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Set between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games.

When Shadow Runner and Overburner were little kids a man named Solas kidnapped them and performed an experiment which resulted in them gaining magic powers. Years later they both escape from him and are now on the run, trying to get as far away as they can. With Solas and four others he performed the same experiment on coming after them they find that their best possible chance of escape is the portal at Canterlot High.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 7 )

7055713 More is on the way.

I'm liking the story so far, but you could use an editor.

7074843 I was thinking that I needed one when I was writing this chapter. Also I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the story.

Please continue with this. I'm getting a excited vibe upon reading this.

7429975 I've already gotten a start on the next chapter but I'm not sure when it'll be out since there will a lot going on in it. Also glad to hear you're enjoying it so far.

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