• Published 29th Jun 2016
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Beauty in all Things - Music the Looping Traceu

An MLP fanfic where a 'beautiful' mare gets in an accident, and realizes the truth behind beauty.

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These were the sounds of my life changing in the blink of an eye. I was now bleeding on the floor, ponies taking videos and some even calling a Hospital. I twitched as my blood slowly left me, my life force draining and escaping my body. I could sense Thanatos' cold, unfeeling hoof upon my shoulder (the one not torn off) as I slowly faded into the abyss of unconsiousness. But before that could completely happen, I saw an ambulance carriage come and the occupants carry me away to the aforementioned carriage.

When I awoke, I found myself in a hospital bed, with a heating blanket places neatly over me. I looked down my body, and I saw ace bandages wrapped along my chest and...and...

My stump of a left foreleg. All that was left of my left foreleg was a stump of a shoulder, wrapped up in ace bandages and bloodied quite a bit. I felt as if the wind had been knocked out of me, because suddenly, I couldn't breathe. tears started forming along my lower eye lid. I had moved to Ponyville hoping to make a change in my life. I guess a change has indeed happened. But it'll only ruin me in the end. You see, I am a runway model and well known fashionista down in Canterlot. They call me Precious Gem, because of my name 'Gem Beauty'. Recently, I had gotten a letter from a treatment center for injured and physically disabled foals. The letter stated they didn't make it to my last show because they hadn't raised the money in time to buy tickets for the foals to come to the show. They asked if I could come and give another show just for the colts and fillies in the center.

I wrote back with a no.

But I decided to go to Ponyville anyway, as I had planned on moving in with my cousin for a while now.

So, I packed my favorite outfits from the catwalk and from my personal collection, and headed for the train.

When I got off the train, however, things turned for the worst.

As I was getting off the train, there was a stallion in a hurry to get to work. I had spoken with him beforehand on the way to Ponyville in the train. He had just gotten a promotion from his old town in Baltimare, and was now going to Ponyville to accept the promotion. He accidentally shoved into me as I was walking off. So, my hoof got stuck in the gap between the train and the station. I got fully off the train and tried pulling out my hoof. But...it was too late. The train moved and dragged me along. I stood firm and it ended up tearing off my left foreleg, and here we are now.

A doctor came in suddenly, snapping me back to the present. I looked to him and he smiled pleasantly, as if nothing was wrong. He handed me some food and drink, then a nurse came in to help me eat so I wouldn't strain myself. The doctor I mentioned before looked to his chart, which he was levitating in front of his face. He then moved it away to look at me as he said, "Well, good news is, you'll live. The bad news is you'll need a walking assist or even a wheelchair. You'll probably never walk again."

I looked down, my head hung in sadness, and burst into tears. He then came closer and strained his eyes to look carefully at my stump. "Unless..." he muttered under his breath. He then continued with, "We have a rehabilitation program. All you'd have to do is sign up and get a special operation done to you. Afterwards will be excruciating pain but then comes physical therapy and training. You could get a prosthetic foreleg is what we're saying."

I looked up at him and said, "Where do I sign?"

The doctor left, then came back with a paper attached to a clipboard, and pointed to a line with an X next to it. He smiled reassuringly as he said gently, "We have the technology, but no one wishes to volunteer. You'll be making history."

That didn't comfort me.

It only made me feel worse.

This is my story...about beauty in all things.

Beauty in all Things
Written by Music the Looping Traceu