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I'm definitely too old for this. Oh, well!


Sequel to Dinner with my Love by GingerNutGin.

Fancy Pants and his longtime companion, Fleur de Lis, appear to live a charmed life at the top of Equestria's high society. However, left unspoken is the creeping ennui and realization that their lives are a lie, and a bland one at that. Something somewhere has to break... and it will.

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Hey, is this an authorized sequel? As in-- did you ask permission to write it and did he give it?

Ooooh, you're in for it. :pinkiegasp:

Do you have to ask permission to write a sequel? That's good to know xD

This was entertaining. A good twist, but it... it just doesn't flow as well as DWML. It's a bit too rough to have the smooth edges, though at the beginning you did try.

Yes, I asked permission and discussed it at length with GingerNutGin.

I gave permission guys. Tis coo'. :moustache:

Either way though, I really did love this. Quite the pleasant surprise to see that you actually did it.

I REALLY wanted to hug Fancypants when he found out she was leaving. :fluttercry: Suppose it would have been a tad awkward, being human and all, but still! I thought Fancypants was going to glove-slap Fleur's brother into oblivion, at least, that's what I wanted. Anyway, this was such a lovely conclusion to the story, I can never have enough Fancypants. I shall be watching you in the off-chance you do anymore with this pair, well done! :scootangel:

Good End! Green thumbed

796900 Wow, thanks! After writing this, I've come to love Fancy and Fleur too. Only that shipping, though (Fancy x Rarity just doesn't seem right anymore). I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I agree, I can't imagine my beloved Fancypants with anyone but Fleur.
(Or myself, but we should avoid going down that road.) :twistnerd: :rainbowlaugh:


Hehe. You and me both. It's why I started writing "Dames of the Tea Table."

Oh my Luna! A worthy, admirable and glorious sequel with such a beautiful and wonderful ending! Humor, warmth, sadness, and all else. You have done something magnificent. :raritystarry:

What asweet ending. Although I've never seen a fic where Fleur HAD the baby. Pregnant, yes. But never as a mother

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