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As a writer you ask yourself to dream while you're awake. As an editor you ask yourself how to change a story while leaving it the same.

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I drink Black Spice Chai Tea. No cream/milk, no sugar/honey nothing. Just the tea itself. It makes me feel good. Calm in the mind, and energised in the body. I drink tea 2 times a day, once in the morning with breakfast, and once at night when I'm going to bed. I even have a 'morning' tea mug and a 'night' tea mug. It's weird, too, that I used to hate hate HATE tea, now I'm drinking it twice a day. I love it.

I enjoy tea, it has a sweet taste. Especially when I add a strawberry flavor to it.:yay:

I think you can guess my favorite.

Coffee in the morning to wake up, tea in the afternoon to relax

Her plan was to create the greatest energy drink known to Equestria, and maybe Djibouti.

Middle school geography made me snort a little at that line.

As for the question, "Tea or Coffee." Well, I'd say that coffee is easily superior, and anyone who disagrees with me can play shit tennis with an orangutan.

If it gave her a horn with magical powers, she probably wouldn't mind. It'd be so much easier to do things, really a better excuse to be lazy.

Did... did drinking that unholy abomination turn her into a unicorn?

Hey, this is cute! I like it!
But I would suggest scanning for typos quickly, or having someone look it over, before you post.

Then her sore throat was quite the annoyance, as anytime she swapped a liquid it was painful.

I can only assume that is meant to be swallowed. (I've been in that situation, and it sucks.)

Vinyl gave a slightly nervous smile, which was an unusual site for Octavia.


Overall, this is a lovely little one-shot. Just one question: what was the interview for, and what was the outcome?

As for tea vs coffee, I would agree with strangephantasm and say cocoa/hot chocolate. If I had to pick, though, it would be tea.


I'm glad you do! :twilightsmile:

Ah, I usually have about two people look it over. One is a family member, another on the site. Well, at least story-wise. I usually just skim over it, or read as I'm writing. So, sadly since I'm on an iPad some of the grammar will be off 'cause of autocorrect.

I have too, actually that's how I was about a week ago. Since I based this off a conversation, Octavia's sickness is basically what I had. As for site (sight), that's probably autocorrect.

The interview was so I was able to have both the questions asked and the set up done in a way that wasn't out of context and easy to write (since I'm trying to get weekly content out). I guess I could've just done both experiences told by themselves to each other while Octavia was sick as flashbacks, but at the time this seemed like the best method.


Haha, no, it was just something that could've happened. Same with Equestria imploding. I was actually tempted to have her mention that and something with Twilight, and then Twilight sneeze because she was mentioned. And then it just end with Equestria imploding.


anyone who disagrees with me can play shit tennis with an orangutan.

Tea's better, no doubt.

Since I wrote the story I get to pick the game...

Sting pong it is.

I see... I used to write on an iPad (sometimes still do), so I understand. :twilightsmile: I'm sorry you were sick, hope you feel better now!


Yeah, the screen on the laptop I used broke, but I hope to get a monitor for it soon so I can get back to writing on it soon. And thanks! I'm feeling much better now.


Well, I'd say that coffee is easily superior, and anyone who disagrees with me can play shit tennis with an orangutan.



Since I wrote the story I get to pick the game...

Then why ask the question, boss? :raritydespair:

So... did Vinyl forget that she's a unicorn? I don't see how getting a second horn would make magic easier. It sounds like it would just be harder, like trying to do two things at once.


Uhh, last time I checked she was a human in this story.


Ah, yes. Observational skills.
Maybe if I drank enough energy drinks, I'd get them?

Out of the two hundred and twenty four people I've asked this question to, I've never expected anyone to actually write a fic about it.

And for that fic to be daaaaam good.

Keep on writing, you magnificent bastard.

I drink neither coffee nor tea.
I drink Hot Chocolate

All in thinking is we need a sequel of vinyl as she was high on the drink or even better her showing it to pinkie pie and the two of them zoned out high on caffeine to the point anyone that knows them facepalms without being near them going damit pinkie/vinyl

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