Shay Cormac ends up in Equestria after nearly drowning.

He wakes up in a tree filled with books like a library.

with a purple pony standing above him.

Shenanigans ensue from there, really.


Another warning: May make a mini series out of this Shay in Equestria thing.

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Somewhat fast paced, but overall not bad.

6846107 Thank you. Your commenting on this story pleases me.

I love this. The story, the humor, the fact that it's a crossover, I think it is hilarious and very well done. Not to mention Rougue is my favorite Assassin's Creed! Definitely hoping for that story about his (Mis)adventures in Equestria!

This was pretty neat, you need to slow down with the pacing a bit, but otherwise, it was pretty cool.
The best part was reading this in Shay's voice.

6851667 thanks for the opinion. It is fully noted.

As for the adventures, they will be in later chapters.

6857007 I have that much fun everytime I update my Ask Shay tumblr blog.

what humor the only things that actually happened were he died,twilight passed out,they talked about stuff,spike passed out,they laugh THE END tell me where the humor or actual story was

Comment posted by Music the Looping Traceu deleted Feb 18th, 2016

6907226 no im trying to actually realize where the humor is is it a subtle humor? a situational humor? i really want to know so i know where to look i love assassin creed crossovers and your like the first to do one with shay

6908172 The humor comes in the part where they first meet.

And I'm sorry I got into conflict with ya.

Old habits never truly die out.

You will continue the story or do other with Shay?

7151453 I will be continuing the Shay in Equestria legacy by writing more stories of him in due time. As we speak, I have another Shay in Equestria fic in my unpublished section.

Comment posted by medictf2 deleted Apr 23rd, 2016

7152109 I will wait anxiously. You will make history with Shay already converted to templar?

7152342 If that is what it takes to please myself as well as fans, so be it :derpytongue2:

7152511 I asked why, when I read this story of Shay is when he falls into the water after taking a shot.

7153263 When the killers chasing Shay for having taken the manuscript. It is this part that you put on the story?

7155779 no. I figured who killed him was unimportant. Besides, my version of Shay entrusted someone in the order with it

Does shay start a Templar chapter in Equestria or does he keep that in his old world?

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