• Published 14th Aug 2016
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OctaScratch Drabbles - ShadowblazeCR

A random collection of OctaScratch one-shots.

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Guarding the Gates

Noise dominated the crowded streets of Canterlot. Merchants, vendors, and customers alike contributed to the organized chaos that greeted anyone walking through the front gate of the city. For it to be organized and hopefully not actual chaos, two guards contributed to knowing who should be allowed in and who shouldn’t.

Most were just tourists coming to see the famous city, others were there for jobs, some just came to visit their family, occasionally they would see one of the Princesses or even some of the other famous people they hung out with. All the different individuals contributed to a mostly uneventful shift, but occasionally a certain duo would come across someone interesting.

The said duo consisted of Octavia Philharmonica and Vinyl Scratch, who were each other’s BFFs. Or more specifically, as Vinyl said they had to say, Best Friends Five-ever. One of her friends, Pinkie Pie, told her that it was even longer than forever. Octavia wasn’t amused when she heard about it.

Currently the two were dealing with a man who seemed quite enamored with his cart of cabbages and was adamant about how they should be escorting him to his destination. He gestured to both of them feverently, “I’m telling you kids, this is the most important cargo you’ll ever receive.”

Vinyl sighed, “Alright gramps, we need you to get through the gate or your cabbages will be going off the cliffside.”

The old man huffed, still refusing to move. “I don’t think you understand missy. Canterlot is my last hope for selling these cabbages. If I don’t get them in there with at least two guards, they might as well go over the cliff.”

Vinyl looked to Octavia and nodded her head up and down.

Octavia realized what Vinyl was thinking and shook her head side to side.

Vinyl shrugged and began to push the cart to the side of the road, which conveniently had a cliffside not far away. “If you insist.”

Octavia went to stop Vinyl, but not before admiring how strong her friend actually was. “However much you are right Vinyl, we need to help the people that want to come to Canterlot. Not, quite literally, push them away. You wouldn’t want Princess Twilight to stop inviting you to tea time, hmm?”

Vinyl’s face contorted in anger, “We do not bring up tea time with the Princess. I’ll have you know that I cherish that time and will not let it be affected by some guy with cabbages!

She grabbed the cart by its handles and began dragging it toward the entrance, “I’ll be back Octy, don’t die or anything!”

Vinyl returned shortly after, her hair ruffled and slightly singed. Soot also covered her face, mixed with something that was hopefully dirt. She hobbled back to her post on the other side of the gate, carrying her cracked rifle. “That guy wasn’t kidding about the cart needing guards.”


Early next morning, the two stood guard once again at the front gate to Canterlot. Vinyl yawned for what seemed like the fifth time in the same minute, tired from staying up late. She only slightly regretted it, but was still happy with her work that she’d done on her hobby. Creating a type of wub she was sure no one had thought of, but it was totally worth it.

Vinyl turned to see Octavia’s condition, expecting her to be just as bad. Octavia had her own hobby, she was somehow interested in the classy version of making music for people to sit and watch. Vinyl didn’t understand the concept behind the entertainment aspect, but she could admit that the music was soothing in the fact that it was able to make her fall asleep.

Vinyl’s mouth fell open in shock as she saw that Octavia didn’t look tired whatsoever. She was smiling too, humming some old timey classical tune. The only classical song that Vinyl could even slightly enjoy would be Flight of the Valkyries. It was always accompanied by some awesome moment. Which was really the only thing Vinyl could appreciate about her friend’s musical taste. Having an action scene mixed with classical music somehow always seemed to work.

Octavia continued to hum, not noticing Vinyl’s reaction. Vinyl shook her head, regaining her composure. “Uh, Octy, you look especially...bubbly today. Did something good happen?”

Octavia nodded her head, a grin plastered on her face, “Princess Twilight was generous enough to offer me to play with the Canterlot Orchestra in the upcoming Gala!”

A golf clap was all she received, “Tavi, you’ve already done that. Why the impetuous keenness?” Score! I totally just said something that Octavia would say. I’ve been saving up those things for weeks! I sound like such a smarticle particle.

“I may have also tried some substance Pinkamena told me would be useful to boost my alertness in the morning.” Her eye twitched.

“Ah, yeah, that would do it.” Vinyl paused. “Wait a second. You took some type of, I assume, unknown Pinkie-made energy drink because “she said it would help you stay awake”? Aren’t you supposed to be the one that has the common sense of us two?”

“I do not suspect it would do anything harmful to me Vinyl. While she may be hyperactive at times, but she wouldn’t just-” Octavia peered into the crowd flowing through the city gates. “Hold on, look at that figure by the cart. The blue and purple one. It’s wearing a long black cloak. It’s quite the challenge to see their face, but you should be able to spot them.”

Vinyl took a second to scan the crowd, eventually spotting the figure that Octavia had mentioned. Right off the bat Vinyl could tell the figure was pretty suspicious. Plus, it was already a crime to try a fashion statement like what the figure was wearing in broad daylight. The figure continued to walk only slightly behind the aforementioned cart.

Right before the figure made it through the gate Vinyl pulled on the end of their coat, dragging them away from the crowd and near the guard station. “So, what brings you to Canterlot today?”

The figure reached to pull off their hood, causing Vinyl’s grip to tighten on her rifle. But as the hood fell, she realized just who she had apprehended. “I was going to the castle to talk about the plans for the Gala next month with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. How have you been?”

Vinyl’s grip loosened considerably on the rifle, “Jeez Twi, what’s with the getup?”

Twilight sighed, “Well, I was hoping I would be able to sneak by without being noticed. Recently I’ve been getting swarmed by everyone trying to get my autograph, or interview me about my strangely on time, weekly occurring, things that happen. It just seemed easier to try this at the time.”

Octavia interjected, “Princess, why-”

“It’s Twilight, Octavia. I hope you would think that we’ve known each other long enough for you to at least call me that.”

“Ah,” Octavia seemed like she wanted to object, but decided against it. “I suppose that works for me...Twilight. Nonetheless, I don’t understand why you didn’t notify me or Vinyl that you were coming.” She pulled out her phone as reference. “ Or at least the attire you would wear.”

Twilight gave a meek smile, “Sorry girls, I was so focused on getting here that I didn’t think of that.”

Vinyl chuckled, “Don’t worry about it. Plus, what’s the rush? Isn’t the Gala, like, still a good month or so away?”

“Yes, that’s true. But I always have to be prepared for anything. The last few Gala’s have always seemed a little out of tune compared to the one’s that I’ve attended and heard about. So, I wanted to make the experience nostalgic for the Princesses and have a quiet and slightly modern gala.”

Octavia nodded in agreement, “Well, I’m sure the Princesses will appreciate your hard work.”

Vinyl gave a thumbs up, “Yeah, with me and Tavi providing you with the hottest mix of Classical and EDM, you’ll have nothing to worry about. I’ve got you covered with some wubtastic new beats for Pinkie Pie’s party at the end and Tavi over here’s got you with that background music during the dancing and stuff.’

Twilight pulled out her phone after a “ding” sounded, beginning to jog away as she pulled her hood back over her head. “Thanks again! I’ll be looking forward to seeing you two at the Gala!”

Vinyl and Octavia waved goodbye until Twilight was out of sight. Shortly after, they both returned to their posts.


The Gala was considered one of the most prestigious balls in all of Equestria. But more recently, it had taken a more modern twist in its events. Having a glob of goo roam around certainly wasn’t the usual norm for most attending. Even with Princess Twilight’s efforts, the Gala took yet another unexpected turn. Vinyl and Octavia stood at their respective posts, discussing the events that had taken place the night before.

“I’m tellin’ you Octy, I totally saw myself in there!”

“Vinyl, just because Discord let loose an army of cardboard cutout ponies, doesn’t mean he would specifically have everyone, including you, ponified on those cutouts.”

Vinyl gave a huff, “But I saw you too. Bow tie and everything.”

“I don’t think we should be discussing what you did or did not see during our shift,” Octavia sighed, “But since I know you won’t give up, I suppose I should ask if you have any evidence. So, do you Scratch?”

Vinyl puffed up her chest, “Sure do. Prepare to have your mind blown by my ponified mix of awesomeness and cuteness.” She held up her phone to show said proof.

Octavia leaned in for a closer look, and in plane sight stood an upright ponified version of Vinyl Scratch. Complete with signature sunglasses, varying hair color, and a horn to top it off. Next to the cutout was another one that had an uncanny resemblance to Octavia. This Octavia had a bow identical to the one she had at home, along with the same hairstyle, but no horn.

“I don’t have a horn.”

Vinyl took the phone back, peering at Octavia’s cutout. “Huh, how do you hold the cello then?”

“Hmm...with practice.”

Vinyl sighed, “Honestly, that’s what I expected you to say.”

Octavia walked back over to her post, “Yes, well, we should get back to work Vinyl. I wouldn’t want someone to think we were,” She paused. “How do you say it? ‘Slacking off’.”

Vinyl silently agreed with Octavia and went back to her respective post. The job never failed to be entertaining, whether it was a crazy happening at the gate, or some juicy gossip they would hear from passing people, or even just talking to their friends. All would provide them vacations from the lapses of boredom they would experience.

Octavia had once told Vinyl that while those were many of the reasons that she enjoyed her job, none of them were the reason for her joining. She had someday hoped to become a musician, specifically a cellist, in the Royal Canterlot Orchestra. Just like most of her family had done.

But when no one would accept her style of play in the auditions for places that would eventually get her to the dream she had. Knowing that she would never get anywhere with what she did, she went to the Royal Guards in frustration. The job drawing her in for the orderly system and way everything had a reason. Just the way she liked it.

Lucky for her, the job actually gave her the chance to do her dream job. By repeatedly meeting the Princesses, Twilight eventually found out Octavia could play the cello and asked for a personal show. Which was just the chance Octavia needed for her to be personally recommended by Princess Twilight to the Royal Canterlot Orchestra.

Vinyl herself had a similar experience with joining the Guard. She had been a DJ for about a year before the difficulty of finding someone who would want her to play for them. Vinyl knew that she had skill, but all the gigs that would take DJs always wanted a set list. Some just wanted remixes instead of originals. She prided herself on being original, but that was ultimately what led to no one wanting her.

The Royal Guard was the only place that Vinyl thought would whip her into something that would go with the flow, not against it. But once she experienced guarding the gates, Vinyl knew that she had to keep her style. Yet, she couldn’t leave the Guards. They had grown on her. Especially after she met Octavia.

Eventually Vinyl met the Princesses, though it was mostly when they were rushing around. Once they found out about her hobby, they asked for a sample. This led to Vinyl eventually getting to go to the Gala and play with Octavia.

Both Octavia and Vinyl were content with where they were. Both stood guard, prepared for whatever would come their way next. Hoping that it would be something equally as fun as the last.