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BonBon and Lyra have been together for as long as anyone in Ponyville can remember. But will other ponies' confusion throw a wrench into their happiness when the finally decide to tie the knot, and will their love inspire the other lovers in Ponyville?

Story inspired by FacelessJr's artwork.

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A bit rough in spots, especially bigot-esqe Twilight, and I have never really ever enjoyed Doctor Whooves and Derpy as a couple. But the story was entertaining and the teasing between Vinyl and Octavia was a nice touch.

I loved it! Not only did you focus on the wedding but you also added in the background stories of minor characters. The Doctor Whooves one was touching enough.

This is a good example of a story written with just enough technical stress. It is definitively not perfect and some dialogue/parts do sound a bit off, but all in all, it is extremly enjoyeable and well done. I like when authors don't feel the need to pad their stories with lenghty descriptions and link everything perfectly, it makes the actual reading fun.

Koodos to you :)

Aww, this was beautiful :twilightsmile:


I enjoyed that! :pinkiehappy:

:raritycry::raritycry: That was wonderful, truly a magnificent addition to the list of great fan fiction written by amazing writers. I tip my hat to you.

That was absolutely wonderful :heart::heart: had some sappy over tones :raritycry: and a nice bit of drama to pull it all together a wonderful read. Great job :pinkiehappy:

Have fun saving the universe! anyway, I was looking for a sappy romance fic and you delivered. 10/10

This was amazing. I loved it how Pinkie Pie ate the chocolate. :pinkiegasp: BonBon and Lyra getting married was SUPERB :heart:

Very well written!:heart:

Wow. That was really awesome!
Such a beautiful story! :pinkiehappy:

“Did she ask? Did she ask?” Dinky asked, hopping up and down excitedly on Lyra's chest.


“We can't have a wedding reception without a wedding!” Pinkie Pie pointed a hoof towards Twilight Sparkle. “Twilight, you have one week to find somepony to marry! Time to lower your standards.”


That was great :twilightsmile: even though it wasnt my otp it was pretty nice. That fic included some of my favorite ships! like Octavia and Vinyl, Derpy and the doctor and of course lyra with bonbon

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