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"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For indeed, that's all who ever have." ~ Margaret Mead


Countless worlds have civilizations that are so great and massive, that when they soon become cut off from the rest of the universe, it is hard to believe that they were defeated so easily. For a young wielder of the blade of light, a girl named Yuuko Aozora, it is just a sign of the light losing to the darkness. Yet when she is warned that another society is put into danger, she reacts quickly in hopes that she can help fight back against the encroaching forces that threaten their very lives.

But even a youth's hopeful thoughts can only scratch the surface, and what she finds there is something only a few can bear to witness. And the naivety of one soul, may symbolize the inevitability of light itself.

(This is a One-Shot story, and is non-cannon to the series, "Destinies Intertwined").

Coverart commissioned by Sakura
Proofread and Edited by AlicornPriest, Superdale33
Soundtrack Placement by Superdale33

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What is this a crossover of? Also, friendly word of advice, link to Destinies Intertwined.

6923367 It's more or less a Kingdom Hearts crossover (not to assume but I am not sure if you have played it before. If so, then great. If not... well, technically you don't need to have played it before to get this story). As for Destinies Intertwined... that is basically my The Forgotten Memory story. However, because it has not ever been completed... that for it being on hiatus, I wanted to make sure that when it came out, that this one-shot necessarily didn't relate to it. (That will also explain why there is no link. Because the story doesn't necessarily exist at this point. (I know. Kind of pointless when I haven't actually completed the other story).

This was I don't know what it was a crossover of but it was good

Also I was wondering if you you know any good Silver Spoon and scootaloo storys or maybe you can write a silver spoon and scootaloo story it is up to you

I think it will turn out good if you did anyway bye and keep up the great work

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