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Chrysalis Wins - Arkolo

Chrysalis's invasion is successful. The challenge of ruling begins...

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Ch.50 "A Thought, Chase, and a Show" part 2

Chrysalis Wins

Ch.50 “A Thought, Chase, and a Show” part 2

Lightning Dust slowly stalked around the great cloud pillars of Cloudsdale. There had been a paranoid hustle bustle throughout the city since news of the ‘invasion’ had taken place. Public displays of anger and uncouth behavior frequently broke out, accusations were flung everywhere. Those suspected of being changelings were often knocked up and thrashed until they were driven out of town or beaten unconscious. Either result seemed to satisfy said accusations.

The changeling disguised as a teal mare with blonde mane couldn’t help but chortle every time she saw some innocent pony be accused and be put through the ringer for it. As long as she didn’t pick up undue attention all would be fine.

She pulled out a slip of paper with some notes on it. The information was pretty easy to acquire, since one of the census clerks was another vanguard.

“Let’s see, cloud #124 north cumulous lane, belonging Rainbow Blaze. AHA! There we go.”

She found the pillar of cumulous lane, which was more of a tower, but every pony called it a lane. It was nearly a thousand ponies high, but she wouldn’t have to go that far up, according to the address number.

A few other vanguards confirmed they saw a rainbow maned pony go to that address recently, and they had kept an eye on it since. So she had back up if she needed it… But she never needed back up, not her, no way…

Not like any of the other vanguard could keep up with her anyway, flying prodigy that she was. Breaking the vanguard track records between Cloudsdale and the Badlands wasn’t enough for her. These ponies would need to know she was the best too, and after she became a wonderbolt, they would.

When she arrived at the proper level she landed on the cloudy walkway, and started to trace around the block. She went over the scenario of her approach briefly in her mind.

#1 Wait for the pony to show her face. She hasn’t left the building according to the watchers, so wait until opportunity.

#2 when she does exit, engage in short conversation.

- If she has the amulet on her, get her distracted then snatch it

- If she doesn’t have the amulet on her, say goodbye, then circle back and raid the house

# success, and success

“House number one-twenty two, one-twenty three, and…”

As she counted down to the target property, she was greeted by the click of a door. It was just too perfect. Smooth as silk Lightning trotted along the road even as Rainbow Dash exited her house and entered the street. With naturally unintended (totally intended) bump Lightning ‘accidently’ knocked into the other mare. Dash had a pair of saddle bags on and the collision spilled some of the contents.

“H-hey watch it!”

“Oh sorry there, didn’t see ya coming on the street. Oh, and sorry bout you things. Let me help clean up.”

“Naw, I got it.”

“C’mon, I was being blind, let me help.”

Before Dash could protest anymore Lightning stooped over and started to scoop up some of the goods. Her brow perked a little bit as she noted the contents she helped to clean. A bag of what appeared to be extra bits, some canned food. One object caught a particular glint in her eye though, it was red-and grey neck piece, and looked like…

As Lightning reached for it she was quickly intercepted by Dash’s hoof.

“I got that, thanks!”

There was an especially nervous tone in the rainbow pony’s voice, and both of Lightning’s eye brows were raised. It was pretty difficult to not to just tackle Dash right there, and wrestle for the amulet. That felt a tad riskier though, perhaps she should still go for the distract and snatch…

“Hey, you ok there? You’re staring.”

“Huh? oh sorry, I just thought I recognized you. You’re Rainbow Dash?”

“Ya, who’s asking?”

“The name’s Lightning Dust. I think I saw ya at the young fliers event earlier. Pretty rad act there!”

“Ya it was pretty rad…”

“Oh, so I gotta ask then! Are you here to check out the new spots for the Wonderbolts? A whole bunch of ‘em just opened and I plan to take one!”

“Wonderbolts have new spots huh?”

“Yep, like half the team.”

“Cause of the invasion?”

Dash’s tone took mixture of somber and angry. Lightning tried to redirect the conversation with an assuaged tone, while she threw a hoof over Dash’s shoulder.

“Oppertunities come in strange ways, I won’t complain though. So am I gonna see you at the try outs? It’d be awesome to fly next to the rainbow boomer!”

“Awesome sure, but I gotta be somewhere else right now.”

“What?! Why wouldn’t you be applying right now? I mean, you’re like totally bolt material from what I saw.”

Lightning’s hoof started to slip towards one of the saddlebags, and Dash started to shift uncomfortably.

“Little breathing room much?”

Dash started to back away, but Lightning kept up her advance. Only a little, bit, further… Smack!

“Get off me!”

“Hey, no need to hit!”

“Ya know what, bye!”

The cyan mare straightened her saddle bags and flew off down the street.


Lightning cursed and she sped down the street after her. The space was an enclosed one, as the street lanes resided within the giant column of cloud that was cumulous lane. So there was no easy access to open sky for several levels.

Several other ponies were out and about in the streets and Dash and Lightning had a myriad of obstacles to dodge because of them. Each of them nimbly navigated it without issue. Dash made a casual glance backward, and was surprised and annoyed to see Lightning behind her.

“What’s you problem?”

“You’ve got my amulet!”

“Ponyfeathers! Not already!”

Under the realization she was being chased, Dash really put on the gas and flew even faster, Lightning matched her speed, and they flew through the streets in a whirlwind. Other ponies had their papers, drink mugs, manes, hats, scarves, and other loose articles blown out of control.

It soon came to the point where Dash couldn’t go any fast if she didn’t want to risk a collision. The corners were too tight, the by standers too many, and her pursuer was equally nimble. As the rainbow mare hesitated to crank it up, Lightning made her decision already, and had no qualms with increased risk.

In a bend, Lightning managed to grab Dash in a loose tackle. She didn’t managed a good grip, and they both crashed in a separate messy spiral. The tumble that ensued took out several street ponies with them. Both of them, and several hapless victims, had their eyes roll in their heads for a bit while they regained orientation. An idea quickly came into Lightning’s head, and she shouted before any pony righted themselves.

“That rainbow pony’s a changeling! And she took my stuff!”

As soon as the word changeling crossed public air instant agitation overtook the nearby residents.

“What? No!”

Dash was taken aback by the accusation, but snorted incredulously all the same.

“Ofcourse she’d say that! Get her!”

A few nearby pegasi rushed into the situation. Dash’s pupils shrank to pinpricks as she got up to her hooves. She flapped her wings to get in the air, but gasped out in pain instead.

The rough and tumble tackle had sprained one of her wings pretty badly. Her pupils almost disappeared in oncoming panic.

Lightning got to her hooves as well, and noticed one of her wings had a nasty kink. While all eyes were directed towards the accused dash, she worked a little magic. A subtle green spark ignited around her wing, and the limb straightened out within a moment. The teal mare smirked as she looked at her target, who was now grounded and surrounded.

“I’ve got her!”

Lightning jumped on Dash for another tackle, this time with no reservations as she dug at her quarry’s saddle bags. The amulet plopped out and she immediately dove for it.

“No you don’t!”

Cyan and teal mare tugged and wrestled over the neck piece, neither of them really managed to overpower the other, and more upset pegasi were just a wing flap away.

Desperate not to loose the dangerous artifact to an enemy, Dash decided pull hard, and lower her neck to the amulet…

A dozen pegasi dog-piled into the mess with a wild batter of hooves and wings. The cloudy street was stirred up in mist as the brawl continued for several moments. Angry snorts, growls and whinnies erupted from the ball of bodies.

Then all of them were blown back by a powerful gust of wind, and the street was cleared of by standers. A crack of lightning arced across the street, and every pony shrank in fear, then covered their ears when the thunder roared. Mist was all over the streets now and nothing was easily visible, expect for a pair of red eyes that glowed.

“No pony can have it!”

The dark silhouette of a mare hovered above the streets, the fearsome red eyes belonged to her, and her mere presence caused a freakish amount of static in the air. Without another word she flew straight towards one of the enormous cumulous walls, and broke clean through it.

Many ponies dropped their jaws when they saw it, because the walls were meant to easily protect them from hurricane level storms. No pony could break through those… except that one apparently.

A streak of rainbow colored lightning followed the dark mare’s flight path, and colorful concussive booms followed after that.
As every other pony stared, Lightning got on her hooves and brushed herself off. Surprise was as much on her face as any pony’s.

“Well, that could’ve gone better…”

Author's Note:

part two of three... Dun Dun Dun

anyway a sketch N stuff.


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