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Sounds like a good story. I look forward to the rest of it.

Ill wait for the next chapters before I think about liking or not.

742508 Good because I'm just testing the water.

Just a note I'm trying to increase the word length of each chapter so it may take a few more days of additions. Also their will be dragons so if your like Fluttershy avoid my work.

753313 Excellent work. Favorite. The more dragons he better.

Wait a minuet... Rating: mature? This is gonna be interesting.

814783 I would hope so let us just say.. I have returned from a few productive days and my violent side is smiling back at me in the mirror so.. Dragon on pony violence will ensue.

Ch. 3 in progress more flash backs are in your future. :ajbemused:

Excellent story. It pleases me. However, all dialogue is in a chunk. There are no indication of natural pauses. For example, "I'm here its alright I'm here" shouldve looked more like "I'm here, its alright, I'm here.

838062 Thank you for your input I will use this to increase the quality of the following chapters.

I......I.........Dear god why. Excellent writing. I will not withhold that compliment. But by Lunas dark moon, what inspired this horror?

901374 Your comments... worry me. :rainbowderp: :applejackunsure:

901397 It was nice having this talk with you.

A note to any still following this story, I've been caught up in a side project turned into a main project. I am still working on further chapters, but I must divide my time. Thank you.

Dude, you really need to put grammar into their speech. :facehoof:
Other than that the story is developing into great read.:twilightsmile:

Aside from the conversations being rushed and a little hard to follow, the story is very intriguing.:twilightsmile:
I love that spike doesn't even know about his own anatomy.
"Ah a young drake, and his harem. Quite an interesting find, quite interesting indeed." :rainbowlaugh:

940791 I'm glad it's still intriguing. I am not what you would call a "Grammar major" I find dialogue rather iffy at times. I apologize for any mistakes I will have 3 pairs of eyes looking over the next chapter I hope I can increase the quality of the dialogue for your enjoyment.

You clever pony. I see you used my pony swear there. I made that up and had never heard or read it anywhere before. "By Lunas dark moon." Glad it was put to use. And the harem thing. Not claiming it. Just finding it hilarious. Glad to see this still going. It pleases me greatly.

945074 I'm away from my laptop so I'm sorry to say I won't be able to update until Friday. This story will continue though I promise.

this is definitely intriguing and besides a few bouts of grammar mistakes ah'm definitely looking forward to seeing what happens:eeyup:

Good god I'm lost. I'm loving the writing, and I hope that this storyline eventually makes sense to me. But you hurt Sweetie Belle. I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

1009411 A teal Alicorn will explain a lot next chapter. Also the flash point system I created will be abused.

1009433 That's fine. Confuse me as much as you want with the story. But you hurt Sweetie Bell. :flutterrage: GET OVER HERE! ~~~~~~~~>

1009486 It's all in the name of love... Oh and by the way your insubordination has been noted.

1009501 Chain me, beat me, do what you will. But leave Sweetie alone!

Good lord its too late for this crap. 1:40 in the mornin, and I'm defending a pony I've never even considered for a role. Da hell brain?

1009521 Your punishment shall be the death of Sweetie Belle, but not in a way you would expect. :pinkiecrazy:

1009528 Hmmmm. Now I want to work a Sweetie-Spike thing in with the redo. Damn you. Now I have more plotlines to figure out....

1009532 I was questioning whether I should use this plot device, but now I will! :scootangel: Keep your eyes on the soft scales.

1009540 Not sure if plot device is story method, or something Molestia would use.......

1009551 Molestia is meat compared to what I would have Maw do.... Oh the fluids...... I need coffee or I'm going to start burning things.

1009558 That sentence made no sense. The molestia/maw thing I got, but how does "oh the fluids" turn into "coffee mug or burn things?"

Screw it. Don't want to know anymore. Just write the next chapter so I can get over Sweetie.

1009571 Later, i'm working on the next ch for my other Story.

1009611 Very well then.... Applebloom dies as well, now lets see who else can I add from my list of plot deaths?... Celestia? Luna? Rarity? So many options it's quite vunderful.

1009621 Ah, but you see, those ponies anger me. Kill them. Eat them. Especially Applebloom.

1011167 Hmm my name sake Character may oblige you in many ways. Also how do you feel about killing unborn foals?

1013848 Depends. If my assumptions are correct, then that foal will belong to Spike and Sweetie Belle. Kill it and I'll end you. Any other foal, Meh.

1015744 A challenge? Come and bring it naive. :rainbowdetermined2:

1015846 Good sir, a month has past since I was last able to enter this site. Hopefully I will be able to do so from my original account in due course. But in that time thou hast denied us another installment in this tale? For shame.

1194670 For your information I am very busy and have 2 other fics to work on. One of which has yet to be put into this sight. So kindly buck off. Good day.

1194761 I'm kidding. I've been trying solidly for that same month to write a fic, get back into MidnightFlame, study to get my drivers license, drive and practice for as much as possible, and get ready for my next year of highschool. I was simply hoping to get a reaction out of you. Successfully I might add.

1208150 Indeed you did for I always reply to a comment. You will find I'm easy to irritate however actually causing anger is a challenge few know how to accomplish.

1209535 Causing true anger was not my goal. Letting you know that I'm back, albeit by a different name, that was accomplished. I was bored, I was on allergy meds, and it seemed like a good idea.

1210533 I know the feeling and your identity was kinda up in neon lights.

1215077 My identity yes. But would you have known this new face belonged to me had I not said anything? Maybe not. Allergy meds make everything logical.

1216533 I being Kaizer would have known because I can know these things. Yes allergy meds do make things logical.

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