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Exactly 1000 words. Nice.

That coverart filled my heart with so much happiness I couldn't hug my wife enough, even she had enough.

That's how great the story is. Great work.

i did a drematic read of your fan fic

Good fic, just one wrong thing to correct when reading the first time:

apparat from Zap Apple season

"apart from Zap Apple season"

This story was... how do I describe it? Like poetry? Like a skillfully painted picture, with much time and care put into it? Like a beautiful song? Nope. Each has its own merits and downsides, unique to itself, and writing like this? Just excellent. No comedy, no sadness, no action, nothing against the peaceful, happy mood.

Jeez, my opinion can rapidly and randomly change sometimes.

6956126 Your opinion was great thanks!

This is pure beautiful writing.:raritywink:

My Fanfic read of this is coming soon! :ajsmug:

7199486 Wow really? Thank you very much, I'll be waiting for it to come! :twilightsmile:

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