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CB's Game Blog: Top 10 Console Games · 6:31pm May 10th, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to the second episode of CB’s Game Blog.

Today will be another countdown this time I will be covering my 10 favorite Console Video Games.

Console Games tend to be either a big hit or they can be a flop and almost kill a franchise. Like many I have my own opinions about particular games and sometimes there are just certain things that draw me to a game like the story, characters, music, etc.

Of course there are a few rules to this with the first being that I have to own the console and corresponding game. Second only a single game per franchise. Finally no collection games. Now while my opinion might be different from others feel free to voice your own opinion. Time to get this started…Hade ne Ikuze!

10: Dot Hack Part 1 Infection

Even when I had a Playstation 2 I didn’t know about this game until I was introduced to it via a MANGA of all things! After reading the manga I decided to give it a shot…and oh boy.

Let’s start with the premise of this game; You are playing as a unnamed human character who started playing the MMORPRG called ‘The World’ who uses a twin blade class avatar named Kite.

You then go through a variety of tutorials that help you grasp the essentials of the game before jumping head first into the lion’s den, and by that I mean a dungeon that is made fairly easy thanks to your pal Orca.

While exploring the dungeon you and your friend witness a strange site; A girl in white being chased by a reaper like being.

To make a long story short you and Orca follow, Orca is given a strange book by Aura (the girl in white), and seconds later Skeit (the reaper like being) appears and Aura is turned into segments.

Kite (you) manage to escape, but not before witnessing Orca’s demise at the hands of Skeit. Orca’s last gift to you was the Book of Twilight that Aura had given him.

What follows I cannot spoil, but that leads me to the next point.

The gameplay in this game is supposed to be mimic MMORPG’s, but slightly modified so you have more control. As such you are able to be in control of what your allies can do. Of course a major point of this game is setting your characters up with the right equipment. Attaching or detaching specific pieces of equipment will lower stats or get rid of helpful skills.

The soundtrack to the game is less than stellar, and the only standout track(s) are during boss battles or the final battle with Infection’s final boss.

There is more, but if you want to know then you will just have to buy it or watch a playthrough, because I’m not going to spoil it.

9: Spectrobes Origins

Oh the memories. To me this seems like a hidden gem for the Wii system as well as the DS system in general.

Okay let me give a quick run-down for those who are brand new to this franchise; Spectrobes started on the DS and told the tale of Rallen a Naniro Planetary Patrol officer (NPP for short) and his friend Jenna. One day they were out patrolling a nearby planet when they found a ship crashed.

After finding a man in a sleeping capsule Rallen also found a strange device called The Prizmod. Let’s just say since the moment he picked up that thing his life has taken rather wild turns.

With the help of creatures known as Spectrobes he has stopped being’s known as Krawl on two occasions as well as defeated there mastermind Krux once.

Origins is the third and sadly final game in the franchise and follows the continuing story of Rallen and his partner as they travel to a brand new planet…in a whole new galaxy! I won’t spoil anything, but many things were changed when it came to converting a handheld game to a console game.

First off you fight in a two man party that consists of one of the two primary characters and one of your trusty adult spectrobes. With a push of the button you attack with whatever weapon it is you have equipped at the time.

While flicking the remote will cause the spectrobe to attack on their own. Special attacks can also be initiated to cause massive damage to your foe.

But this game doesn’t only include fighting. Nope because in order to fight against opponents you NEED to have spectrobes otherwise you will be in danger of a rather quick defeat. So in order to obtain spectrobes (other than the ones from the start) you have to find fossils.

Now finding fossils is easy. You see spectrobes are divided into three categories; Child, Adult, and Evolved. Child spectrobes can be commanded much like normal ones in battle, but they only work outside of battle and are capable of scanning.

Scanning means you can find fossil cubes which contain fossilized child spectrobes which can be raised into adult and used for battle.
The music feels great as it is well orchestrated for a full console game. Even remixed bits from the DS games sound just as good.

Now as a parting note I will say this; the game has its moments of humor as well as serious bits. So while it is a fun game it can also be hard so if you want a challenge and have loved the DS Spectrobes games…then I highly suggest you give this game a try.

8: Ratchet and Clank up Your Arsenal

Okay when I was first making up this list I had actually forgotten about this game. Then it took me looking through my PS2 collection and finding it and remembering all the good times I had while playing it.

This is the third installment in the ever so wonderful and classic R&C series, and boy was it a ride. It takes place a while after Ratchet and Clank Going Commando.

The gameplay is as addictive as ever with using the guns and such to thrash your enemies as well as use special gear in order to solve puzzles on the various planets.

The game revolves around Ratchet and his robotic buddy Clank trying to thwart the dastardly scheme’s of the universe’s newest super villain Dr. Nefarious…who actually lives up to his name. His plan well…turn all organic life into robots. Go figure huh?

Anyways in this game new and old weapons appear along with upgradeable armor like Going Commando. But newly introduced was liberation segments.

Nefarious lives up to his name and reputation as he attempts to and sometimes accomplishes to conqueror planets.

Now these segments award you with bolts which work as the currency and with defeating more foes means your weapons will gain more of a punch as they level up.

There are several planets to explore and each having unique tracks to fit them. Never has blowing your way across the planet been more fun! So if your into guns, humor, robots, and limited plot holes that you won’t care about come the credits. Then I highly recommend this game.

7: Skylanders Trap Team

Never in a million years would I expect to put a game from this series on here. As it is known Skylanders is rather infamous with its concept of making you buy toys that are used in game.

Yet there is something about this new installment that brought a smile to my face as I started to play it.

General story this time around; Kaos blew up a prison that was keeping many infamous villains locked up.

The most infamous was a group known as The Doom Raiders, but with the prison blow apart fragments of a substance known as Traptanium have appeared on Earth and is the only thing capable of trapping these villainous fiends.

Now with the aid of the elite Trap Masters, and even Kaos himself you must trap the villains. Of course there is a last minute twist that everyone saw coming.

Anyways this game is modeled heavily off of its predecessor Swap Force. You attack, jump, and fight your way towards various goals and take down villains along the way.

In addition the numerous Skylanders you can collect well certain villains are capable of being caught and used against your foes. These villains are so powerful they cannot be damaged, but they do suffer from a different game mechanic.

They can only be outside a trap so long. You can switch them out, but until the villain cools down they are cannot be used or switched to.

There are moments in this that are silly and remind me of the original Spyro trilogy on Playstation, but this game has its own charm. Even the music can be catchy at times, and is a fair challenge even on the easiest difficulty setting.

So if you want a game that is part collecting, part adventuring, humorous, and a fair challenge. Then consider adding Skylanders Trap Team to your Wii, Playstation, and Xbox collection.

6: Custom Robo

When it came to the Nintendo GameCube there were two games that were very hard to pry me away from. This was one of them, and for very good reason.

Custom Robo is a different kind of game, and out of the many sequel’s that have existed I keep coming back to this one. To start the graphics in this game are very good for their time, and the way the characters and robo’s are rendered are great.

Secondly the music…oh the music here is capable of pulling heartstrings. The pleasant beat of when you’re walking about the town to the dark vibe given off when you are exploring the main baddies headquarters is a treat for the ears.

Thirdly is the way battles are played out in this game. In this game players use robo’s that only no taller than 2-3 feet that are capable of firing off gun shots that vary, bombs, and exploding pods that can throw your opponents robo up in the air.

Robo’s are also outfitted with special boots that can increase different capabilities depending on what is equipped. The title pretty much tells you that customization is key in the game.

But the real reason this game is on here is the story. Oh this game’s story is great and serves as one of the best in the entirety of the franchise. I cannot give full details as I don’t want to spoil it so let me just give a simplified version of it.

You play as a character who gets the job as a bounty hunter in Steel Hearts, and on your first job with a fellow worker you go to a lab that a gang is trying to rob. Their eye is on the labs latest robo Ray-01.

After your character performs an Eye-Scan Registration (will happen no matter what option you select. Unless you ignore it you will go back to just wandering around) you defeat all your opponents.

That is only the start of the journey. Many secrets are hidden in the dark, and more battles await you. If you want a game who’s story is as solid as it’s gameplay then look no further than Custom Robo for the Nintendo GameCube.

5: Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon

Okay when Legend of Spyro the Eternal Night was released…I was disappointed. The story was lackluster. Most of the element attacks changed for no apparent reason.

Gaul was boring, and the difficulty spikes between levels were crazy or went relatively unnoticed. Even the music couldn’t get me excited and it felt like I was playing A New Beginning all over again.

So when Dawn of the Dragon was released I held my breath and me along with my siblings bought it one day at Game Stop. From the start to finish the game blew away my expectations.

To start the graphic’s are sharper and character models are done a lot better for Spyro and Cynder (where she got those bracelets while they were encased in crystal is anybody’s guess) so it makes for some rather interesting scenes as body language and facial movements help to set a mood or give a general idea of a character.

The game boasts a great number of area’s to explore as well as each area (except for a few that feature actual bosses) having an optional ‘boss’ to fight. The music used in this game is to make set the mode of calmness or great urgency.

Now there is a new feature that makes this game stand out above its predecessor games. For the first time since she was introduced you can play the violet femme fatale of the Legends games Cynder.

Playstyle wise Spyro and Cynder are exactly the same, but stat wise they are different. By the end of the game Spyro is shown to have the greater health making him the best choice to take heavy hits and with his Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Earth breaths he is a force to be reckoned with.

Cynder boosts greater breath meter potential and has possibly some of the most dangerous elements in existence. She commands Poison, Wind, Shadow, and Fear with ease.

These elements are not only used to defeat your enemies, but also to help solve difficult puzzles and pass obstacles along the way as they make their way to the final showdown with the Dark Master.

Outside of the original series of games I never thought I would truly find a Spyro game that would please me. I was wrong.

4: Kingdom Hearts II

Okay now I am touching on some really touchy territory. Kingdom Hearts II has been known as the pinnacle of the franchise.
After the game known as…Chain of Memories (or RE: Chain of Memories for the PS2 collector) this game was a breath of fresh air. It brought many new things to the formula while keeping what made Kingdom Hearts good at its core.

There are Disney worlds to explore old and new as you make your way to find out and stop the nefarious plans of Organization XIII.
Many classic Disney tracks are re-imagined and some introduced to give you a feeling of nostalgia or just pump you up for a big battle.

Even familiar characters from Final Fantasy VII-VIII make an appearance as well as some exclusive characters to the custom world of Traverse Town.

Now with this game primarily being a hack and slash the focus of the game is on the combat system. The multiple keyblades return giving you various buffs and abilities depending on the one that you have equipped, and summons return as a great assist.

Newly introduced into the game was Forms. In order to perform a particular form you utilize one of your allies who is drawn into Sora and his outfit changes giving him different abilities.

But with every gift comes a risk. When going for a form there is a risk of Anti-Sora taking form which changes up the gameplay slightly, but not by much.

Secondly brought in was Reaction Commands which serve to help dodge better, act as a special move, or serve as an overblown double attack between Sora and an ally or two.

So if you want a fun hack and slash who’s reputation is well earned. Then I suggest this or Kingdom Hearts II.5 remix that has Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix on it. It is well worth it.

3: Megaman X5

Megaman has not received any love from Capcom in the past few years, but his reputation seems to be on a climb with classic Megaman returning as a character in Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS.

But let’s take a time out in order to talk about one of his spinoff series. Megaman X did everything the classic did, but threw it’s only little spin on things.

As things went along we got some great games with some great music and truly great stories. Now the series reached there pinnacle when this game was released and is one of the most beloved of the franchise.

It picks up a few months after the ending of X’s story in X4 in which Sigma has made a reappearance on Earth, and with his reappearance came the Sigma Virus and the threat of the a space colony falling to Earth. There are two plans in order to stop it.

Utilizing either a laser or a rocket would prove to be effective, but the parts must be taken from infected hunters. Most of who seem to have a history or know of Zero.

Now this game plays like most other Megaman games. Work your way towards the boss. Defeat the boss of the area using whatever you can. Claim a weapon from them. Repeat this process until you reach the final boss.

Now there are a few differences in the game compared to the others. First there will be a roadblock boss that goes by Dynamo who has no weakness, and secondly there are a few gimmicks in order to make either the laser or the rocket work.

I will not spoil that or the story as it is major point in this game. If you want to test your skills as a player of the Megaman franchise then try your hands at this game.

2: Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

Remember when I mentioned earlier that there was TWO GameCube games that are extremely hard to pry me away from?

Well meet game #2. Yes it’s true that I love the pokemon franchise. Heck one of my all time favorite games is on the handheld.

And while it’s true that most of the pokemon console games have a less than stellar reputation. XD actually has a well deserved reputation, and it’s time to go into the why.

First off it fixed a particular game mechanic from Coliseum which was you could only save at PC’s. Now like any traditional pokemon game you can save anywhere anytime.

Secondly there is a wider diversity of pokemon in this region as more pokemon from the Generation III games were brought into the mix for both regular and shadows (get to that in a minute).

The music here is superb and along with remixed tracks from Coliseum it has its own selection of tracks that make exploring this unknown region a true joy and wander.

Now a major point of this game is the battle system. Having been released during the third generation of pokemon gave a lot of options, but instead of a single one on one battle system they went for the trademark of Gen III. The double battle system.

For those who don’t know how a double battle work here’s a quick recap; The player and the opponent send out there first two pokemon and use them much like they would in a regular one on one.

But since your using two you have a variety of ways that you could battle. You could split your attacks between your opponents or you could double up on them and go for quickly fainting them.

Now there is another point to this game; but the best way to explain it would be through the story.

You play as a character who lives in a lab that has done extensive research in terms of pokemon and what they are capable of doing.
One day after going to get your sister and returning to the lab a strange group of people appear and are going after the professor.

You try and stop them forcing one of the unknown men into a battle. As the battle begins and both of you send out your pokemon a device located on the side of your ear called an Aura Reader goes off. The professor tells you that the pokemon the man sent out is a Shadow Pokemon.

Yes. The shadow pokemon make a comeback, and this time are a bigger problem than they were before. With all their moves being super effective against all types you will be in for a true challenge.

Now Shadow Pokemon will appear at random during battles and with the help of your Snag Machine you can snag there pokemon.
There are many shadow pokemon out there waiting to be caught, and just as much a story to be experienced.

1: Sonic Unleashed

Now listen Sonic is one of the franchises I grew up with. The shows were either great or bored me, and the games while some have become infamous others have some undeserved hate.

Sonic Unleashed was a tipping point in the franchise. Many fans began complaining saying that there was no reason for Sonic randomly becoming a Werehog…apparently people didn’t pay attention to the opening cutscene before the game started.

To summarize; Dr. Eggman is at it again and has put together another armada (how much spare time does Eggman have on his hands?) to try and conquer the world.

Of course with Sonic being Sonic he decides to crash the party and even goes Super Sonic in order to give Eggman’s fleet a whooping.

Of course this was all just a set up for Eggman’s real plan. Lure the super transformed hedgehog into the control room of his primary ship, beg for mercy and forgiveness, and then use a special machine to extract the power of the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic.

With this power he literally splits the planet apart and releases the deity of darkness Dark Gaia. A bit of Dark Gaia’s power leaked through the emeralds that had been connected to Sonic at the time, and it resulted in Sonic Werehog transformation that happens at night.

Now moving away from the story let’s get to the gameplay. The game is divided into two sections; Day and Night so for now let’s start with the night stages.

During the night stages Werehog Sonic while giving up the speed he normally has exchanges it for strength, and flexibility.

You will have to put those to use as you beat your way through a plague of Dark Gaia spawn with a variety of combo’s and special moves that only the werehog can pull off.

But the gameplay goes differently for the day stages. Playing as traditional Sonic you have to reach the goal as fast as your mind can handle. Now you may think that I just said that wrong, but no.

The sense of speed given off by Sonic in this game is just…just…well it’s just that. It’s hard to describe. The more rings you have the greater the speed and the more things just seem like a blur to you.

Yeah you can still pull of the traditional moves, but in this game timing has become extremely critical along with drifting which you will have to do in order to avoid particular obstacles.

There are a variety of great locations to explore in both day and night, and to top it off a soundtrack that is unlike any other Sonic game to date…I know I’m going to regret saying that later.

That’s it for my second blog and countdown. I hope you enjoyed it and there are more to come. This has been Code Breaker.

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