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In all honesty I'm just a faggot from America who writes about horses and seriously wants to die.


As Celestia believes that Twilight is ready to learn more spells, after all of the main stress of becoming a princess had finally blown over, she instructs Luna to send a spell to Twilight that she thought would come in handy in certain situations. Unfortunately, Luna grabbed the wrong one, which leads to an awkward moment for Applejack and Twilight.

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Well... I want a Multi-Parter of this. If you don't write it, can I give it to one of my friends who will? It would be the same concept, but with a different story for no infringement.

P.S. Like and Fav. Totes

"Maybe we can get Princess Ass Face to help us."

I think this should have gotten a bigger reaction from at least Twilight. It was also hilarious to to imagine.

The best fanfiction I've read in awhile. Loved it! :ajsmug:

The two swam in silence, the only sound being from the crinkling paper of the spells. Celestia perched her head up as she looked at a scroll. "Uh, Luna?"

This is the most interesting incorrect verbage I've ever seen. I'm picturing Celestia and Luna having a hot tub in the middle of their spell library?

This was a pretty funny story, man!

He horn started to glow brighter and brighter.

He horn?

6750751 Yes, the infamous he horn.

6749706 I like to use a lot of imagery :P

6749135 What do you mean? I don't know what a multi partner is.

Don't you just hate it when your a day late for something?

6752161 A multiple chapter fic. Not just a one-shot


I like to use hot tubs and libraries, honestly a pretty good idea! There's no way two princesses don't know some kind of Spell of Waterproofing.

6754119 Ah, got it. I give permission for you to give it to your friend.

6754612 Great, Thanks! I'll PM you when his first chapter is up:pinkiehappy:

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