speaking.

Snowball was a welcome addition to the apartment of Vinyl and Octavia. During the day, while Octavia was practicing her cello, Snowball would provide welcome company and nap next to her while Vinyl slept in. During some of the afternoon and the night, Snowball would accompany Vinyl to the club she worked at. The others that worked there almost immediately became used to her visits and occasionally let her wonder the club during open hours for the clubbers to pet.

Author's Note:

So, I hope you all enjoyed this new chapter/one-shot. I actually published half of it accidentally, so some of you that caught it got to read some of the story early. But, nonetheless, it was a nice and quick write so I'm pretty happy about that. I should have another one next weekend, then a different one-shot than normal all together. So keep a lookout for those.

-Till the next one