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CB's Game Blog: Top 10 Console Games · 6:31pm May 10th, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to the second episode of CB’s Game Blog.

Today will be another countdown this time I will be covering my 10 favorite Console Video Games.

Console Games tend to be either a big hit or they can be a flop and almost kill a franchise. Like many I have my own opinions about particular games and sometimes there are just certain things that draw me to a game like the story, characters, music, etc.

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CB's Game Blog: Top Five Games I Hate That Everybody Likes · 8:07pm Nov 24th, 2015

Hmm...Oh hello everyone and welcome to my first Game Blog. Have you ever seen a game that you just hate? And I mean hate enough that you want to destroy something as soon as it's booted up yet for some reason other people seem to like that game? Well I have.

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