• Published 14th Aug 2016
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OctaScratch Drabbles - ShadowblazeCR

A random collection of OctaScratch one-shots.

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Channel for One

Vinyl and Octavia’s apartment was relatively small compared to other ones, as it only had two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and small living room. With only one TV in their living room, they both agreed that it would most likely create problems from their differing preferences of television shows. Thus, they took a piece of their time and made a schedule for who would watch and when. If one of them had a certain show that would run longer than their time limit, they would try to work it out. The same would apply to anything relating to the television and it's airing shows.

Currently, Vinyl occupied the couch as she was watching a favorite action movie of hers. The time she had left before the set limit was waning and Octavia was finishing up her practice, meaning Vinyl had to finish up her forty minutes of the movie in ten. She figured, more so hoped, that Octavia would let her finish the movie and wait for her own show. If she was lucky, Vinyl thought she might be able to get Octavia to watch it with her. Something that would be an opening for Vinyl to test some of her “moves”.

The clanking of swords interrupted Vinyl’s thoughts as the movie’s plot moved on to the “thrilling” action scene. Vinyl wasn't particularly impressed as the scene took too many “inspirations” from other, more popular, movies and almost plagiarized them. The acting was sub-par at best and she was really just watching it because she had a guilty pleasure in movies that were so bad that they were good.

Octavia on the other hand, had a slight obsession with the old timey movies, ones that were black and white and had horrible audio quality in one package. Occasionally, Vinyl and Octavia would find a movie that had both great action and a pleasing orchestral track. However, the movie that Vinyl was watching did not have that combo.

A few squeaking floorboards announced Octavia’s arrival to the living room, which also implied that Vinyl’s movie time was over. She did hope that she could convince Octavia to let her finish though, as the movie was getting to the worst part, or best in Vinyl’s opinion.

Octavia flopped down on the couch, something out of character and unladylike for her, but she did not seem to care. This could also be deduced by the disheveled hair and long, but loud sigh she produced while she sunk into the couch cushions.

“Vinyl, may I have the remote control?” Octavia stretched her hand out, patiently waiting for said remote to be placed in her grasp.

Vinyl looked to Octavia and back at the television, repeating the action a few times, “B-But it's such a great movie! Come on Tavi, just wait till this finishes!”

Octavia shook her head, “Vinyl, first of all this is a rerun you've already seen a dozen times and no, I'm not exaggerating. Secondly, I haven't seen worse acting since the local drama performers used a cardboard cutout as a replacement for a main performer.”

Vinyl nodded, “That is true, no one could replace Mr. Fluffles.” She paused. “But that's not the point! This is great, bad quality movie content and should be watched multiple times. It's the same thing with those...what do you call them? Fanfictions?”

Octavia’s face turned a light red color, “I thought we agreed never to discuss that.” Vinyl shrugged, causing Octavia to scowl. “Anyway, I have a live concert to watch, Lyra told me that she knew someone that would be participating in it.”

The weight of the remote disappeared from her hand as Octavia snatched the remote away and flipped through the channels. Eventually she arrived at the most boring channel, other than the 24/7 live feed of a weed growing, and turned the volume up slightly. The concert hadn't begun, but was looking like it would at any moment. The camera angles switched around for a bit while the musicians set up, giving Octavia ample time to grab any snacks or drinks that she would need. The feed cut to a close up of the orchestra, signaling the beginning of a lengthy and boring classical music compilation.


“Yes, Scratch?”

Vinyl shifted to a more comfortable position, “If this turns out to suck even by your standards, we go back to my stuff?”

“I suppose.”

At first the orchestra delivered and had a relatively abysmal start, at least that's a what Vinyl thought. She couldn't understand what was good and what wasn't in the genre of classical music, she tended to let Octavia be her go to source on all things with it. She turned her head a few degrees, curious as to what Octavia’s reaction was to it.

Octavia had fallen asleep, somehow she also already had a line of drool hanging from her mouth. Vinyl’s mouth dropped open, but she cringed as a shriiing reverberated from the speakers. This most definitely wasn't supposed to happen in an orchestra, even Vinyl knew that. Octavia seemed to agree as she had bolted up from the couch, and her slumber, to clutch her ears and scowl at the TV.

“What kind of person would cause such a monstrous murdering of a beautiful instrument?!” She squinted, trying to pinpoint the culprit.

After that Octavia refused to watch and listen to the concert any longer, allowing Vinyl control of the TV. Vinyl flipped through the channels this time and searched for her movie, only to find that another movie was playing. The start of the concert had taken so long that the movie had ended and letter her with an actual bad movie. She sighed and went to the movie, deciding that she had nothing better to do. But even that couldn't entertain her, she turned to Octavia, who was in the same boat as herself.

“Hey, Octy?”

Octavia turned toward Vinyl in response, indicating Vinyl had her attention.

“Wanna practice kissing?”


Author's Note:

Here's yet another simple one-shot. I have one that I've started and didn't feel like writing, so when I wrote this one I was actually using it as a tool for procrastinating for writing another one-shot. Though, it was short, I hope there was enough for you all to have enjoyed reading it.

Anyway, I hope you all liked this and if you did go ahead and comment down below. If you didn't, well, go ahead and tell me. I like knowing how I could improve my writing.

-Till the next one