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(Rated T for swearing in some sections.)
(Features OC characters in some sections.)
(Features human version characters in some sections.)

There exist many worlds some similar, but can also be different. Some worlds could be filled with talking ponies that have very little technology or could have advanced. Or it could be a human variation of it. Behold a small peak at these worlds where many possibilities are open.

Crossover Mania is a collection of one to two shot crossover stories. Worlds will vary from the human like world of Equestria Girls to Equestria itself and possibly beyond. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the insanity and mania of these stories.

List of Stories to Come

Fragments of Light and Dark [One-Shot]: Strange dreams have been haunting Fluttershy and she wonders what it could mean for her. Unknowingly during an outing to the Everfree Forest Fluttershy finds a strange fossil and a strange object. Finding them awakens creatures of Darkness known as...Krawl.

Bushi Sentai Hunterranger [One-Shot]: Six months ago the Rainboom’s defeated the Dazzling’s in the battle of the bands at CHS, but that battle set in motion a chain of events that would put the world in danger. The magic that was unleashed seeped its way into the world, and awakened creatures not seen by the human eye for millennium. Great monsters of such power and strength soon began to ravage the world. In an attempt to stop the spread of the monsters to other worlds the portal to Equestria was sealed on both ends to never be opened again until the appointed time where it would on its own. Yet in these great times of danger the world itself calls upon its greatest means of defense. A group of rag tag warriors who together would become “Bushi Sentai! Hunterranger!”

A World Without Danger [Two-Shot]: Arcane Humans-Origins of this branch of humans is relatively unknown, but are rumored to have existed for as long as humans have. Many people [human and arcane alike] have attempted to uncover their origins, but have failed in the end. Arcane Humans [Or just called Arcane(s) for short] are divided into three sub-species: Mystic, Stratus, and Terra. Rainbow Dash is a Stratus and a Freshmen at Kadic Academy. A boarding school that accepts Human's and Arcane's. Yet when she finds an abandoned factory and a supercomputer hidden under it her year is bound to take a turn.

Sanctuary [One-Shot]: It has been a month since the defeat of Sombra and the return of the Crystal Empire. Yet since that time strange shadow creatures have been spotted all around Equestria, and Rarity has been suffering from strange dreams about an unclear event that happened when she was a child. When the shadow creatures attack Ponyville a memory Rarity had suppressed will come to light.

Power Rangers Hunters [One-Shot]: For years mythical creatures known only as 'Monsters' have been sealed away in a world known as 'Elysium'. Eleven 'Hunters' fought against these monsters and stopped them from escaping to our own world. Yet when one betrays them seeking to make all the worlds his own he unleashes the monsters on 'Elysium' and destroys it sending himself and the ten other 'Hunters' to our own world. Yet these ten will have to contend with a nightmare worse than hunting monsters...attending Canterlot High School. IT'S MORPHING TIME!

Equestria’s Ratatosk [One-Shot]: Three years ago Equestria was split between the Solar Empire and the Lunar Republic and war was eminent. Yet the war was stopped, but there was a high cost. Solar Empire's leader Princess Celestia and many guards were killed by Twilight Sparkle a former student to Celestia. Since then the world has been in disorder. Deserts are freezing over with ice, many places in the frozen north are melting, it becomes nearly impossible to traverse at night, and sunlight has become rather harsh in many parts of the world. In the small town of Ponyville a pony named Pinkie Pie mourns the lose of friends and family from three years prior.

Digital Equestria [One-Shot]: Equestria has advanced after many centuries. Many things are hooked up to the internet, and for foals one of the most popular cards games around...DIGIMON! Applejack is a regular young mare who takes the responsibility of her farm over most things and has to usually put up with her digimon obsessed younger sister Applebloom. When Applejack find a strange blue card and mistakes it for a card her sister hasn't scanned she will meet something she never thought she would.

Magic and Hedgehogs [One-Shot]: Sonic has never backed down from a challenge, and when Eggman issues him one he accepts. He is faced with a tough challenge when Eggman's new robot is powered by a strange gem that none have seen. When things look bleak a strange female hedgehog appears to assist.

Kamen Rider Oracle [One-Shot]: The realm of Midnight. A world filled to the brim of shadows of the people of Earth. After being suppressed for so long the shadow known as Vision has found a way to enter Earth by means of a peculiar mirror. The only thing standing in the way of them conquering Earth. Kamen Rider Oracle!

Soul Bound [One-Shot]: Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. Many people would say that even though they were twins they were very different. And many would comment about the unfortunate death of there older Starlight Glimmer and how Twilight was an exceptional alchemist. Many people don't know what happened to Sunset after she left the small town she lived in. There were whispers of her becoming a state alchemist, and other say she's searching for something called 'The Philosopher's Stone'. Both are true.

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WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::pinkiegasp::raritystarry::flutterrage:

6122396 I'm glad you like that one Kamek. The next one will take some time.

You have my attention and I would like to throw out ideas for your Crossover mania. If you are looking for new ideas.

6383657 Okay. I'm willing to listen to any possible ideas you have.

6384780 okay.
1. Kantai Collection

2. Rosario + Vampire

3. YouTuber crossover
- Vanossgaming
- H2O Delirious

4. Assassin's creed

6385332 Hmm...Interesting choices for ideas that's for sure, and the one I'm most likely to do would be the Assassin's Creed. I have not heard of Kantai Collection yet it does sound interesting so that's a maybe. Rosario...uhh...I don't have anything against it, but I don't think I could do that series. And the youtuber one...hmm...maybe. I'll havd to check out the channels you mentioned.

6386786 Okay, Kantai Collection is both a Japanese online game and an Anime Show. It's a bunch of young girls who embody the spirits of WW2 Japanese, German and Italian warships. Which at first thought would make no sense, but it is fun to think about.
Some of the popular characters are the Kongou sisters...
And Bismarck...

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