Gem Beauty is a fashionista, and a runway model for Coco Pommel's fashion industry. That all changes with one move to Ponyville, where a terrible accident occurs, and she is sent through a journey of self realization as she rediscovers what true beauty is

Art done by (believe it or not): Me

Idea by: a friend of mine. He recommended I make one about inner beauty

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Try making the chapters longer, and include more depth.

I love the topic but I'd suggest reading over the story once or twice before publishing or ask a friend to do it, I would be happy to help proofread if you make a google doc and invite me to comment on it, :pinkiehappy:PM me and I'll give you my email! :pinkiesmile:
-Star Dancer
(Author of: The Cause: One Blanket At a Time)

7348676 I am very appreciative of the help and will gladly take you up on that offer. But I'm with friends right now so I'll PM you later.

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