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Can't Have Just One - Wordy Notes

Twilight gets a package from Donut Joe and decides to try a donut...and another, and another and another...

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Can't Have Just One

“Let’s see…these ones will go here, then these ones will go into the section I’m currently having shelves built for,” Twilight Sparkle spoke out loud as she sorted through a large amount of books, organizing them into different piles in preparation for actually putting them into the shelves of the new library section of her castle she was about to open up. While there were still some left to go through, the librarian-turned-princess had at least managed to get through the entirety of the books Princess Celestia had donated to her, and that was an accomplishment in and of itself, “Oh, I’m so excited for when the library will finally open!” she smiled happily and clapped her hooves, letting out a squee as she did.

“Excited enough that you’re apparently talking to yourself,” a voice came from behind her, making Twilight jump and turn around, seeing Spike the dragon standing in the doorway to the unfinished library, holding a large brown box with a stack of papers and envelopes on it. He cracked a fangy smile at her as he walked inside, setting it down on a table.

“I was not talking to myself, Spike,” Twilight replied defensively “I was…monologuing,” she said with a matter-of-fact tone.

“Well, I hear that there’s a Ponyville acting club that’s about to start soon so maybe you could join them and practice where you won’t creep others out,” Spike chuckled as he started filing through the envelopes, “Oh, this is for you, by the way,” he motioned toward the box.

“For me?” Twilight repeated as she went up next to the table, examining the box.

“Yeah, pretty big package. You have a secret admirer or something?”

Glancing over at Spike to give a disapproving look for a moment, Twilight searched around the other side of the box for a return address, finding it and noticing it was from Canterlot, “Who in Canterlot besides my parents would send me this large of a package?” She said to nopony in particular, “Oh, it’s from Donut Joe apparently.”

“That guy who owns that awesome donut shop in Canterlot?” Spike turned his attention from the stack of envelopes, “What would he be sending you?”

“Don’t know,” Twilight said as she lit her horn up and started to undo the wrapping on the package, slicing the box open with a pair of ethereal scissors. Inside, she found two smaller containers that resembled coolers. Curious, Twilight opened one of them up, revealing that inside were two boxes containing donuts, “Oh wow! He sent me donuts!” Twilight smiled.

“You almost sound surprised,” Spike laughed.

“No, it’s just that I really wasn’t expecting this kind of gesture,” she took both the boxes out and set them on the table, peering inside the plastic window and noticing that one box seemed to be a variety pack that had different kinds of donuts such as custard filled, glazed, and even a few maple bars as well. The other box, however, was a bit more unusual in that it was all one type of donut but they had dark blue frosting while the actual donut part appeared to be a bit crimson in color.

“Red velvet maybe?” Twilight guessed as she examined them, the smell from them entering into her muzzle and making her mouth water slightly at the wonderful scent she was experiencing. Before anything else could happen, Spike hopped up onto the chair and took out a piece of paper wedged between the two coolers.

“This letter might help shed some light on this,” he said, unfolding it and clearing his throat before reading it aloud, doing his best impersonation of Joe in the process, “’Heya’, Princess Twilight. It’s Donut Joe from Joe’s Donuts in Canterlot, though I’m sure ya’ probably already knew that given what I just sent ya’. Call it kind of a care package for savin’ Equestria. Well, savin’ it again, I suppose. It’s kinda’ special too, you and your friends (I packed enough) are gettin’ early access to the newest item soon to be added to my shop: the All Night Delights. They’re the blue and red ones in case ya’ were wonderin’. Anyways, hope you and your friends enjoy ‘em, and be sure to sop by next time you’re in town. Later, Princess! Sincerely, Donut Joe.’” As soon as Spike finished the letter, he rolled it up and set it back down on the table.

“Ooh dear, this was an unexpected but very welcome treat,” Twilight smiled, “I’ll have to have the girls over so we can eat all of these,” she giggled.

“Hey!” Spike huffed.

“Oh, and you can have some too, Spike, sorry,” Twilight sheepishly grinned.

“Hmph,” Spike turned around and crossed his arms, “Well, I suppose I’ll forgive you…if you let me go to that release party that’s happening soon,”

“Release party?” Twilight inquired.

“Ponyville’s comic shop is getting the first issue of the Masked Matter-Horn’s solo series early and I really, really wanna’ go get it but I have some stuff here to do with the library, so could I please go, Twilight? I promise I’ll get it done when I get back?” Spike pleaded.

Twilight looked at him and sighed before smiling and nodding, “You have been working pretty hard helping me with all the books and getting the library ready, so yes. You can go get that comic.”

“Woo hoo!” Spike darted over and hugged Twilight close, the pony smiling and putting a hoof around the dragon’s back to pat him before releasing him.

“So, they’re doing solo series now for each of the Power Ponies?” Twilight asked.

“Not all of ‘em, it’s just the Masked Matter-Horn for right now,” Spike hopped over to get his backpack, “Which is alright, she’s my favorite, anyway.”

“Oh. Really?” Twilight blushed a little at the comment, remembering how she had ended up as that particular character back when her, Spike, and the rest of their friends had been transported inside the magic comic Spike had inadvertently picked up.

“Yeah,” Spike nodded as he started over to the door, “She’s kind of a dork sometimes, but she’s still pretty cool,” he added with a smirk as he stood next to it, receiving a glare from Twilight in return, “I’m joking, Twi!” He laughed before opening the door, “See you a little bit later, and enjoy your donuts!” Spike waved before closing the door and leaving Twilight sitting alone in the castle’s library. Twilight then turned her attention over to a small stack of books she had sitting on the table that she was in the middle of reading.

“Well, while Spike is out, I might as well take a break too,” she shrugged, picking up the books in her magic telekinetic field and trotting off to one of the reading lounges. Before she left, however, she glanced over her shoulder at the box of All Night Delights and smiled.

“Why not?” She thought, adding four of them to her field as well as a plate on her way.


“Oh, this is going to be great,” Twilight smiled as she entered one of the lounges. Designed to provide the visitors to the library with a great amount of comfort if they decided to stay long enough to actually read a book, each of the rooms had comfy chairs and couches perfect for ponies to sit on them as they browsed through the books in the library. Seated in the center, though, was also a table that could be served as a meeting room for ponies that wanted to use the rooms for that purpose. Having food with her, Twilight opted to take a seat at the table as she set out a book out.

“Though these chairs by the table are comfy too, thank you, Rarity,” she thought as she set the plate down and opened up one of the books she had with her; a western novel she had borrowed from Applejack called The Desert Runners. As she started cycling through the author information and the table of contents at the beginning, Twilight floated one of the Delights over to her mouth and took a bite from it, only half-paying attention with her violet eyes glued on the first page that she had cycled to. As she chewed, however, her focus immediately drifted from her book to the donut as her mind began to process the taste…and it was DELICIOUS.

“This, this is amazing!” Twilight cried out in shock as she took a few more bites from her circular pastry, each one tickling her taste buds with the heavenly taste of chocolate and mocha from the fried dough itself and then following up with a sweet burst of what she assumed was blackberry, “Obviously from the frosting,” she finished yet another thought out loud. Forgetting her manners for a moment, the purple equine quickly consumed the remainder of the treat and chomped it down before swallowing.

“Just as good as the first time,” Twilight thought as she let out a satisfied sigh, “Wow, Joe really outdid himself this time.” She then turned to the plate, still holding three on there. At first they had just been a mid-day snack that she had brought with her to passively munch on while reading. Now, they appeared as appetizing as lunch.

“I really shouldn’t eat so many sweets, though,” Twilight said, seemingly trying to convince herself to not indulge. The thought flowed around in her mind for a short time before it was finally overridden, “Oh, why not? One more couldn’t hurt?” She then picked up another one, while uttering the famous phrase many ponies usually said before they ended up with either a stomachache or some unwanted extra weight, and began eating. Unknown to her, Twilight was taking much bigger bites as she chewed up the donut, not taking as much time to contemplate and savor the taste as she had before with the original. Before she knew it, her second Delight had vanished down her throat, leaving her with a slight feeling of emptiness until she realized that there was another one there that had just as much of a lifespan as its predecessor once Twilight got her hooves on it. With the fourth, she wasted no time and simply popped the entire thing into her muzzle, taking long chomps and making happy noises as her cheeks bulged with the contents inside before finally swallowing it, licking the excess frosting and crumbs off of her mouth. Twilight then instinctively grabbed for the plate to get another Delight, only for her ears to droop when she saw there was no more.

“Wait!” She leapt up to her hooves, “There’s more out in the lobby!” Twilight then trotted back out to the library’s front where the two coolers were, a spring in her step as she went (the extra energy coming from the mocha, giving the treats their title, she surmised.) Out of the initial one she had opened, Twilight removed the box that contained the rest of the All Night Delights, Joe apparently having enough confidence in her and her friends liking them that he had included two baker’s dozen within.

“And he was right! These are so gooooood!” Twilight squealed slightly as she set the box on the table and took a seat in the chair, removing two and stuffing them into her mouth, not caring about etiquette so much as sating her sudden appetite for the gifted pastries.

“I might even have to ask him for the recipe so I could have these served at Sugar Cube Corner! That way I won’t have to wait until they come in from Canterlot!” Twilight thought as she swallowed. Unknown to her, however, as soon as the donuts traveled down her gullet and entered her stomach, a mysterious effect began to take place on her body. Though it was most certainly firm from the rapid consumption of the previous four (as well as the breakfast and tea she had only eaten recently) the alicorn’s belly became more pronounced, swelling out and appearing very much like she had just swallowed an entire basketball whole. Under normal circumstances, Twilight probably would’ve been concerned about the sudden, unexplained change on her physique but she was too caught up in her episode of gluttony to even notice as she wolfed down more of the donuts, making her stomach bulge even more. As she continued eating, her growth spread all throughout the rest of her body, starting at first with her slender flank and hips as they thickened into an admittedly quite curvy backside that surely would drive any stallion that leered at it wild. Twilight’s chest also started to bloat as well, catching up with her engorged gut as it too continued to slowly ebb outward with each Delight that entered her body.

“Yum, these are amazing! I can’t wait to-*munch*-share these with the-*chomp*-girls! Spike too! They’re going to-*gulp*-love these!” She sputtered in between bites, her mouth only empty whenever she took a moment to swallow. Finally finishing off the rest of the box, Twilight had packed on a large amount of weight to her otherwise very average frame. Her middle was starting to droop over the chair now as it grew and grew while her rounding rear started to take up more room in the chair as it came dangerously close to the rests at the sides. Further up her body, her barrel had now gotten enough bulk on it to match up with her expanding belly as they both worked together to push her legs further and further apart, though they too were not safe from her gaining as they puffed up the same as the rest of her body. Her face had even plumped up as well, the beginnings of a small double chin visible just underneath her fatty neck and a pair of chubby cheeks to go along with it.

“These are some of the best little treats I’ve had in years!” She subconsciously rubbed a hoof across her stomach, not even noticing that there was more there than had been before she had woken up that morning. As Twilight looked at the cooler containing the other box with the remaining 26 Delights, she had a thought, “There’s still some left in that other box, I should really save those for the others,” was what her initial contemplation was. However, just as before, desire was wrestling with her rational thought. Soon, her urge of wanting to eat them soon cascaded into needing to eat them.

“Gimme, gimme!” Twilight giggled as she lifted the lid open and, one-by-one, brought out the entire contents of the donuts, swirling around her like a tornado of sugary goodness and magical energy. As she brought each one up to her lips to eat them in quick bites, she was lost within a sea of euphoric happiness as their wonderful taste flew across her tongue.

“I can just order more of them from Joe, I’m sure my friends won’t mind,” she thought, eating the Delights. As she continued eating them faster and faster, their magical toll on her already plump body started to become grander. Her wide hips were now pushing against the sides of the chair and spilling out of the small openings underneath while her flank had now taken up the entirety of the space alongside her paunch that continued overflowing off the chair like a wave of purple pony flesh, her meaty legs pressed against that and her increasing barrel. More and more, Twilight began to resemble a slowly inflating parade float that was starting to be stretched to its limit as she continued to grow heavier and heavier with flab, her face now a round oval with a large second chin in place of where her neck used to be. Within the time she had started her binge, Twilight had gone from being svelte to chubby to what was probably Equestria’s first ever obese alicorn…and she had only hit the halfway point of the box’s contents. As she continued ravenously tearing into the remaining Delights, Twilight’s thoughts projected themselves outward into speech.

“I’m a Princess! I could just have Joe come here to Ponyville!” She spoke up, unaware of the loud creaking sound echoing through the lobby as donut after donut disappeared into her maw and she expanded bigger and bigger, “He could be my personal pastry chef! That way he could make these miracles of baking for me whenever I wanted! My friends and I and all of Equestria would be able to experience these wonderful donuts! He’d be rich and I’d be able to eat them every single day! I need to have Spike take a letter when he gets back and tell Princess Celestia that All Night Delights should be made into one of the national foods of Eques-,” her boisterous, hunger induced monologue was interrupted by the sound of cracking wood coming from below her as Twilight’s bright smile faded to a worried frown, “-tria?” She slowly gazed down just as the chair she had been sitting in collapsed, the legs finally giving out under the weight of the much too huge pony as Twilight fell onto her back, landing on the floor with a hefty thud and causing every inch of her rotund body to quiver and jiggle. The sudden impact jolted her and left her very confused at what had just occurred, though the bookworm turned butterball became aware very quickly what was happening when she noticed a massive, purple ball in front of her. At first thinking it was some mysterious object pressing down and holding her in place, her hypothesis changed quickly as soon as she felt it and Twilight realized that the squishy, heavy object was in fact part of her own body.


“I…what?!” Twilight shouted in surprise, “This isn’t possible! How in Equestria could I have gotten so large all of the sudden? What happened to me?!” She flailed, trying to roll herself over but to no avail. She even tried doing some of the things she had seen Rainbow Dash’s pet tortoise try whenever it ended up on its back but those failed as well. Frustrated, Twilight gave up and eventually, with a grumpy huff, teleported herself right-side up just slightly above the floor to drop down back onto her hooves…or so she thought. To her horror, she discovered that her hooves barely reached the ground as she appeared to be propped up by her enormous stomach, which now had the consistency of a water bed as it jiggled around. Twilight stared at it mouth agape before she began observing her newly blobby body. Her barrel had acquired rolls as it stuck out a short ways in front of her while further back her corpulent rump also appeared to be impressively large, each cheek swollen with blubber and, to her amazement, her cutie mark having been stretched out to cover the new girth it was emblazoned upon. All four of her legs were chunky, enough fat having collected on them to hide the joints underneath, though they were still nothing in comparison to the thing they were squished against that was currently keeping Twilight from moving under normal circumstances. While she couldn’t see it without the aid of a mirror, Twilight could feel the fleshy second chin underneath whenever she craned her head towards the floor, compressing down and putting pressure on her buried neck and her chest. It was probably the strangest feeling of all, especially when coupled together with how spherical her cheeks felt.

“It’s like I got stung by a bee…a REALLY big bee,” she shuddered, “Could it have been Discord? A prank by Rainbow Dash? What happened? Oh, I hope I can figure this out before anypony sees me.”

“T-Twilight?” Almost as if on cue, a familiar voice called from behind the ample alicorn, making her mane and tail stand on end as she glanced over her broad shoulders to see Spike, slack jawed and standing in the lobby doorway staring at Twilight like he had just walked in on some kind of strange ritual…or one of Pinkie’s Thursday night dance parties.

“Uh…um…Spike…” Twilight stuttered, racking her brain to try and find the best words to string together to explain the situation and failing miserably, “Well…uh…”

“What the hay happened to you?” Spike slowly started walking over to her.

“I…,” Twilight then sighed and hung her head, teleporting around so that she could face him, “I don’t know.”

“Are you hurt at all? Is this painful?” The young dragon asked, a look of concern in his emerald eyes as he slowly approached her, placing a claw on her side and recoiling back when it sunk in.

“Oh my, no!” Twilight shook her head, forgetting about her own situation for a moment and focusing on alleviating Spike’s worry, “It’s…well, being this fat is a weird feeling definitely but I’m fine other than that,” she said quickly with an optimistic smile that slowly went away when she saw Spike wipe sweat off his brow and then began to, in vain, choke back laughter, “Spike! Don’t you dare!” Twilight warned.

“BAHAHAHAHAHA!” Spike fell back onto the floor as he broke into hysterics, kicking his stubby little legs as he fought back tears from his amusement, “You…and…you…your gut…you…wow, Twilight!” He then sighed happily as he stood up, “When you screw up a spell, you screw up a spell BIG!” Spike said, putting intentional emphasis on the last word.

Twilight growled and glared at him, flailing her front hooves in anger, “It was not a miscast spell, Spike!” She shouted, getting defensive again for the second time that day, “I don’t know what happened to me! I was just sitting in the lounge, eating some of those donuts when-,” Twilight’s rant was cut off as she paused and considered something, “THE DONUTS!” She yelled out, pointing an accusatory hoof at the three donuts that had managed to survive her rampage from earlier.

“You mean those All Night Delights Joe sent you? What about them?” Spike asked, confused.

“This all happened after I ate those two boxes!” She turned her head to Spike and then back at the donuts.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on,” Spike cocked an eyebrow as he walked over in front of her, “You’re telling me you ate two boxes worth of doughnuts? Don’t those usually have at least 13 in them?”

“In this case each one had 26. There were two dozen worth,” Twilight corrected him.

“Twilight, that’s a lotta’ donuts, you went WAY overboard,” Spike then eyed the ones on the table, “Of course…even two boxes wouldn’t make you this…this…”

“Whale-like?” Twilight finished his sentence with a blank expression and an eye roll.

“I was trying to think of a less harsh word, but sure,” Spike shrugged, “Like wobbly. That’s less harsh.” He smiled and then put a claw to his chin, “Hm…”

Twilight interrupted his pondering with another stare that would’ve made Fluttershy’s seem like a friendly smile, “Spike, do not, under any circumstances, start calling me ‘Twilight Wobble!’” She groaned and facehoofed, “Just go get that letter from Joe so I can re-read it, maybe I missed something!”

“Like some text on the back?”

“Yes, like some text…what?” Twilight whipped her head over to Spike.

“Yeah, apparently there was another side to the letter,” Spike hopped off the table and held the letter up to her face, revealing it to her, “Want me to read it?” He inquired, Twilight’s only reply being a deep sigh and a nod to which Spike started off, not bothering to do an impression this time around, “’Oh, and one more thing about those Delights! They’re still sort of a work in progress that I was kind of hoping you might help me with? The problem is that they taste really good, so much so that they become addicting and because of the magic frosting I used that’s supposed to help give you energy, if you eat too many of them at once you end up packing on some pounds really quick, so just a fair warning. Anyway, hope you enjoy them.’” Spike finished reading and set the letter back down, meeting Twilight’s gaze with a sad expression, “Uh…sorry I forgot to read that part, Twi.”

“Don’t worry about it, Spike,” she motioned at him to come over for a hug to which he did with a small smile, “I missed it too, so it’s okay,” she patted his back.

“And if you of all ponies missed it, then it must’ve been a really big mistake,” Spike chuckled as he looked up at Twilight, “Uh…no offense,” he grinned.

Twilight laughed, “None taken,” she said, “Ugh…this is so hard trying to deal with all this,” she groaned as she sucked in her gut long enough to bring her hooves to the ground to waddle over to a book shelf before exhaling and letting her stomach plop back on the ground, “Now, I suppose all I need to do now is find a spell to fix this and possibly also run some research on those donuts,”

“I can help you if you want!” Spike jumped up onto Twilight’s back, making her body shake slightly, “Number one assistant, after all,” he said with a smile.

“You got it,” Twilight looked back and nodded as she combed through the shelf, “You might even be able to use me as a couch for reading some of those books or your comics until I get this fixed,” she chuckled.

“Huh, maybe,” Spike laid down and stretched out on her expansive back, “You are pretty soft. You mind if I use you as a bed too?” He smirked.

“Don’t push it,” Twilight quickly said, shooting another look back at him, “Oh, speaking of that, how’d your release go? Did you end up getting that first issue?”

“Oh! Yeah, I got it right here!” Spike proudly pulled the bagged and boarded comic out, but seemed to intentionally hiding the cover, “Um…about that, though,” he sheepishly avoided eye contact from Twilight as he started whistling.

“What? What is it?” Twilight stared at Spike intently.

“Well…” Spike trailed off as he kept staring at the ceiling and slowly turned the issue around. Twilight looked at it as her eyes slowly widened. The cover’s picture depicted the Masked Matter-Horn with an assortment of cakes, pastries, and other sweets in front of her. Her mouth was full and it was clear from her stomach pressing against her costume that she had been eating for a while. In the background, there sat an enormously obese stallion with a gray colored mane and a bright white coat, domino mask covering his eyes and an ill-fitting suit covering his body as he appeared to be laughing maniacally. Twilight’s eyes went to some text just below the title that read “At the Mercy of the Supersized Stallion!’

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me!”

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I'm glad you enjoyed it with that much enthusiasm. XD

Twilight deserves more weight gain fanfics!

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